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  • Americans Love M.D. Geist - M.D. Geist would've been another forgotten one-shot OVA from The Eighties had it not been for its success in America. The director's cut of the original and the sequel were actually funded by Central Park Media.
  • Complete Monster: Geist.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Violence of the Flame, the insert song from the original, is an early Hironobu Kageyama work. It shows. See caption.
    • The whole score is actually pretty awesome, but Violence of the Flame stands out.
  • Ear Worm: Merciless Soldier and Violence of the Flame will embed themselves within your head with the speed and permanence of a cocaine-fuelled brain tumor.
  • Gateway Series - This, of all things, was one of the first anime imported to the West. For a lot of people, this was one of their first experiences with uncensored seinen anime.
  • Narm - The dub especially.
  • Hype Backlash - During The Nineties, Central Park Media (the company that produced the English dub) hyped the release of the OVA so much, that they made Geist himself the "spokesmecha" of their U.S. Manga Corps division. Many anime snobs who dislike M.D. Geist go as far as to declare it the "worst anime" they ever saw (even though there are arguably many worse titles).
  • So Bad It's Good
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel - The OEL manga seems to have been written by someone who desperately wanted to make something good of MD Geist's story.
  • Vindicated by History - While not exactly playing this trope straight, there have been a few articles as of late that try to attempt to discredit the whole "M.D. Geist is the worst anime ever" thing. YMMV if you agree with them or not, but they do make valid points.