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  • Every time you get on a Pokémon in the third game. Especially when you're actually using it for something besides a way to get around quicker.
  • Rand's Papa Wolf moment. Rand used Giga Impact! The enemy Steelhead fainted!
  • When your rival shows up and saves you from being sucked into Darkrai's dark void in the second game.
    • Taken Up to Eleven later when you're infiltrating Altru Tower; Barlow fails to bust down a door that Melody and Issac are behind, so he asks Keith and the player for help. Right before the three of you charge at the door, you all strike your ranger poses, and Barlow calls out "Target! Growaaah!"
  • Near the end of the first game Gordor gloats about his machine can control any Pokemon in the region, and how he has even taken control of the legendary beasts. He makes a comment about "useless" Pokemon, directed at Lunick and Solana's partner Pokemon, Plusle and Minun. Plusle and Minun are clearly offended by this comment, and proceed to sneak past him while he's not looking, and then break the machine.