Kingdom Conquest

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Kingdom Conquest is an MMORPG released by Sega for the iPhone.

An Adventurer Is You in Magna, the Land of Monsters, hoping to build an empire and claim the throne by conquering the seven Debris Towers. However, the towers are spread too far apart for any one player to control, so forming alliances is necessary.

The main game is an Evony-style Construction and Management Games where you build up your city and conquer territory. However, every player is also an adventuring class (warrior, berserker or mage) and can team up with other players for a 3D Action RPG Dungeon Crawling. Conquering a dungeon rewards both equipment for your character, and monsters to fight in your armies -- all military units are monsters, such as goblins, zombies and wargs.

The game is free to download and play, with micro-transaction buffs and bonuses available in-game for Bribing Your Way to Victory.

Tropes used in Kingdom Conquest include:
  • Blind Idiot Translation: It's actually mostly pretty good English, but the bad spots have an unfortunate tendency to mangle key information.
  • Item Crafting: Or rather, monster crafting instead of Improbable Species Compatibility. The synthesis system sacrifices a monster card to either transfer its skills to another card or level up one of that card's existing skills.
  • Tech Tree: For buildings. Some of the buildings provide bonuses that can also be bought. As you might imagine, these are way down the tree.
  • The Wiki Rule: Available here.