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  • Elspeth and Jake during a conversation about her father, he just hugs her and they say:
  • It is nigh impossible to give any context on this line without spoilering, but chapter 47 of Radiance:

"Whatever has happened," Didyme said securely, "he is Marcus, and that is who I need him to be."

  • Marcus being reunited with Didyme is practically a Crowning Moment of Crowning Moments of Heartwarming.
  • Elspeth hugging Bella after she allowed the ressurection of the Clearwater couple
  • Bella finally lets her shield down allowing Elspeth and Edward "in"
  • A small one in the flash "Forms", but the e-mail that Angela sends to Bella is really touching.
  • This troper thought it was sweet when Iseul, who had been extensively tortured by Jane, was so relieved to find out that she was gone and couldn't hurt her anymore that she wasn't upset about the regime change.
  • The scene where Rosalie and Bella spoke intimately, for the first time. After Rosalie told Bella about how she regretted not being able to have children, Bella tells Rosalie that she had never thought of that and thanked Rosalie for her words of warning. Bella decides that sometime before she turns that she would have her eggs harvested and Bella gave Rosalie permission to help with harvesting her eggs so that she could be involved in a child's birth. Rosalie's reaction to this was pure heart warming leading to Rosalie hugging Bella, tightly but gently.

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