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Tyler: "Her name is Ng and she's Korean, I mean Vietnamese and she's seein' shit in widescreen 'cause her eyes are siamese twins."

    • Another Jasperism: "Colors, colors, all around the world. Guess what? I really do like... I don't know what I like!" Cue Tyler screaming "'...like girls!' '...like girls!'" in the background.
    • A rap by Stitch, ending with him screaming "OHANA" during an orgasm.
    • "Oh yeah, uh, for the record, fuck!"
    • During the 2011 VMAs, Odd Future's dance-off against the "new Beastie Boys".
  • Big Nasty and Crazy D Dropping Punchlines Fa Days.
  • Smokemon
  • Everything involving L-Boy.
  • Young Gunshot. [1]

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  1. Similar to Tyler, The Creator being Young Nigga Young Gunshot is a Gangsta Rap parody by Domo Genesis.