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Kinderen geen bezwaar ("Children no objection") is a Dutch sitcom, developed by the VARA and written by Haye van der Heyden. The premise is that Gerard van Doorn and Maud Zegers, each having a kid from their last marriage, meet through a personal ad and re-marry to each other. The comedy derives partially from Gerard's unmanly behavior, and partially from the cast's Medium Awareness.

The series ran from 2004 to 2013.

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Tropes used in Kinderen geen bezwaar include:
  • As Himself
    • Hans Klok in the episode "Hans Klok" (Season 3, episode 8)
    • Rafaëlla Paton in the episode "Rafaëlla" (Season 7, episode 11)
    • Chantal Janzen in the episode "Mijn ideaal, mijn ideaal" (Season 2, episode 4)
    • Jim Bakkum in the episode "Jim" (Season 2, episode 27)
    • Anita Witzier in the episode "Anita Witzier" (Season 5, episode 24)
  • Clip Show: In the 200th episode "Tweehonderd !!" (Season 8, episode 10), Maud has a client who is addicted to watching Kinderen geen bezwaar. She has every episode on tape and they watch fragments of old episodes.
  • Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy
    • The main married couple, Gerard and Maud.
      • Maud has a job, while Gerard takes care of the household. Gerard
      • Maud likes to watch thrillers, but Gerard cries when Bambi is killed.
      • When they married, Gerard wore a white suit, while Maud wore a black dress.
    • Gerard's son Daan, versus Inke de Jong.
    • Maud's daughter Julia, versus Tom Wijsman.
  • Medium Awareness: In the episode "We leven in de televisie" (Season 6, episode 13), Gerard discovers a Continuity Error. That way he finds out he lives in a television program.
  • Recursive Reality: See Clip Show above.
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