Luigi's Mansion/Fridge

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    Fridge Horror

    • Luigi's Mansion. You go around sucking up ghosts for a little old man who turns them into paintings. While some of the ghosts, like Bogmire, are simply monstrous constructs, many of the ghosts are the ghosts of people, as in people who died. Think about that: not only are you trapping the restless souls of the formally living against their will, you're also flattening their very souls into paintings! In other words, E. Gadd is a madman who uses human souls as decorations for his underground lair. To top it all off, one of the ghosts is a one-year-old child.
      • Actually, Word of God states that the baby ghost, Chauncey, was born as a ghost to Neville and Lydia. That could mean that everyone in the house were just born that way.
      • It gets worse. There's a bug in one part of the game that shows Luigi's shadow on a wall, floating... or rather, hanging in the air. Dear god...
      • To people who played Paper Mario, Luigi's cowardice seems weird. In that game, he was eager and adventurous. However, if you read his diary at one point, you can see he was already scared of ghosts. And the first game with Luigi's fearful personality? Luigi's Mansion, where he has to travel through a haunted mansion. Luigi is traumatized. And nobody seems to be helping him.
    • I do not understand how this mansion was built. the main bedrooms are located on the second floor of the mansion but isolated from every other room aside from the lobby.So you'd pretty much had to go downstairs through a long hallway, but to take a leak at night.
      • Then again this is a mansion built by ghosts, so they may not really need to use the toilet. And if they do, they can always walk across walls.