Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy

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"Girls will be boys, and boys will be girls,
It's a mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up world"

The Kinks, "Lola"

Basically, a couple consisting of a very feminine-looking/acting boy and a very masculine-acting/looking girl. Need not be romantic, but usually is. Often comes from pairing the Action Girl with the Non-Action Guy and with doses of Crossdresser, Bifauxnen, Ambiguous Gender, Attractive Bent Gender, Dropped a Bridget On Him, Viewer Gender Confusion, Dude Looks Like a Lady, Even the Guys Want Him and Even the Girls Want Her. Common in Gender Bender and Freaky Friday Flip series. Occasionally, House Husbands and their wives will fall under this trope.

Quite naturally, inverts classical gender stereotypes.

Compare to Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl, Pitbull Dates Puppy, and Violently Protective Girlfriend. Sensitive Guy and Manly Man and Tomboy and Girly Girl work on a similar principle, but with two characters of the same gender. The Useless Boyfriend trope can be the result of this, but not always. Most likely are Cultural Rebels. Subtrope of Stereotype Flip.

Examples of Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy include:


  • It is quite possible to spot this when the guy has a pink product, while the girl has the same one in blue.

Anime and Manga

  • Akira and Mizuki from Ai Ore Love Me subvert this. Akira is feminine-looking and the "princess" of his all-boys school, while Mizuki is androgynous and the "prince" at her all-girls school. However, Akira is quite dominant and masculine and Mizuki isn't really all that boyish.
  • Kiri and Tohya from Never Give Up.
  • Tamaki Suoh and Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club
  • Asuka and Ryo from Otomen, who embody the feminine/masculine hobbies side of this trope.
  • Shuichi Nitori and Yoshino Takatsuki, the adolescent protagonists in Wandering Son, each prefer things associated with the opposite gender.
    • If you think of them as their desired sexes, then this is inverted as Pink Girl, Blue Boy ... then slightly inverted again when you notice Takatsuki has pink hoodies. The anime really likes to throw around pink and blue, especially for the Nitori siblings.
  • In the manga Otome no Iroha, the main siblings' grandmother comes back from the dead and forcibly Gender Bends them because of this. Her feeling was that the odds of a Pink Boy and a Blue Girl successfully marrying, let alone providing great-grandchildren, were so minute she had to take matters into her own hands.
  • Your and My Secret features a soft-spoken boy, Akira Urehara and loud-mouthed girl Nanako Momoi being Body Switched into one another's bodies. Just about everyone notices how much more masculine Akira and how feminine Nanako has become, and approve.
  • Chips (masculine-looking female) and Nachos (feminine male) from Magical Nyan Nyan Taruto. They fit this more in their appearances (especially Nachos), although Nachos is definitely the more sensitive and kinder of the two.
  • Mako-chan and Touma from Minami-ke. Makoto isn't girly per se, but most of his scenes alongside the tomboy Touma feature him masquerading as a girl. In one episode, he also describes masculine and feminine traits inherited from his mother and father, respectively.
  • Akira and Mai's little brother Takumi from My-HiME.
  • Ryuji and Taiga from Toradora! have aspects of this in personality, but it contrasts with their appearance. Taiga is small ("looks like a doll") but has a brash, loud and angry personality. Ryuji has the Face of a Thug but is generally quiet and enjoys housework (especially cleaning but also cooking).
  • Revy and Rock from Black Lagoon. Rock isn't exactly girly, but he's the one Non Action Character of either gender to survive and not start killing people. Revy, meanwhile...
  • Sora and Yukari from Family Compo are a married transgender couple. Here is what they look like the one time they dress accordingly to their birth gender.
  • Chrono and Rosette in Chrono Crusade have elements of this. Chrono is implied in both versions to be better with housework (in the manga he's shown in an apron at one point, and in the anime the Elder says he does the cooking and cleaning for him), and is much more meek and gentle (although has an extreme Berserk Button, often putting him into an Unstoppable Rage), while Rosette is loud, brash, swears constantly and was a Lethal Chef as a child. They both have their moments where they act more stereotypically like their genders (Chrono is very protective of Rosette, and Rosette is very fond of pretty dresses), but they still don't fit neatly into gender roles.
  • The Pokémon adaptations enjoy making at least one pairing like this. The Pokémon anime has the aggressive Fiery Redhead Jessie and the Camp Straight James of Team Rocket, while Pokémon Special has the Camp Straight Ruby and the aggressive Tomboy Sapphire.
  • Kamichama Karin has Karin the tomboyish Cute Bruiser and Kazune the girly-faced Tsundere.
  • Deunan and Briareos from Appleseed could possibly count, except that Briareos is a hulking cyborg four times the size of Deunan. But their relationship follows the trope pretty straight.
  • Roderich/Austria and Elisaveta/Hungary from Axis Powers Hetalia, though in their case he's less girly and more of The White Prince.
  • Childhood Friends Tsuyomaru and Hazumi from Woman in the Man, a short story by Masakazu Katsura. Mixed with Freaky Friday Flip as they switch bodies.
  • Koume and Yaegashi from Blue Seed.
  • Ito and Makoto from W Juliet. So much that it's even implied that they get married in drag!
  • Kazuto "Towa" Sakuma and Miya from Sensual Phrase. He's a very girly-looking musician who dresses as a female even off-stage, she is the Bifauxnen who both dates him and pretty much created his androgynous looks.
  • The calm and serene So Touma and hyperactive tomboy Kana Mizuhara from Q.E.D..
  • Ukyo Kuonji of Ranma ½ is a Bifauxnen who manages to attract two different Wholesome Crossdresser suitors.
  • Ryunosuke from Urusei Yatsura was unwillingly raised to be the ultimate manly man by her father, and later discovers she's in an arranged marriage with Nagisa, the ghost of a guy raised to be ultra womanly. Though after coming back to life, he turns out to also be insanely strong, despite mostly hiding it behind over the top girly behavior.
  • From World Destruction, we have mild mannered Kyrie and arrogant Morte. Because the two are so different, Kyrie has the power to convince Morte to stop destroying the world.
  • Asuka and Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Shinji is obviously a House Husband in training, cooking and doing most of the chores around the house he occupies with Asuka and Misato, and has a shy and kind personality most of the time (unless he's seriously provoked or completely snaps). By contrast, Asuka is a Fiery Redhead Action Girl who revels in combat and remains the better pilot for most of the series.
  • A non-romantic example (not counting Aoi's one-sided crush on her) is Misaki and Aoi from Kaichou wa Maid-sama.
  • Andre and Oscar from Rose of Versailles. Perhaps not a textbook example, since Andre is not tremendously effeminate. But Andre is the more sensitive and people oriented one, while Oscar is very direct and more goal oriented. Oscar is referred to as the "light", and Andre as the "shadow".
  • Junko and Tomohisa Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Junko isn't a super tomboy (more of a Hot Mom), but she is the most straightforward of the two as well as a Bottle Fairy, whereas Tomohisa is a levelheaded House Husband and a borderline male Yamato Nadeshiko.
  • Chotto Edo Made pairs a Bifauxnen swordswoman with a feminine Long-Haired Pretty Boy.
  • Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu with the identical twins Yuuko (masculine girl) and Hideyoshi (feminine boy) Kinoshita. While Yuuko is typically feminine in traits (such as being good at cooking), her personality fit this trope because of her aggressive, prideful, arrogant, quick-to-anger, and competitive behavior. Hideyoshi on the other hand is calm, helpful, and supportive. Ironically, he is also much more popular than Yuuko, much to her dismay, because of his looks.
  • Hayate the Combat Butler has the title's Hayate Ayasaki being quite feminine and being domestic enough to make women around him feel as if their femininity is challenged and has so far attracted at least one guy who was completely straight before (and fell in love when he thought Hayate was a woman only to later decide it didn't matter). He does, however, possess some masculine traits, such as his strength and skill at swords and firearms. Matching him is the pink-haired swordswoman Hinagiku Katsura who is intelligent, highly athletic, and cooler than any guy at school...making her the idol of the school and attracting both guys and girls alike, and possibly the manliest character in the whole series. However, telling her that she can't do something that would be called girly (cooking, housework, etc.) and/or her chest isn't feminine (at least two times) (i.e. she is flat-chested), or just groping it just once would make her rage. However, each is a bit of a blend in traits, with Hayate trying to be more blue to impress her and Hinagiku trying to be more pink to catch his interest.
  • Sumire and Momo from Kimi wa Petto. Sumire is an efficient, successful journalist who watches pro wrestling and Sentai anime in her spare time and is a martial arts master on the side, while Momo is a modern dancer who is fairly emotional and doesn't mind taking on the role of Sumire's pet.
  • Ayako and Mamoru from Mamoru Kun Ni Megami Ni Shukufuku O. Ayako's the violent, tsundere Person of Mass Destruction who gives off Huge Schoolgirl vibes in her attempts to act more feminine (Not at all helped by the Absurdly Powerful Student Council constantly teasing the two about their relationship), and Mamoru's a Cute Shotaro Boy who takes all the craziness around him with a gentle smile.
  • Haikara-san ga Tooru has The Ladette Benio in two of these. A non-romantic version with her best male friend Ranmaru (a very feminine-looking boy who's a member of a kabuki troupe—who as much is put in the Unlucky Childhood Friend role), and a more romantic one with her arranged boyfriend Shinobu Iijyuin (who, like the aforementioned Andre Grandier, isn't that girly but is still more patient and sensitive than she is.)
  • Lelouch with Kallen and C.C. of Code Geass a non-romantic example (Maybe). Lelouch is Badass but his forte is strategy and Kallen (the Ace Pilot Action Girl) and C.C. ( the immortal witch) protect him.
  • Elfen Lied has Lucy the Axe Crazy mutant who will single-handedly fight and kill armies in order to protect Kouta the Non-Action Guy. Like, Black Lagoon's example (Revy and Rock), Kouta isn't exactly girly.
  • Death Note—Misa and Light. While Misa looks very feminine (Idol Singer, Genki Girl, enjoys cooking, and just wants to be Light/Kira’s wife) her personality actually fits this trope. Misa deliberately seeks out dangerous situations and is definitely more of a risk-taker while Light is more cautious and of the two of them she is definitely more sexually aggressive. Misa will go to any lengths to protect Light, even withstanding Cold-Blooded Torture, and she would gladly die for him.
  • Half-Identical Twins Kou (feminine boy) and Tsukiko (masculine girl) in Samurai High School.
  • Haruka and Kotake from Himitsu Kirai. She's a boyish Bifauxnen who practices judo and he's a feminine guy who likes cooking and sewing.

Comic Books

  • Possibly Redlance and Nightfall from Elf Quest, although the elves don't quite go for the same kind of gender stereotyping that humans do. More to the point, the siblings Suntop and Ember. When trying to get a studio to do an animated version of the comic, Executive Meddling said that you can't have a calm guy and a tomboyish girl, and this is one of the reasons the author quickly abandoned that studio.
  • Mister Miracle (escape artist and acrobat from New Genesis) and Big Barda (renegade Apokaliptian gladiator) are in many ways a Happily Married version of this.
  • Yorick and his love interest finally get together near the end of Y: The Last Man. He compares them to the main couple of Moonlighting (a UST-filled detective series starring Bruce Willis and Cybill Sheperd) , but takes great care of specifying SHE is the Bruce Willis equivalent.
  • Sin City has a non-romantic variation of this in Dwight and Miho. Dwight is a laid-back everyman while Miho is much more violent and dangerous (which is definitely saying something when you take Dwight's own penchant for violent protectiveness into consideration). In fact, Dwight has expressed fear of Miho in the past and worked to ensure that he didn't piss her off.
  • Archie Comics:
    • Betty and Archie, from the main series, Depending on the Writer. When Archie's car breaks down, Betty fixes it. And there is even one comic where they try to enter a team surfing competition, but since Archie is too weak to carry Betty, Betty carries Archie.
    • Samantha and Bingo from That Wilkin Boy are Expies of Betty and Archie who fit even better. Samantha is physically very strong, while Bingo is a weak musician. This trope may explain why her father never succeeded in breaking them up or getting her to date a manlier man.
    • The Cabot twins from Josie and the Pussy Cats: the boy is a rich fashion plate (or a coward in the Animated Adaptation), while the girl is mean and aggressive.


  • The Chinese movie Boxing Gloves, Rag Dolls.
  • The teenage couple in Monsters vs. Aliens.
  • How to Train Your Dragon has Astrid and Hiccup. Hiccup ends up upstaging her in the dragon training exams, however.
  • Ellie and Carl from Up in their younger years.
  • In Impromptu, George Sand is, by 19th century standards, a Ladette, and she takes the lead in her relationship with Chopin. Frederic Chopin is a frail, sensitive, Bishonen musician.
  • In The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Tick wears a wedding dress and his wife wears a tuxedo to their wedding.
  • Jimmy Stark's parents in Rebel Without a Cause.
  • WALL-E and EVE. Wall-E isn't exactly girly considering he takes care of garbage, but Eve is still the stronger of the two.
  • A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon has Lu-La and Bitzer. While Bitzer isn't exactly girly, he tries to keep order in the farm. Lu-La in contrast is definitely more chaotic and is more prone to acting like a dog than he is,...even though Lu-La is actually part of an alien race, instead of being a dog herself. Ironically, Bitzer himself is mistaken for an alien in this movie, which is understandable due to how smart he is.
  • Coraline and Wybie. While Wybie's not girly per se, Coraline is definitely the more aggressive of the two.
  • There was a short film featured on Logo that showed a Gender Flip of a heterosexual wedding. The bride wore a black pantsuit; the groom wore a white tuxedo and veiled top hat, and held the bouquet as his mother walked him down the aisle. He was also kind of short. Even among the wedding-goers, all the men wore different suits while the women were dressed more low-key. The whole thing was brilliant.
  • Some Kind of Wonderful has best friends Keith and Watts, the former a shy and sensitive Starving Artist, the latter a Ladette drummer going through a Green-Eyed Epiphany.
  • In the movie Lover Come Back, Jerry Webster is emotional and intuitive, while Carol Templeton is logical and reserved. This is taken Up to Eleven when Webster pretends to be a chemist to trick her.
  • Kung Fu Panda has Tigress and Po, who aren't an Official Couple but have plenty of Ship Tease. Tigress is a tough-as-nails warrior who lacks Tertiary Sexual Characteristics, while Po (who is also a skilled fighter, mind you) has a more cheerful and spirited personality and is an excellent cook.
  • Roxanne Ritchi and Megamind. Career-oriented, no-nonsense Intrepid Reporter and a Camp Straight alien. DreamWorks seems to love this trope.
  • Enchanted has Giselle and Robert. The former is extroverted while the latter is introverted. It’s not such a big surprise when Giselle goes after Narissa to rescue him.


  • Older Than Steam, even: in 1620 England, in response to a pamphlet entitled Hic Mulier, or The Man-Woman, which discussed the evils of women who dress and act like men, another pamphlet was published, Haec Vir, or The Womanish Man, stating that women would stop acting like men when men stopped acting like women.
  • Pinky and Rex about a boy whose nickname was Pinky (his favorite color was pink) and Rex, a girl who liked dinosaurs and soccer.
  • This is a central theme in the Annie M. G. Schmidt story Het Fornuis Moet Weg ("The Stove Has To Go"). It's about a girl who wants to become a carpenter, and a boy who wants to become a stay-at-home dad. They argue about it with grownups who are moving an old stove out of the house. Eventually, one of the grownups gets an idea: the stove can be seen as a symbol for the old times, when a lack of modern household appliances meant that work around the house took all day and gender roles stayed reinforced. Because of modern luxuries, women now actually have time to study and choose their own careers, so there shouldn't be a need anymore for gender roles to stay as they were. The story is considered a children's classic in The Netherlands.
  • The main couple in Elinor Glyn's Three Weeks have shades of this, at least in terms of gender roles—Paul is boyish but virginal, beautiful and compared to Sleeping Beauty, and the Lady is older, independent, mature, compelling and in charge.
  • In a very unusual setup for a Romance Novel, Nora Roberts' Tears Of The Moon has as its romantic leads Shawn, a sensitive songwriter and pub cook, and Brenna, a feisty, tomboyish handywoman.
  • In Jane Eyre, the title character has more moral strength and self-worth than Mr. Rochester. His feminine side comes out in the course of the relationship.
  • At first sight, King Verence II and Queen Magrat in Discworld are more Feminine Boy, Feminine Girl. But when push comes to shove Magrat has Hidden Depths and can transform into an Action Girl. Verence ... not so much.
  • In the Warhammer 40k Ravenor novels, Patience Kys and Carl Thonius are described this way. Hyper intelligent, scholarly dandy Thonius is frequently referred to as a pussy, frequently by Patience herself, a vicious battle telekine. This might be entirely fair, as the novel mentions that anything short of an Astartes in full battle plate is a pussy compared to Patience Kys.
  • Animorphs:
    • Suffering, poetic Tobias is paired off with Blood Knight Rachel
    • Sensitive and peaceful Dak Hamee, a reluctant guerilla fighter, falls in love with aggressive, compelling Aldrea.
  • Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander in the Millennium trilogy.
  • Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games trilogy. Katniss is an independent survivalist and her skill with a bow is second to none. The son of a baker, Peeta's main talents are baking, painting, camouflage, and being able to sway people with words at the drop of a hat.
  • There are elements of this in the relationship between Vin (a blunt Action Girl assassin) and Elend (a thoughtful, bookish nobleman) in Mistborn. It's not completely straight- Vin does have a girly side and Elend will get dangerous if sufficiently motivated- but the trope can definitely be seen here.
  • Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth in A Song of Ice and Fire, aesthetically, at least. Jaime is said to be so handsome it spills over into "pretty" territory, while Brienne is known for her unattractiveness and her un-lady-like habits of wearing armor, wielding a sword, and beating the crap out people who piss her off. They form something of an uneasy Battle Couple in A Storm of Swords.

Live-Action TV

  • The X-Files was designed partly around this trope. Mulder is emotional and intuitive, cries a couple times a season, and tends to lose fistfights or drop his gun at important moments; Scully is logical, scientific, emotionally reserved, and has Improbable Aiming Skills.
  • Eric and Donna from That '70s Show.
    • Friendship example: Fez and Donna. He and his girlfriend Big Rhonda subvert it, since she's bigger and stronger than he is but is also an awkward Huge Schoolgirl.
  • Wash and Zoe from Firefly. He's not girly, but less masculine by comparison.
  • Lee "Apollo" Adama and Kara "Starbuck" Thrace from the rebooted Battlestar Galactica are an interesting example of how to flip a gender dynamic: it's not so much about the way they look and dress as how they behave with each other. Apollo tends to be the softer, more introspective of the two, while Starbuck is louder, brasher, and more of an alpha than he is. Despite this, no one in-universe sees them as less masculine or less feminine for it.
  • J.D. and Elliot from Scrubs. Elliot seems to have this in most of her relationships. Kelso once commented on she and Keith's relationship:

Kelso: No, no, continue. You were having an argument, but it was like he's the chick and you're the dude!

    • And before that, she was dating a male nurse named Paul Flowers.
    • A non-romantic example from the same show would be J.D. and Denise ('Jo'), copied nearly word-for-word:

Denise: It's like you're the chick and I'm the dude.

  • Steph and Toadie from Neighbours.
  • Colors aside, three Super Sentai shows have this kind of pair:
  • Doctor Who: Newly married Amy Pond and Rory Williams seem to be this, as Amy is an Action Girl, while Rory is a bit of a Non-Action Guy and a nurse (and while male nurses are common these days, it's still a profession that's predominantly female where he comes from).
    • The Doctor lampshades it by referring to them as 'the Ponds' after their marriage, instead of 'The Williams'. Rory doesn't seem very bothered by it.
    • And although Rory has taken NUMEROUS levels in BadAss to the point of becoming a Memetic version, he still remains by choice utterly under his wife's thumb. Hell, managing to spend two thousand years waiting and not going insane was for her benefit.
  • Freddie and Sam from iCarly. Sam is definitely the more aggressive of the two.
  • In Carrusel, Valeria is louder, more outspoken, and has a stronger personality than her boyfriend David.
  • Chuck: Sarah and Chuck's dynamic in the first two seasons. Then he Took a Level in Badass.
  • Nerdy Insufferable Genius Cody Martin and Tomboy Country Mouse Bailey Pickett on The Suite Life On Deck might count.
  • How I Met Your Mother does a lot of this: the men are sentimental, mild-mannered, reserved, romantic, blissfully domestic (Marshall) or kid-crazy (Ted), and are often made fun of for stereotypically feminine traits, while the women are tough, uncouth, uncultured, boisterous, insensitive, commitment-phobic (Robin), or sex-obsessed (Lily), and often engage in hypermasculine actions as comedy. However, Barney takes the aggressively-heterosexual male stereotype and drives it so far over the edge he overshadows everyone else.
    • However, Barney also gets his nails done and obsesses over clothing, making him feminine. And Lily is a soft-hearted romantic kindergarten teacher/artist, whereas Marshall is a high-powered lawyer. So it's really played all over the place.
  • Hal and Lois in Malcolm in the Middle.
  • Kamen Rider Den-O has the two leads, Hana and Ryotaro.
    • In Kamen Rider OOO, Shintaro Gotou is shown to be more compassionate and gentle than his female sidekick/assistant Satonaka, who hates sweets, can wield a gun with the best of them, and fights evil only because she is paid to do so.
  • Penny and Leonard of The Big Bang Theory.
  • A Square One TV sketch, Battle of the Buldge caterors, featured the Drill Seargent, and the moapy Privite Matter.
    • The Seargent: Privite Matter?
    • Privite Matter: Turkey and American, Sir.
  • Nigel and Syndney of Relic Hunter were pretty much a straight inversion of classic adventure stereotypes. She was the action star, impulsive, fearless one and he was always in need of being rescued. Sort of uneven in that she also often got to be the smart one and the people person.
  • On "Will & Grace" gay Jack and straight boozehound Karen go to a meeting of an organization that promises to "cure" gayness. There they meet a married couple with a stereotypical effeminate man and very masculine woman who praise the organization. After they walk away tipsy Karen asks "Was that two men or two women?"


  • Jung Suk Ha and Park Bong Bin from Utopia Of Homosexuality are respectively a Butch Lesbian and a Camp Gay who eventually end up together. Yes, a very misleading title.


Oral Tradition, Folklore, Myths and Legends

  • In Classical Mythology, the twins Apollo and Artemis might be considered such, but only by modern standards. Apollo is sometimes thought of as a Bishounen. He is the god of, among other things, music and art. He also spends a lot of time with the Muses. To classical Greeks, however, he was all man. Artemis, meanwhile, is a wild Action Girl who spends most of her time hunting in the wilderness with her Amazon Brigade.
    • Also Athene and Ares. Both Gods of war and victory, but the male Ares is something of a Glass Cannon and a serious Miles Gloriosus while Athene kicks his ass every time they fight, and is a Genius Bruiser to boot.
  • In Ovid's Metamorposes, Hermaphroditus and Salmacis. [1]

Professional Wrestling

  • Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella. Santino also got a bit of this when he started dating Tamina as well but that didn't really last long.
  • Maxine and Derrick Bateman from NXT Redemption.


  • In A Prairie Home Companion: Lake Wobegon, where "all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average."


  • Commander Up and Lieutenant Taz in Team Starkid's musical Starship.
  • A case can be made for Elphaba and Fiyero in the stage version of Wicked. He's a Fun Personified, foppish slacker who previously existed primarily to be Glinda's arm candy, and she's a practicing witch, rebel, and active civil rights activist.
  • Shakespearean examples:
    • By the standards of the time, Romeo and Juliet, based on the notion that Romeo was emotional (a traditionally feminine trait) while Juliet was practical (a traditionally masculine trait).
    • This applies to some degree to many of the lead couples in Shakespeare's comedies; the woman is typically wittier and more practical.
    • This idea is played with in Macbeth, with Lady Macbeth being the more aggressive and ambitious of the two. In fact as soon as she finds out about the witches' prophecy she immediately begins formulating how to kill Duncan. While Macbeth is torn with internal guilt about his feelings, she's the one that goads him into doing it by questioning his manhood and saying he has no courage. Of course, after the murder their typical gender roles are reinforced, with Macbeth turning into a kill-crazy tyrant and Lady Macbeth so wracked with guilt that she goes insane.

Video Games

  • Khalid the sensitive guy with Jaheira as the more masculine one in Baldur's Gate.
  • Tends to show up with Alistair and a female player character in Dragon Age.
    • From the Witch Hunt DLC of Dragon Age are Finn and Ariane. Finn is a rather foppish mage that despises the outdoors, while Ariane is an experienced Dalish hunter. Just listen to their dialogue [2] [dead link]
  • Aveline and Donnec in Dragon Age 2. He is still a capable member of the city guard, but compared to Aveline, pretty much everyone is soft spoken and sensitive.
  • Meryl and Johnny in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. When he proposed to her, she declines. Because she wanted to do that and proposes to him half a minute later.
    • Meryl and her partner Dave in Policenauts also qualify.
  • Persona 4 has Kanji Tatsumi (master tailor) and Naoto Shirogane (Bokukko and Sweet Polly Oliver) The fact that the first has a crush on the 2nd both before and after the reveal makes his Ambiguously Gay natures much worse, or better, or whatever.
  • Homer and Edy from Valkyria Chronicles qualify, with the former being a meek, pretty little masochist and the latter a Hot-Blooded Idiot Hero who can't sing. Likewise Karl and Lynn. Although they have similar temperaments, Karl is an engineer supporting the troops while Lynn is in the front lines as a shock trooper.
  • Super Mario Bros.: Luigi, the sensitive guy to Mario's manly man and Daisy, the tomboy to Peach's girly girl, whenever they're paired.
  • From Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Ron & Desireé DeLite. Ron's an effeminate, shy, lovestruck man who looks way younger than he is. Desireé's a fun loving, motorbike riding, adventurous woman.
  • Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn includes Rafiel, prince of the heron laguz, a race too emotionally and physically fragile to attack enemies. The woman who saved his life, to whom he is now wholly devoted? Nailah, the wolf Laguz Royal (read: absurdly badass Crutch Character). One of them wears an elaborate robe, sings like an angel, and has ankle-length golden tresses. Guess which?
  • Your Mileage May Vary, but a Female Shepard and either Thane or Kaidan can come across like this, especially if Shepard is a hardass renegade. Shepard has to be the strongest human in existence, can drink anyone under the table, headbutts krogan like it's nothing, and generally is a stoic character. Thane and Kaidan meanwhile are sensitive and fairly soft-spoken, very moral, and the former waxes philosophical every so often. As a bonus, at the beginning of Mass Effect 2, Shepard will be clad in the black N7 armour, whilst Kaidan is in the pink and white Phoenix armour.
  • Lost Odyssey. Possibly Seth and the husband who encouraged her to settle down and have a child. Whether or not he was an 'Action Guy' himself, we don't find out.
  • Saki and Kojirou from Danball Senki are alike in many different ways, but you can tell who's the man in the relationship by how they dress. Saki wears a bandana and a tube top that exposes her midriff, and Kojirou wears an apron. It's not hard to see why they love each other so much, though.
  • The short story included in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord: Digital Companion follows protagonist and narrator Asaios the scribe, whose writings are not shy about how (regardless of his extensive travels) he is a Non-Action Guy whose primary value is his literacy. At one point in his journey he is accompanied by Atun of the Khergit, a nomadic horsewoman that has killed two soldiers. While prideful of her tribal traditions, Atun notes she's unlikely to find a good man that has fulfilled the traditional requirement of marriage (killing an enemy) to be her husband let alone one that exceeds her two kills (and thus won't resent a wife of superior score). At the end Asaios, a bit too full of himself after having come into enough money to buy a reasonable plot of land, proposes to Atun when the two run into each other again by chance. She enjoys the offer and says she'll consider it, with the story ending before the audience learns what happens.

Web Comics

  • The Joy (Badass Normal Action Girl) and The Sorrow (sensitive spirit medium) in The Cobra Days are a mild version of this, although Sorrow's become a bit manlier in recent strips.
  • In Digger, due to the matriarchal nature of hyenas, gender roles are reversed and this arrangement is the norm rather than the exception. One character, a scrawny skin painter, has to compete with every other male in the tribe for the affection of their strongest warrior.
  • Zombie children Bridget (Cute Bruiser) and Alphonse (master of Cower Power) from Far Out There are a non-romantic example.
  • Borderline example in The Order of the Stick. While Haley is not overly masculine, she is much more direct and goal-oriented than the ditzy and sensitive Elan.
  • Last Res0rt toys with this when it comes to Jigsaw and Slick—Jigsaw's a bit of a tomboy (her main team color is light blue), while Slick's not above dressing in harem wear (and his team's main color is purple). Of course, they're not quite an Official Couple...
  • In Two Guys and Guy, Guy and Wayne are this, evidently.
  • Parley and Andrew of Gunnerkrigg Court.

Web Original

  • The Nostalgia Chick and The Nostalgia Critic. She's a ladette sociopath who fights dirty and gets turned on by weakness. He's a girly, weepy psychopath who likes to be dominated.
    • Also done in Suburban Knights with Obscurus Lupa/Critic when she's out of character. She pulls Critic around by his tie, will teach him how to be ladylike whether he likes it or not and eventually pulls out a gun against the enemies while he's learned his "bending like a girl" lesson.
    • The Heavy Metal review gives us him and Diamanda Hagan. She's a Butch Lesbian, he goes for manicures and eyebrow waxing.
    • And then we have Iron Liz and Linkara.
  • Parodied in this (NSFW) YouTube video, where the girl dresses up increasingly like a guy.
  • Samus x Pit shipping. The former is an Action Girl of the Bounty Hunter variety, who usually wears full body armor. The latter is a Cute Shotaro Boy with angel wings. Super Smash Bros. Brawl put them in the same game, and several varieties of shippers have had a field day putting them together since.
  • Monster High Clawd and Clawdeen, this is well played as Clawd is more Sensitive guy then Manly man. Heck, he's even afraid of his own fierce acting, little sister!
    • It should be noted that this is only by comparison as while sensitive, Clawd is the captain of the Casketball (basketball) team and is largely seen as The Big Guy / Big Man on Campus alongside Deuce. Clawdeen in turn isn't as masculine as she is sharp witted and fiercely protective of her friends, as this comes up when he begins to start dating her best friend Draculaura. In the past and on usual terms neither are seen this way.
  • O'Brady Shaw and Brooke Alvarez of The Onion, as shown in this video.

Western Animation

  • Sarah and Jimmy on Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy, though not a proper "couple" unless you go into Toy Ship.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender gives us Aang, an easygoing, energetic, and non-confrontational Martial Pacifist. It also gives us Toph, a bullheaded and casually violent brawler and former Professional Earthbender who is about his (physical) age. If the former's feelings toward resident Team Mom Katara were not so blatant this pairing would not be dismissed as a mere case of Pair the Spares.
    • The episode where they watch a play based on the series lampshades this by having Aang portrayed by a Genki Girl woman and Toph by a huge Boisterous Bruiser bodybuilder man (and she actually liked the idea).
    • Speaking of which, Sokka and Suki. Granted, it's not as extreme, but these two are respectively sensitive and tomboyish enough to qualify, though to an understandably lesser degree.
  • Kim Possible and her Sidekick Ron; she's a relentless overachiever who knows "sixteen forms of kung fu", set herself up as an international Teen Superspy and kicks Super Villain butt. He rarely fails to back her up and has his badass moments but is an easygoing type widely thought of as a loser, content to chill. Slightly mixed up in that she still fulfils gender roles such as cheerleading, while he eventually becomes a football player, but then again we see their old Halloween costumes - Kim as a cowboy, Ron as a ballerina. Nuff said.
    • On the villainous side of the fence, tough-as-nails Shego and sensitive and sometimes downright pouty Dr. Drakken.
  • Leela and Fry in Futurama have numerous gags invoking this trope, similar to the Kim Possible example above. Kif and Amy also have a relationship with frequently reversed gender roles for the sake of humor, including one episode where Kif got pregnant and Amy abandoned him, afraid of being tied down, only to return just in time to save the day.
  • On Daria, Helen and Jake have a lot of this—she's a workaholic career women, while he works a lot less and seems to enjoy cooking.
  • Wonder Pets has the hug-loving and soft-spoken Tuck the turtle compared to his teammates especially Ming-Ming duckling who is hammy and tries to solve problems solo.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Test in Johnny Test
  • Phil and Lil's parents (Betty and Howard) in Rugrats.
    • Kimi and her brother Chuckie. Lil plays this with Chuckie, especially with her implied crush on him later on, but in the latter show she's grown up and changed (though she's still tomboyish).
  • June and Henry on KaBlam!, though they're Platonic Life Partners according to Word of God.

Real Life

  • Polish pianist, composer and Ill Boy Frederic Chopin was paired up with George Sand (the nom de plume of Amantine Dupin), a Tomboy writer overlapped with The Ladette.
  • This is how many saw Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley.
  • Another sensitive male musician with a harder-edged lady: Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.
  • There are several animals that exist where the females are dominant over the males, such as hyenas and spiders.
  • Harper Lee and Truman Capote.
  • Zig Zagged with autistics. While autistic have traits stereotypically associated with their gender, it's the other way around when it comes to being frank. Girls are more likely to speak their mind & boys often are more likely not to.
  1. In either literally or spiritually senses