Oblivious to Love/Film

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Examples of Oblivious to Love in Film include:

  • Ted, the gym manager in Burn After Reading, is in love with Linda, who looks everywhere for a man and wants several rounds of cosmetic surgery to improve her odds. In the end, he does something heroically stupid to try and help her.
  • This is of course the basic plot of any number of romantic comedies out there.
  • Joe Dirt is pretty good at picking up trashy redneck women, but when it comes to sweet girls, he thinks they're just being nice.
  • Sky High: Will Stronghold is oblivious to Layla's crush on him, although he does have the excuse that Gwen Grayson got him to fall in love with her, then pretended not to notice herself in order to better string him along (Even though when it came time the reveal that 'it was mutual', he couldn't take the hint until she flat-out said it).