Les Légendaires/Awesome

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  • The final battle in Book 4 between the Elves and the Pirahni is pretty epic, especially with the various moments that happen:
    • Elysio using Darkhell's own magic to give the Elven Army wings, thus balancing their forces;
    • Shaki revealing his motives for revenge against Darkhell; Coupled with a Crowning Moment of Funny;
    • Shimy and Michi-Gan hitting Darkhell in the face;
    • The Elves and Pirahni eventually teaming up against Darkhell;
  • Jadina turning into Jadilyna in Book 6 and threatening Ceyderom into helping her to use the Temporhell.
  • Shun-Day threatening the village's mayor into submission in Book 7. While it was probably more intended to be a hint to her true nature, this was still pretty cool in some way.
  • Darkhell's and Elysio's Fusion Dance against Anathos. The resulting "Super-Sorcerer" was so powerful he could actually negate the Jovenia Incident's effect on himself and turn back to adulthood. And even though Anathos won, their fight was pretty awesome.
  • The fights between the Legendaries and the Hellions. Initially, each Legendary only ends up being beat up by his/her Hellion counterpart, while Anathos has Dark Jadina bringing Jadina to him and shows her through a crystal how her friends are bitting the dust. Then Razzia, Gryf, Shimy and Jadina reveal their power upgrades and single-handed defeat their respective opponents.

Gryf: Just like soon your master Anathos, you will curse the day you fell in the claws of Deathgryf !