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  • Darth Reaver's personal lieutenant, Verna Ocantir, kicking the crap out of Darth Rayden. For reference, this is a typical (albeit skilled) human being beating the hell out of someone on the site's main combat path.
    • Really, any time an non-Force-User NPC or minion beats or even goes up against a force-user and doesn't get stomped, especially if it's a PC. Other examples include Ares' second-in-command, Jacob A. Renco, killing an Inquisitor by allowing himself to get stabbed with a vibroblade so that his opponent wouldn't be able to stop him and then shoving a grenade in his mouth before kicking him off and getting behind cover.
  • Xyrafus freefalling through the upper-atmosphere of a planet because of a faulty parachute, sniping at snub fighters below, landing on one, having it get destroyed by friendly turbolaser fire, then freefalling again, this time onto the exterior of his superior's extraction ship. Without dying.
  • More an awesome display of power than anything, but Xaos was able to dominate Tionne Solusar, one of the most powerful Jedi Masters in Skywalker's Jedi Order, into a state that left her completely unable to communicate with the outside world, be it by writing, talking etc. Could double as High Octane Nightmare Fuel.
  • Exolus dodging Rogue Squadron in his fighter, and, in mid-pursuit decides to smash two Bayonet-Class Cruisers into a Nebula-Class Star Destroyer. With the Force. With three Rogues on his tail.
  • Lucifer martialing a weak planetary militia to hold off a much larger, self-repairing droid army of B2's, Droideka and HK-51s in the middle of a blinding snowstorm on Ilum. And following that up by dueling a (presumed dead) former member of the Sith Council and managing to kill him whilst blinded and stripped of the force.
  • Reaver took out the planetary defense laser on Yavin 4 in his starfighter, then flew solo until the rest of the Fleet arrived to capture the planet.