Lupin the Third The Shooting

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    A Light Gun Game video arcade made in 2001 from Sega and Namco under the WOW Entertainment label. As the title suggests, this is a video game based off the Manga and Anime, Lupin III. It presents a few mini-games based off the TV series (specifically the second series) and a few movies in which you play as either Lupin or Jigan and fulfill the objectives presented to you, some are based off simply shooting the bad guns but others have you shoot a certain target. Use a special device to nab treasure or even steer a car to avoid traffic. Failure to meet the objectives results in a life and losing all of them is instant game over.

    See a playthrough: here, here, and here.

    Tropes used in Lupin the Third The Shooting include:
    • Light Gun Game
    • Mini Games: The whole game is based around them
    • No Export for You: Never left the Japan market despite the objectives being fairly easily to understand.
    • Sniping Mission: A few here and there.
    • Spot the Imposter: One stage has you facing a room full of mannequins in which one has machine guns in it. You must find and shoot it before it hits you.
    • Zerg Rush: The vampire and voodoo zombie stages has the enemies doing such