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"PROTIP: If you have creative issues with something, and you want to blame the director, make sure the person you're pointing fingers at is actually the director, first."
—A forum post detailing the excessive scapegoating of Tetsuya Nomura, but this applies regardless.
"The final proverbial nail in the coffin was that "this is Working Designs, and this game really blows". If this game was made by THQ it would've gotten a 4. However, like I said, this is Working Designs and my score dropped one last time for this frisbee to a 1. Thank you very little."
This review of Ray Crisis[1]
"Have The Rolling Stones killed."
Montgomery Burns, after being insulted on stage by The Ramones, The Simpsons
  1. Working Designs only published the game; Taito developed it. THQ making publishing the game wouldn't change much.