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For reality shows and the like that don't have enough WMG examples to qualify for their own page.

America's Next Top Model is secretly run by Daleks

Because no winner of that show has ever become a top model. Clearly, there is some other agenda for the contestants...

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are a screening program for the next Time Lord.

There's a young, amnesic Time Lord somewhere on earth, and they were originally being screened through a game show. The network execs either misinterpreted the purpose of the show, or were pawns of The Master, and turned it into one big dating sim.

Alternately, the contest is for the companion.

As the Doctor Who WMG says, The Bachelor is weaker than The Master (you receive your Bachelor's degree before you receive your Master's. The Bachelor is good enough to fight of the Monster of the Week, but is not good enough to fight the Daleks, Cybermen, or The Master. The Bachelor says he's looking for a wife, but he's actually screening for a companion. It's the same Time Lord each season n a different regeneration.

Many of these shows have a literal clause in the contracts of any contestant to be Genre Blind

How many average viewers know how these shows work? How long has this genre been around? It's almost impossible to find contestants for these shows who are NATURALLY Genre Blind. Either they look long and hard for these idiots, or they build the idiocy into the contracts.

Reality TV participants agreed to act and keep kayfabe behind closed doors

The cast of the Jersey Shore may not act that ridiculous when the cameras aren't on them; they simply want to make good TV. (it's the same reason the people being followed on |Cops don't give the perps time to actually comply before getting rough with them).

The dessert chefs of Top Chef: Just Desserts will reunite for another reality show -- Survivor: Top Chef.

Seriously, this batch of chefs is more ruthless than some seasons' Survivor casts. It's only natural.

Austin Scarlett from Project Runway is really Lestat de Lioncourt.

Lestat has a well-known love of fashion. Austin physically is a dead ringer for Lestat and looks more like him than any of the actors who have played him on stage or screen, aside from his height and waify build, which could easily be handwaved by use of the Mind Gift. He also shares Lestat's expressive facial tics, penchant for occasional diva antics, and quirky sense of humor (in at least one episode, he waltzed around the workroom with a mannequin the way Lestat danced with the corpse of Claudia's mother). Austin's design aesthetic is theatrical and very much rooted in 18th century French baroque and Victorian-era style. Being around in daylight can be explained by the strength of Lestat's blood (he's capable of limited daywalking). And seriously people, if ever there were a vampire that would appear on a modern American reality TV show, it'd be Lestat.