Poison Oak Epileptic Trees

    Everything About Fiction You Never Wanted to Know.

    Just as poison oak is a plant to avoid, these tropes are Epileptic Trees to avoid (well, not for some of us). Basically a crazy theory of your favourite show/game/movie/book/etc., that just pops into your head, but you don't want to be true.

    It could be because it's Squick, a wall banger, something horribly cliche, or just plain Trolling For the Evulz, but for whatever reason, you really want to be wrong in this case. Sometimes you wanted to eradicate the theory from your brain, but it still persists and the theory just begs to be written down. Sometimes the guess can contain elements of Canon, Word of God or Truth in Television, but you just found said elements to be too disgusting for standards and/or wished it to be nothing but mere fictional lies.

    See also No Yay, Fridge Horror, and Stock Epileptic Trees.

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    This isn't Sparta.

    It's Athens.

    • That can't be true! You're WRONG!!!
    • But what of Corinth?
    • Athens? GoooooOOOOOO DAWGS! Sic 'em! Woof woof woof woof!
    • Truth in Television: the dominant Western culture from the Roman empire to America was basically born from Athens (especially Democracy). Except for the homosexuality part, of course.
    • No, it's Chinatown.

    Spike will get Rarity pregnant in a future episode.

    • Yeah, don't think about that one too hard.
      • Congratulations, it is a draconequus.
        • Congratulations, it is...Discord?
        • In Japanese mythology, a Dragon / Horse hybrid is called a Kirin.
    • Pfft! You both are wrong - Pinkie Pie is the one who will make Twilight pregnant. And they will have awesome crazy babies.

    Rinoa is Ultimecia from a Bad Future.

    • I dunno, I think it would finally make me like Rinoa. And it could explain a few things. This is now my official stance on Ultimecia!

    Equestria, Narnia, the worlds in Pixar's movies, wherever Pokémon takes place and the universe of Axis Powers Hetalia will be invaded by Phyrexia and/or the Warp.

    • You know you want to.
      • Remember kids, "waste not, want not."
    • Ffuuuuuuuuuuuuu.... ck YEAH! Breathe deep, Equestria! Breathe deep and die! *(releases phosgene gas)
    • I once thought about a Sunblast Angel proxy with the image of Princess Celestia. It kept the same Flavor Text as the original Sunblast Angel.

    Gabe Saporta didn't come here to make us dance tonight.

    Doesn't bear thinking about.

    There are only 34 chapters in Deathly Hallows, and Harry dies at the end, in the forest.

    The rest of the book takes place after he gets onto the great Hogwarts Express in The Sky, easing him into death. The epilogue is what he wished happened, hence the Happily Ever After vibe.

    Brawl in the Family doesn't have Negative Continuity

    It's just in Anachronic Order. The final strip in the chronology is this.

    In Rugrats, Tommy's grandparents Boris and Minka are Holocaust survivors.

    They're explicitly Jewish. They're Eastern European and the right age. It was never explicitly stated when and under what circumstances they immigrated, though they had to have been at least in their mid-teens to have such strong accents.

    World War Two existed in the Rugrats 'verse - it's Canon that Grandpa Pickles was a soldier in the U.S. Army during that period.

    Conan O'Brien is head of the Aryan Union.

    He just uses the alias "Donald" to throw people off.

    Konata And Soujirou are the Japanese Lolita and Humbert

    Totally changed the way you look at Lucky Star now, Haven't i?

    • Nah, already familiar with the Lolicon subtext.
    • You mean this?

    Flaky is losing her mind.

    The first warning sign was when she snapped in "Snow Place to Go," but the episode that really calls her sanity into question is "Without a Hitch." Her fear wasn't because it was Flippy: Word of God states that she would have reacted the same way if it had been anyone else. Her timid nature seems to be growing into outright paranoia... and The Chokes on You has her happily eating a donut made of Lumpy's hand without even seeming to notice that it's a donut made of friggin' meat. Please, Flaky, pull yourself together!

    Lumpy planned to have Mummies At the Dinner Table in the "Kitchen Kringle".

    If the gas leak really was what offed the other friends, he should have been the first one to go down, as he was in the kitchen himself. We can also only see the gas from a short distance from the kitchen, indicating that it wasn't a lethal threat for Cub and Giggles yet. We also have the issue of the Shlifty twins being there (according to Word of God, although we only see one of them ), despite it being quite clear that Lumpy doesn't like them.[1]

    Several of his deaths occur when he's guilty as hell and not just a Lethal Klutz (in those cases, he often survives), and guess what - here he caused an explosion that killed himself and probably some other poor sods who were walking in the forest, just after he started to laugh maniacally...

    He started with slipping a lot of sleeping pills into their drinks. The first ones to go were Giggles and Cub, as Giggles was in a couch (indicating that she felt tired and decided to take a nap), and Cub could be playing a bit before falling asleep. Petunia, however, was determined to go and prepare the table, no matter how tired she was feeling.

    Cuddles and Toothy hadn't drunk as much as the others, and only felt sluggish when Petunia suddenly collapsed in the doorway, making them really scared. Lumpy, upon seeing that they would flee and probably report it if he didn't stop them,[2] strangled Toothy and Cuddles, and then made them sit at the dining table after their deaths. Meanwhile, the twins had come to steal some things (no, they aren'T the smartest of thieves). Suddenly when they tried to get away, they found that every door was locked and they couldn't get out before they were caught and met a terrible fate... Lumpy didn't even bother bringing both of them to the table, but dumped one of them there, and then went back to the kitchen to prepare the dinner as if nothing had happened. The gas leak prevented that from happening.

    As an alternative, he didn't intend to.

    While he was trying to mix some Christmas drinks for his friends, he poured the pills into the liquid by mistake as a result of his stupidity.

    Lumpy was just as terrified as anybody else when Petunia fell, and upon checking her pulse, he found that her pulse was so slow that she was beyond help. This caused his mind to start cracking.

    Cuddles and Toothy didn't want to stay. The elk, however, was determined to keep things as they once had been, with him and the others sitting around the table, no matter the costs. He tried and tried to keep them in the house, but alas...

    The twins managed to open up the kitchen window. The gas had started to leak by then, and Lifty, who had gone around stealing everything but the cold, cold chicken, suffocated, while Shifty, who had been waiting outside, shut the window after him and left.

    Lumpy, upon seeing Lifty in his kitchen, didn't take that well. He threw him out and tried his best to warm the chicken up. Just as he had lit the fire, he came to think of the gas in the room, and was very happy for this nightmare to end when everything blew up. (The writer of these two couldn't decide what was worse - the first one has him acting as a Complete Monster and the other one...)

    Every single comic (including manga and newspaper strip) character is an insane, possibly delusional cosplayer.

    That would explain the plots of many comics.

    In the Ace Attorney series, the reason Phoenix's friends don't come out in game 4 is that...they're dead.

    That would be why they're not even mentioned. The one sending Phoenix the Steel Samurai stuff is just a random person.

    Taking a cue from The Simpsons; Casper is the ghost of Richie Rich.

    Mr. Rich's money was all in real estate, and when that went south...well, just check out the story of John List.

      • The theory that Mr.Rich had all his money in real estate is extremely nonsensical since canon confirms that he has a scientist and engineer working for him... Why would someone with money on real estate hire such a person? And it is impossible to be that rich without diversification. The Simpsons provide a better explanation; Life as a filthy rich solitary boy was depressing and shallow for Richie Rich and he commited suicide, or even more random, he develop clinical depression and/or shcizophrenia and that lead to his suicide, or he died in an accident or was killed by criminals, probably kidnappers.

    Yotsuba&! takes place in the same time-line as Neon Genesis Evangelion

    If it's set pre-Second Impact, then Yotsuba will be killed in Second Impact. If it's set post-Second Impact, then her real parents were killed by it (doubles as a origin WMG), and she will have to face the unremitting horror of the main show/End of Evangelion.

    What happens in this fanfic is how Koiwai got Yotsuba.

    It's hilarious, but it would be incredibly disturbing if it were true.

    Allies who survived in Mass Effect 2 will die anyway in the third game . . .

    . . . Unless your Old Save Bonus includes all available Downloadable Content. "No, not Tali! If only I'd shelled out more cash I could have saved her!"

    • . . . They . . . they wouldn't really do that, would they?

    The ending of Wings Of Liberty is incomplete

    Kerrigan was faking it. And then the rest of her swarm comes down on the Hyperion, killing and infesting everyone aboard.
    • Hell, Blizzard confirmed it. They've explicitly stated that the next game has you as Zerg!Kerrigan and that it takes place after Wings of Liberty. How is that even possible?! DAMN YOU, BLIZZARD!!

    Your theories suck and you should be ashamed of them!

    For the Emperor's sake, Haruhi is not Jesus, Jesus is not the Emprah, and Shinji is not the Emprah! Haruhi would rather choose to bend to Slaanesh than anything, both Shinji and the real Jesus himself lack the spine and Magnificent Bastardry to be the Emprah, and they're all the wrong race and age. The God-Emperor of Mankind is clearly old and Native American. Jesus is a Jewish carpenter. Shinji and Haruhi are angsty Japanese teenagers. And all of them are not Time Lords.

    The Emprah is Apache Chief.

    Link dies at the end of Link's Awakening

    The events of the game are a massive hallucination while suffering from exposure.

    Lucky Star takes place before the events of The Legend of Rah and the Muggles.

    Technicolor Science from the nuclear holocaust in the prologue might explain the hair colors (their hair falls out later). Radiation sickness might also explain Kanata's early death, Yutaka's vulnerability to illness, Tsukasa's mental retardation, and Konata's impending early death. The setting would also explain the cast's childlike appearance. (Yeah...reference to a book only known by Bile Fascination, bad science, Character Derailment, Canon Defilement...this Poison Oak Tree's got it all.)

    The player characters of Left 4 Dead (and possibly Left 4 Dead 2) are carriers for the infection.

    It's plausible, but that would suck. It basically makes them Zombie Infectees, only without a physical transformation. The entire game/series would be rendered pointless.

    • Confirmed. The soldier at the end of the Parish asks the helicopter guys if they are equipped for carriers, implying that the survivors are carriers. We saw that the military had been shooting carriers earlier in the level, so it leaves you to wonder just what will happen to them once they escape with the military.

    All of the adventures, epic fight scenes, and other fantastic elements in Scott Pilgrim are made up by the narrator.

    Fact: We know Scott is an Unreliable Narrator because he represses and edits many of his own memories in his flashbacks. Scott's big fight to win Kim's heart in high school? Really Scott beating up her current wussy boyfriend. In the movie, Scott was said to remember it as "having to fight like ninety-six guys to get to him (Kim's captor/boyfriend) and he was like eighty feet tall and shot lightning bolts from his eyes". Sounds an awful lot like it could fit in as one of the series's evil ex-boyfriend exes fights.

    • AHAHAHAHAHAHA that's funny, I must be losing it, because, you know, for a second there, said line kind of sounded like GLARING SARCASM.

    Here's the scary part: who ever said that Scott ever stopped altering his memories?

    The entire series could be Scott being an Unreliable Narrator, adding in fantastic elements and making him seem like less of a jerk.

    • Scott is Cloud.
    • Alternatively, the whole series consists of Scott's memories after Gideon finished editing the hell out of them. The entire video game motif is just a way to make Scott more aggressive and controllable. What Scott ACTUALLY did to the evil exes is perhaps best unexplored—especially given how he "defeated" Roxy.

    The main characters in the Animorphs books are avatars for the Gods of Warhammer40k

    • The Ellimist/Crayak : all powerful and yet basically useless bystanders = the Old Ones
    • Tobias: Horrifically tortured, trapped in a body he once loved but now cannot stand, unable to do anything but watch as all he loved falls down around his ears= the god emperor of mankind
    • Visser Three: Wants to enslave and then destroy all humans. What all the others fear. = the Nightbringer
    • Marco: the self proclaimed joker in the pack. Always hides his motives. Closer relationship with the arch enemy than you would think. = The Deceiver
    • Jake: the leader via his Manipulative Bastardry, always looking at the bigger picture, prepared to coldly and calmly sacrifice the lives of thousands to achieve his aims= Tzeentch
    • Cassie: best at morphing I.E. best at a horrific process of Body Horror she willingly, gleefully puts herself though. Chooses to work with sick and dying animals, to whom she is as caring as a good grandparent= Nurgle
    • Ax: Utter hedonistic Sense Freak whose race is the Animorphs equivalent for Elves. Enjoys whipping his enemies with a barbed tail= Slaanesh.
    • Rachel: .... To be honest, If we replaced all her dialogue from the second half of the series with "Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull throne! " would anyone have cared? Or noticed?

    Twilight is Real Life, and Real Life is an elaborate fanfiction written by incredibly bored bishie "vampires" millenia into the future.

    Consequently, Edward is God, Jacob is Satan, and Bella is Haruhi Suzumiya.

    Activision is going to cause another crash, but only in mainstream gaming.

    It's obvious that Bobby Kotick's current policies will not be healthy for the company in the long term; but its acquisition of Blizzard, Sierra, and Red Octane indicates that it's doing well for the moment. Suppose it keeps growing bigger and bigger, buying more and more companies. When it collapses, it will take most of the industry with it because it will be most of the industry.

    Any indie gaming that managed to stay indie won't be affected and will continue to produce the same sorts of games it has for years. Mainstream gaming will ride its tailcoats to recovery by mimicking the most popular indie games.

    What incredibly popular indie game do you think they'll follow the example of?

    Touhou HIJACK LOL

    Yes, in a few years badly drawn girls in ridiculous hats will be as common as SPESS MEHRENS, except that you have to build the badly drawn girls in ridiculous hats yourself using ultra-rare materials that take 1000 hours of gameplay to get tools strong enough to gather them before you even start. And that's not counting the time it takes to build your own Bullet Hell stages from scratch to play in, which requires a further 1000 hours of gameplay just to get it to the length of your average Touhou game.

    Real Life is a Shaggy Dog Story.

    And more often than not, the dog gets shot.

    Every Degrassi the Next Generation character was molested.

    After all, there were a lot more molestations on Degrassi Junior High. This has to be true.

    • Snake Simpson is a homophobe.
      • This would explain why he's never reestablished contact with Glen and why the measures he took after Adam was thrown through a window were as much a punishment for Adam as for Fitz and Owen.
    • Shane could have had a much better life if he had had better treatment post-brain damage.
      • He's a lot lower-functioning when Emma reestablishes contact with him, after having been warehoused in an institution his entire adult life, than he was when he reappeared for the first time and was attending a special day school and presumably recieving intensive therapy. They put him away and he regressed.

    Mr. Krabs masturbates to money.

    • And he has porn of it.
    • He masturbates on money. And then hands it out to customers as change.
    • Spongebob masturbates to Krabby Patties.
      • And the worst part is, he rubs those Krabby Patties onto his.... yeah. That's it folks, you know the secret ingredient!!!!
      • Spongebob loves the sound of two pickes rubbing together. He can listen to it all night long.
      • Spongebob actually fell in love with a Krabby Patty once. Thankfully sponges are pretty much asexual.
        • Spongebob is gay. Have you not heard of the controversy?
        • You Fail Biology Forever. Sponges are hermaphrodites and therefore can't be gay. That's a scientific fact. You can't argue with science.
        • His "unrequited crush" on Sandy is just his desperation to have a beard.
    • Plankton worships Chtulhu.
      • Squidward Tentacles rapes anime girls in his Cthulhu rituals. The "miserable neighbour" personality is just a mask.
      • Patrick masturbates to jellyfish too.
    • The cast of SpongeBob SquarePants became the real Cthulhu, further explained by their life at the bottom of the ocean.

    All the events in Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog happened

    It was when space-time was altered around Los Angeles, California. This also caused the supposed "writer's strike," which was a cover-up for a space-time-alteration bubble.

    • Are you kidding? That would be awesome!

    The cars in the Burnout series are Pixar's Cars being forced to play deathmatch games for the entertainment of the powerful members of the Cars universe

    Both take place in universes where cars have replaced humans. But Burnout is much "bloodier."

    All philosophies are simply elaborately disguised Wild Mass Guessing written in Purple Prose.

    A much more depressing theory: Philosophers are insane and delusional.

    That explains the existence of the Nietzsche Wannabe.

    All philosophies are wish fulfilment, such as the philosophy of Plato. Especially Plato.

    • Actually that was courtesy of Aristotle, who criticized Plato's Theory of Forms as being too idealistic.

    Nineteen Eighty-Four (combined with Fahrenheit 451) is the future of Read or Die

    The British Library just becomes the Inner Party and Gentleman is basically Big Brother. After failing to resurrect Gentleman and complete the Assimilation Plot, the British Library got a massive BSOD and took it upon themselves to 1) burn all literature and records of the past as resentment for Yomiko's rebellion, and 2) start an atomic World War III. The fact that they control all literature and that Gentleman has existed during time immemorial makes it easy for the Library to modify history, claiming that every single significant moment of history, and every invention, involved the Gentleman in some way. Yomiko is Goldstein, and Dokusensha is Eastasia. We have always been at war with Eastasia.

    Zenna Henderson's The People are Space Mormon Stepford Smiler types.

    Only one story takes place on Home. An old woman and her daughter-in-law chat cheerily about the "Days of Difference" before "The Peace". Sounds reasonable enough, until you think about that for a while and consider that they live under a Mary Suetopia, and while hiding out on earth they warn each other to keep up the disguised as a normal person stuff, by stating that "Different is Dead". Considering the way little kids are disciplined with a form of Mind Rape, and the way the Sorters pretty casually talk about doing Windows file management on Outsiders' heads, or flat-out erasing their memories, plus the fact that Zenna Henderson really did spend a good part of her life as a Mormon, these syrupy little tales of benevolent aliens may be more like Did You Just Have Tea With Cthulhu.

    Chief Wiggum and his wife are Brother and Sister.

    It explains why they look so similar, and it also explains Ralph.

    • What about Milhouse's parents? They're almost identical.
      • So are his grandparents. That's because the Van Houtens are all the result of a Nazi human inbreeding plan to keep the Aryan race pure.
        • Damn those blue-haired, yellow-skinned... wait, what?

    The relationship between Scar and Mufasa is realistic and representative of how brothers co-rule Real Life lion packs in every regard.

    The Medieval Inquisition consisted of sexual molestation.

    • Search your feelings (and the torture devices used), you know it to be true.....
      • So will the Inquisition ever end? That is, unless The Vatican runs out of money.

    Adolf Hitler is Kamina.

    • which explains why he is such a charismatic, messianic, hammy Ubermensch praising manliness and despising "sub-humans" (Beastmen).
    • Spiral Energy = Power of Evolution = Natural Selection = Survival of the fittest = Social Darwinist = Nazism
    • Which makes Simon somewhat an Anthropomorphic Personification of Germany.
    • Communists = Anti-Spirals? That explains their Nineteen Eighty Four - like attitude...
      • Actually, the Anti-Spirals are Jewish, if you would go by the theory that Seele is based on Jewish world conspiracy, and also that both parties are involved in / resembled Instrumentality....
    • Jossed: Its established in the narrative that Kamina isn't fighting the war out of hatred. Nor is there any sign he 'despises' beastmen for being beastmen. Also, Spiral Energy is plainly established as becoming much more powerful by way of the bonds between both diverse humans and beastmen.
      • In fact, in episode 4, a group a nearly identical beastmen characters FAIL at being strong by way of unity.

    Scott Pilgrim is dead

    The light at the end of the series was a Kaizo Trap.

    Real Hell will be worse than what Dante has predicted.

    No fiery Badasses who go To Hell and Back, no something resembling The Legions of Hell, Training from Hell, A Hell of a Time, Deal with the Devil which results in being Cursed with Awesome, Horny Devils or something that says Evil Is Sexy all over it, anything that's like Warhammer 40,000 or even Heavy Metal, none of those. It will contain over nine thousand instances of fates worse than death IMPOSED BY GOD HIMSELF, (compared to Dante's only nine) such as seeing one's own most feared Nightmare Fuel, being paralyzed for eternity, an environment similar to a combination of Nineteen Eighty-Four and I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, and endless shows involving Barney, Omochao, Justin Bieber, Big, The Werehog, Merlina, Pearl, Patchy, Fanboy, Chumchum, and Hannah Montana.

    Real Heaven will be the same, or even worse.

    Because God Is Evil and it's a Crapsack World after all...

    • But what if reality fabric basis explodes? Infinity rewritten?

    The SCP Foundation is being run by the Slender Man.

    It's not about containing SCP artefacts, it's about removing the competition...

    The Slender Man is the good guy.

    We are the horrors that should not walk the earth.

      • Alternately, an early Slender Man story suggested that he does what he does because it's necessary to protect humanity/the world from something even worse.

    The oWlS ArE NOt WhAT THeY SEeM.

    Nor are any of the other animals.

    There are no Time Lords.

    Because when everyone's a Time Lord, no one will be.

    Any fictional Disappeared Dads and Missing Moms who recieve little to no mention in the narrative are likely to be permanent victims of The TARDIS explosion.

    This crossed my mind when I was thinking about Fate Tesstarossa's Father and Hayate Yagami's parents. Or even Chiyo's Parents. Since they are never mentioned (or, in Hayate's case, given a very flimsy tag of 'dead'), it is as if they have been wiped from memory/existence for good...and yes, that does mean the Doctor's "Big Bang 2.0" is NOT perfect.

    Barney is Evangelion Unit-01

    And Nyarlathotep created both series to drive all of us insane, with Ear Worms for the former and Soundtrack Dissonance for the latter....

    • *children cry*

    FATAL is the most historically accurate RPG ever.

    The Squick? Real. The total randomness? Totally real. Randy gay ogres? All too real. Historians feared future generations would Go Mad from the Revelation and conspired to create the much better and awesomer history we all know and love. Want the evidence? Just look at /b/, your penis or one of the most hated subjects of all time (ONE OF THE MOST HATED SUBJECTS OF ALL TIME!!!).

    Andy Dufresne is guilty as hell

    • This film suffers from an Unreliable Narrator: Red is biased towards Andy due to their friendship and Andy is outright lying to Red and the others to keep them on his side, so nothing Red says, and nothing that happens in the scenes were Red is not present to confirm the play of events can be trusted. Andy gunned down his wife and her lover in cold blood not because he even loved her, but because he did not like being cuckolded, and he is every bit as cold and calculating as the judge thought he was. He got a rock hammer of Red for the soul aim of making an escape attempt, and his “friendship” with Red was purely to ensure he retained access to any other items he might need smuggled in from the outside. He was never raped by the sisters, and the accusations that they take part in rape by Red are just fantasies caused by Red’s homophobia, and although telling the truth when he says that he’s not homosexual Andy is however Bisexual and in a rough, but consensual, relationship with Boggs. Boggs then finds out about Andy’s excape plan, and needs to be silenced. Andy has this in mind when he gives Capt. Byron Hadley financial advice on the roof, and later provokes a fight with the sisters knowing he can use this excuse to have Hadley take care of Boggs. The warden is a good god-fearing man struggling with the temptation to abuse his position, and Andy approaches him with the plan to use the prisoners as labour to undercut local companies unless given kickbacks: Andy is planning to make money for his post-escape life even then. Tommy’s old cell-mate confessed to killing a professional athlete and a white-collar workers wife, but the details were hazy in Tommy’s mind and he only decided that it was a bankers wife and a tennis player when he heard Andy’s story, filing in the gaps in his memory with these new details. The warden, being a good person, takes this seriously and considered getting Andy a re-trial. This is a problem: Andy is desperate to walk away with the warden’s money (which he has always considered his by right) and knows that if he is taken from his cell for a re-trial the part-finished tunnel will be discovered. Tommy must be silenced, so Andy puts him up to running away by threatening to spread lies that he’s cheated on his high-school equivalency making him unemployable when he gets out, and by threatening him and his fammily physically, ensuring that he runs and is shot by Hadley during an escape attempt. The warden realises that Andy orchestrated this and sticks him in solitary, but by now his escapes plan is in the final stages. He escapes the day he’s let out of solitary, framing the innocent Warden and Hadley for his crimes, but has a problem. He can’t carry nearly $300,000 dollars in cash over the border without raising some suspicions. So he needs a disposable mule to take his cash over the border. Thankfully for him he’s planed ahead: Red. He gives Red the location of a dead drop before his escape, and before fleeing Maine uses some of his cash to bribe the parole board: hence why Red bizarrely makes parole despite mouthing off. Red finds the cash and follows Andy over the border where he’s there with his boat. Later that night, his cash returned to him, Andy takes Red on a little moonlight cruse, safe in the knowledge that if a body was to wash ashore the next morning no-one would kick up a fuss over an old con, especially not a coloured one. Bored of Mexico, about a month later Andy decides to change his name and go to Europe for a bit, and so picks a new identify out of a Phone book : Tom Ripley.
    • In From Dusk till Dawn “El Ray”, the hideout for escaped American criminals in Mexico is the same place as Zihuatanejo, founded and run by Andy, who takes a 20% share of every other villains takings.

    All of the Starfleet vessels destroyed at Wolf 359 had civilians and children aboard.

    • Think about it. Both the USS Enterprise, an exploratory ship and one of the most powerful warships in Starfleet, and Deep Space Nine, a military outpost that is closer to one of the Federation's sometimes-enemies than it is to any help from the Federation, AND next to the wormhole into the Gamma Quadrant, have civilians and children aboard. Even when Deep Space Nine was the front lines of the Dominion War, we still saw civvies and children on the station, not to mention Ben Sisko's wife and infant son aboard the USS Saratoga at Wolf 359. Every one of the 39 starships destroyed in that battle, and most, if not all, of the starships destroyed in the Dominion War and the Federation's short war with the Klingons, had civilians and children aboard. And nobody seems to find it worth mentioning how many of them have died.

    TV Tropes has prostitution in it.

    Seriously, why does the trope "Entry Pimp" exists?

    The Real Life section of the Heartwarming listing is all fake

    • None of it is real. It's all a vast conspiracy to keep the oppressed populace of the Crapsack World from realizing how bad things really are. The fact that Big Brother cares enough to bother is itself a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
    • Or even more depressingly, all of it (and the Troper Tales section) was made up by ordinary people as a means of useless wish-fulfillment, à la Johnny Truant. People just bought into the stories because they needed to believe some good is in the world, and eventually they just became accepted as real stories. Which makes the Real life section of the Heartwarming listing nothing more than a Wish Fulfillment trope

    When a person / character from any medium commits suicide (including Real Life people like you and me), they get reincarnated into Real Life

    Committing suicide means you go to Hell, which is apparently Room 101, the worst thing in the world, which for the suicidal is.... Present Day, Present Time, Real Life!!!!! You could be Hitler right now. To this troper, punishing such a simple and poetic act of expressing one's misery with harsh disproportion is the irrevocable proof that God Is EVIL.

    The end of Toy Story 3 is Woody's dyingdream.

    The light at the end of the hold my hand sequence, that's Woody's mind snapping. So he imagines everything as it should be according to him;

    • Barbie and Ken are together dispite the relationship issues they'd be likely to have, *Sunnyside follows Kens overtly idealistic views and everyone lives happily ever after (instead it's likely Lotso's inner circle squabbled and divided the daycare even more. Unknown to Woody without those in power Ken has little influence.),
    • Lotso gets karmic retribution by a former kid of yet another Lotso,
    • Mrs. and Mr. Potato Head's family is back together and stronger than ever,
    • Chuckles gets repaid for helping Woody defeat Lotso,
    • The toys get their last playtime with Andy
    • Woody gets to see more of Bonnie and her toys as he was growing fond of Bonnie and felt bad about abandoning the latter.
    • The part with Buzz and Jessie is him wanting them to be together despite in his falling for one or both of them after Bo had to leave the group, he wants them to be happy and get together.

    The talk between Andy and his mom, that's Woody's mind trying to convince Woody it's time to go in a way he'd pay attention to.

    There are no "Muggleborns" in Harry Potter. They are all rapechildren.

    Every. Single. ONE. Every "Muggleborn", from Myrtle, to the Creevy brothers, to Lily and Hermione are in fact the children caused by forced liaisons between Purebloods and local Muggles (poor Mrs. Creevy...). There are no Muggleborns, they're all Halfbloods! You see, Voldemort hated muggles, but he saw nothing wrong with having his minions rape a few muggle women for the hell of it. As one fanfic author put it: An Imperio here, an Obliviate there... it's so easy. Of course, this has been going on since long before ol' Voldy. After all, the Muggleborns had to come from somewhere in the past. However, the practice greatly increased under the rule of any Dark Lord. Odds are, the number of Muggle Borns attending Hogwarts will have spiked in the years following the First Wizarding War, and will experience another minor spike in the decade following the end of the series. It probably tapers off in times of peace, but will never disappear completely...

    Thankfully, there is proof out there to discount at least some of this. However, there is always the possibility...

    Mario is a castrato.

    Why else do you think a grown man has an abnormally high voice?

    • But without any testosterone, how could he have grown a mustache?
      • Testosterone infusions or hair follicle implants. Maybe...
      • Or maybe he just grew the mustache before he got his balls chopped off, and then never shaved it off.
        • I have another explanation - Mario is a FtM transsexual who probably hasn't ended with all part of the process. This explains the voice.
          • And why he's shorter than Princess Peach.
      • If all the above is true, then Peach herself is an MtF Transsexual: She oftentimes sounds as if she were a man with a fake high-pitched voice. Maybe this is why they are so keen on saving each other all the time?

    Squidward Tentacles committed suicide a long time ago; being in the SpongeBob SquarePants universe is his punishment.

    With This Troper being a suicide sympathizer, this has got to be the most horrible theory he could ever come up with.

    The Poison Oak Epileptic Trees will become a great source of poetry.

    Well, Poison Oak Epileptic Trees is in an acronym, P.O.E.T.

    An example:


    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue
    Poison Oak Epileptic Trees,
    The only guesses that are true!

      • That may be a poem, but the meter is awful.
        • Well since this is Poison Oak Epileptic Trees that means Vogon poetry is the most perfect poetry out there.

    Every single "normal" person had been sent to the Ministry of Love, where they are Mind Raped in order to never dissent. In fact, every single person had been sent to the Ministry of Love, we are just able to dissent because either all of us are just repressing the traumatic fact, or because of our will to escape the pain we escaped into a much more mundane delusion, which is Real Life.

    In other words, Everybody Is Sam Lowry In Room 101. Also, being in Tv Tropes means you are up for being Unpersoned. That's how horrible it is.

    Gensokyo is one step away from being a hellhole

    The closest things we have to heroes are a thief and a lazy miko. Serious shit's happened numerous times that could have ended very, very badly for everyone. The only thing keeping the genuinely malevolent characters in check is their own idiocy. It only looks so quirky and cute because Yukari is, without fail for every second of every day, keeping the tone of the game within acceptable, non-GRIMDARK territory.

    • Unfortunately, Yukari is asleep most of the time. Alternately, horrible, horrible things happen all the time in Gensokyo, it's just that when the full moon rolls around, Keine edits history into something more palatable—so you did get tortured/raped/dismembered/killed/eaten, but you just don't remember. Unless Akyuu managed to write it down; then even Keine can't undo it.[3]

    EarthBound and Mother 3 are Shoot the Shaggy Dog Stories.

    Ness and his friends die at the end, and Giygas wasn't truly defeated. The rest of the ending is FAKE.

    Consider that:

    • When Giygas is "defeated", he turns into static and blips out like an old TV. Maybe it's really the four kids' robot vision malfunctioning as they break down?
    • The cutscene immediately after that apparently shows Ness and friends' souls time-travelling from past to present. Absolutely no precedent or explanation is given for this, yet they needed to get transplanted into robots to even safely travel through Dr. Andonut's super-advanced time capsule. We can only assume the whole series of events is improbable, possibly Ness's dying dreams.
    • Mother 3 takes place in an After the End setting. Perhaps that setting is the same as Ness's, destroyed 10 years after when Giygas came back healthy?

    And as for Mother 3, well, the world gets destroyed again doesn't it? The hidden ending when "everyone's fine" is presumably also Lucas' dream, a picture of what he wished in his heart for all the people he knew, but knowing deep down that it never was and never will be. And Porky's gonna get out of that capsule sometime and somehow and rebuild his Egopolis from the ground up.

    Everyone goes to Room 101 when they die.

    Hence why babies cry at birth. We all go to Room 101 when we die, facing our worst fears from our unconscious, and then when we do repent, reincarnated back in this world, but due to the massive trauma we suffer soul-washing and thus seem to be born knowing nothing. Those who resist, however...

    There is no continuity.

    Every movie serial chapter, television episode, book in a series, issue of a comic, story in an issue of an anthology comic, adaptation of a story, is in a different universe from each other.

    Ash's father is dead.

    There will be The Un-Reveal And no one will ever find out who he is.

    • And this applies to everyone ever named "Ash," since the fandom is not specified.

    Iris really is a racist stereotype.

    Of what race, I'm not sure.

    Knuckles really is the Last of His Kind

    The reason Tikal, Sinbad, etc, arent mentioned after their debuts is that they were all killed by Robotnik.

    • To make thing worse, Knuckles stuffed and mounted the others after they died!
      • Or alternativly, the other echidnas are just hallucinations.
        • Perhaps he plans to stuff and mount ROUGE.
          • Mount, THEN stuff, surely? Their half-bat half-echidna children will mean he ISN'T the last of his kind. :3

    In the fabled Mario/Sonic crossover platformer, Rouge the Bat will be the only playable character, period.

    The evidence: She was a rival in the Vancouver edition. Countless fans demanded for her to be playable. Even more demaned a Mario And Sonic crossover platformer. Sega is known for being a Literal Genie. For example, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 only has Sonic playable because the fans demanded a reduction of the cast. Sega may do the same with this platformer. and if youre saying "Oh no, Miru!", you are correct.

    Oogie Boogie hates Jack Skellington because Jack had tried to or have sexually assault him

    Or, alternatively, Jack hates Oogie because Oogie tried to or have raped him.

    Big has raped Amy and Cream several times

    • Ugh, that would probably crush them to death the first time and...)

    Bruce Wayne is a catatonic patient in an asylum, and all of the Batman's adventures are just his delusions

    No less than three of his villains are psychiatrists (Scarecrow, Harley Quinn, and Hugo Strange). Joker is obviously another patient in the asylum, who has an exaggerated slight unrequited love or freindship from Harley, and (sexual) feuds with Bruce. The tonal differences in different periods of Batman's history is due to different medication regimes. Arkham Asylum comes up time and time again.

    His fellow "crimefighters" follow this: Commisioner Gordon is a police officer who sympathizes with the delusional Batman, Robins are children who were brought in somehow to see him and sympathized for extended periods of time, Batgirl is Gordon's daughter, who followed along with the Batman story for a while, who became a police officer and subsequently lost her legs in a gunfire incident that Batman's mind interpreted as fault of the Joker, went on to become a computer worker who has friends in the aviary sciences, Alfred the butler is either a prison worker or a family friend, who tells many tales of things that constitute the Batman's arsenal of weapons and fighting styles, but some medical affliction kept him from becoming a crimefighter in his own right, etc. any incidents in which Batman has his TRULY dead family (what drove him insane, really) brought back to him is an ill-advised combination of a shortage of drugs and a necessary treatment change and lucid dreaming in an unstable mental treatment. The Justice League and other "heroes" was something from a television Show Within a Show that he had the luxury of watching several times, or people with different medical afflictions he consistently met when he required hospital treatment in other wings, and Gotham's existance is probably the name of the area or city where the asylum stands.

    • If he writes two series of novels, one of the Batman fantasies and another of his true situation, that would be subject to a GREAT series of Lemony Narrator class writers, and... well, you can probably guess. Also, if this theory is true, BRUCE WAYNE IS THE WRITER OF DC COMICS!?!?!
    • That lines up way too well. Pure genius. DC should totally write a comic based on that, play it completely straight. . . and not specify whether its a Imaginary Stories comic or if its Canon.

    Miko will have a toy

    Totally confirmed. (The humans are pack-ins with Deluxe-sized Optimus Prime and Megatron figures.)

    Dr. Eggman raped Yacker to death

    Cream's dad is The Joker

    The regenerations keep getting more unstable.

    The Second Doctor just shrugged it off. The Third spent some time in bed; the Fourth babbled about random stuff for a bit. The Fifth went into a coma for a while. The Sixth attacked his companion. Both the Seventh and the Eighth had amnesia. The Tenth went into a coma. His regeneration in "Stolen Earth" / "Journey's End" doesn't count because Ten stalled and redirected it. (Doctor!Donna had severe, if time-delayed, regeneration problems...) Eleven burned up the inside of the TARDIS as he came in. Later regenerations will be even nastier.

    • Alternatively, the regenerations were getting more unstable, but Jackie Tyler's tea fixed whatever the Gallifreyan council broke, and Ten will have it down pat when he has to regenerate for real. We know that Tylers and Ten both have special places in the new series.
    • This one seems to be supported by the latest regeneration - so explosive it damages the TARDIS and sends it plummeting to earth.

    o I'm more convinced that this was to do with that specific Doctor's utter reluctance to regenerate having than it was to do with regenerations becoming more and more unstable. If the TARDIS is sort of psychic and gets inside your head, then it seems likely that a highly emotional reaction from the Doctor could have a knock on effect. This doesn't discredit the theory, though.

    • This is also the reason for his getting younger. Every time the Doctor regenerates he's burning up his life force. His first form lasted him for nearly 400 years, but then he needed to regenerate, and it cost him a lot more than anyone realised. Basically he's either going to keep regressing, or he's eventually going to just fall apart at the seams when his body can't sustain the level of power drain it needs. This can also be an explanation for his regenerations changing personality completely, because his neural pathways are getting eaten away. He's trapped in a Body Horror cycle he can't get out of.
      • except by dying 3 more times...

    Ah! My Goddess is a Gender Flipped version of Twilight.

    Keiichi is Bella, Belldandy is Edward, Peorth is Jacob, and Urd is Haruhi Suzumiya. And Belldandy will experience the same thing Bella did when giving birth.

    Mikuru Asahina is a whore.

    Seriously, how long will she keep disguising herself as being sexually submissive to the powers that be (Haruhi, Kyon, etc.)? If you think about what she's doing, she enjoys being Haruhi's chair.

    The Orks are wangsty crybabies and The Woobies of the 40k world.

    It took just a while to translate "WAAAAAAAAGH!!!" into "Waaaaaaaaaaah!" Also, they're the good guys who will kill you not because they're pure hateful evil, but it's because in such a Crapsack World it's their expression of innocent fun, unlike everybody else who are willingly either otherphobic Space Nazis (Imperium, Eldar, the Tau who used to be the woobies of the 40k world but turned into Dirty Communists) or complete monsters with agendas (Chaos, the C'tan and their Necron servants, the Tyranids who could be justified as acting on instinct, but are too smart for that).

    And with the reputation of the Orks being one of the greatest badasses in all existence... *bangs head to wall*

    Justin Bieber is God.

    Everytime you sin, you are condemned to being mindraped by his song "Baby".

    Mikey really hates it.

    He hates everything.

    Sonic 06 is the last Sonic game in chronological order, and the Archie Comics come afterward and Sonic Chronicles before it

    Every character who appaered in Chronicles but not 06 died, and eveyone got bombed by the Xorda at the end.

    Santa is Kira.

    He's making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who's naughty or nice...

    • Okay, this one? This one is true.
    • Alternatively, Edward (Twilight) is Santa. He sees you when your sleeping, he knows if you're awake, he knows if you've been bad or good (with the mindreading and stuff). I really hope I haven't been good this year.

    They really shouldn't have crossed the streams.

    Egon said crossing the streams was bad. He was right. Ghostbusters ended with Egon and team purposefully destroying the world, so as to take Gozer and co with them. The rest of the film, and the sequel, is a dream sequence in that last dying microsecond.

    God Is Evil is Truth in Television.

    Miru will eventually run SEGA

    There will be a mass suicide in 2012.

    It's very likely that somewhere there is a cult that is obsessed with the end of the world and 2012. If such a cult exists, it's very likely that they'd commit suicide on December 21. Similar to the way the Heaven's Gate cult committed suicide when the Hale-Bopp comet passed by.

    • Very likely.
    • I'm going to play The Ode To Joy on the 2012 mass suicide for starters.

    Mortal Engines takes place in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

    It's set in the time between the dark age of technology and the rise of the Emperor, and the London Guild of Engineers and other Engineering cults later form the Mechanicum.

    All works of fiction, except for Flatland take place in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

    The 40 k 'verse is so messed up that if a work of fiction is set in a three-directional, material universe, then it's possible, nay, inevitable, that it's happening somewhere in the 40k universe.

    All works of fiction, including Flatland take place in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

    Flatland just takes place in the warp, or on a daemon world created by the Greater daemon of geometry, servant of the Chaos god of maths and geekiness.

    This Very Wiki is a Cosmic Horror.

    It's obvious.

    Real Life takes place in the Warhammer40000 universe

      • Are you sure that's a Poison Oak Epileptic Tree? Because like we really need the God-Emperor of Mankind right now (although the Internet could be mistaken for Slaanesh, and thus might actually be a Poison Oak Epileptic Tree, since us netizens will be exterminated as Heresy)
      • But if anything, Real Life is Warhammer 40k without the awesome parts. Chaos is obviously teh Internets.

    The person most possible to be God Emperor of Mankind is not Jesus, not Shinji Ikari, but Adolf Hitler.

    • Because the Truth in Television is, Hitler seems like to be more of the God Emperor material than that whiny neurotic Shinji and that meek, sheepish, enemy-loving hippie masochist Jesus.
      • The Emporer is a fascist nut but he viewed all of humanity as the greatest species in the universe so alternatively....

    Vladimir Lenin is the God Emperor of Mankind.

    He's not dead just napping in his glass coffin.

    Redwall Abbey is a Cult compound.

    It’s self-contained, it has huge, impenetrable walls around it that prevents anyone from getting in or out, it’s an Abbey but no-one ever mentions exactly what sort of religion is being practiced, everyone is happy and peaceful all the time, no-one ever shows emotional distress even if they’ve just witnessed their entire family be murdered, everyone’s so polite that despite the constant feasting, no-one ever acknowledges that they ever need the lavatory, and you see tonnes of kids around but no-one is ever seen either pregnant or nursing. In fact it states early on in the books that most Dibbuns are “Mossflower orphans found in the woods”. I’m sure they are.

    Salamanderstron is an autocratic Military Dictatorship with ambitions to Take Over the World

    Think about it: Martin the Warrior was made great by Boar the fighter after Bella sent him to fetch Boar, Martin went to him and got brainwashed with a load of destiny claptrap (or possibly got mind-controlled by genuine magic powers) and then immediately went and killed Tsarmina and returned Bella to a position of power, which since she suspiciously outlived Martin, the Abbess and all her contemporaries (she was stated to be a fair healer and good with herbs, and although it’s said Badgers normally live a lot longer than others, the reasons for this are conspicuously never explored) she held that power for some time. Later on in Triss they overthrow a sovereign vermin nation that has never been a threat to them, and install a teenager with no experience of politics and in it’s place. And in High Rhulain they overthrow a sovereign vermin nation that has never been a threat to them, install a teenage Absolute Monarch with no experience of politics in it’s place, and even provide her with Military Advisors and letters of advice from the Lord of Salamanderstron to help her rule. They maker quite a habit of this sort of stuff.

    The ultimate goal of all Woodlanders in Redwall is the complete extermination of all the vermin species

    The lesser races must be purged!

    After the end of WALL-E, when the humans returned to Earth...

    ...their bodies could no longer digest unprocessed whole organic food. With the Axiom no longer able to provide their every need and only healthy vegetables available, most of them succumbed to food poisoning. The survivors were eventually poisoned by the polluted air (just because some plants could grow there didn't mean humans could survive long).

    Japan is R'lyeh.

    An Eldritch Location located on a dimensional rift, after all what explains these creatures of the Uncanny? However, the real terror lies beneath, where an invincible, omnipotent, cephalopodean Eldritch Abomination lies slumbering. And when this Terror soon awakes, we who are unlucky enough to still survive shall despair and suffer a Fate Worse Than Death. The closest thing to this disgustingly indescribable vision? Just see the Anime examples on Gorn.

    Taylor Swift deserved it.

    And I'm really happy for you imma let you finish, but-- *WHAM*

    == Yukari Yakumo is actually Vriska ==. Think about it. How many events in both worlds have they each either planned or forced themselves to have a part in?

    Jurgen doesn't exist; he's half of Cain's split personality.

    The reason Jurgen doesn't appear in any of the popular depictions of Cain's life? It's not because of Inquisitorial shenanigans, it's because there never was any such person. Cain's little publicly-released propaganda autobiography? It's, despite his protestations to the contrary, a completely accurate telling of events. The secret journals Amberley discovered are the elaborate fiction. In reality, Cain is tortured by survivor's guilt over all the people in the 597th, the citizens of Perlia, and the Commissar cadets that he wasn't able to save in the end, not to mention that his mind has been tainted by repeated contact with the Warp and the agents of Chaos. He intentionally and consistently portrays himself as more selfish and cowardly than he is (something that Amberley, as editor, frequently points out), but he still needed somebody around to be a big damn hero and save the day—thus, he invents Jurgen, the living embodiment devotion to duty and selfless service to the Emperor, as a repository for all of the good, heroic qualities that he extracted from his portrayal of himself.

    • Alternatively, Cain doesn't exist, all the events are just a projection of the split personality of the God-Emperor of Mankind. Think about it. Both are incredibly badass and are widely considered to be among the greatest by The Empire, even though they don't want too much of the fanatical reverence.

    Several days have passes since you discovered WMGs.

    You are now realizing you haven't gotten any work done and you have a new addiction.

    The Creationists and Fundamentalists are right; what science tells you otherwise is wrong.

    The worst part? Not only are the fundies right, but this means that they can interpret the Bible whatever they want, and it is natural law for them to perform atrocities and torture people via the Inquisition. Also, everybody is going to Hell, and it is more of the And I Must Scream prison Dante described rather than A Hell of a Time we imagined. Except for the Mormons.

    Gandhi is in the same place and room as Hitler, for crying out loud.

    • Oh well, at least non-Mormon Jerry Falwell is down there, and Fred Phelps and Jack Chick (who attacked Mormonism in one of his tracts) will be going there eventually.

    Justin Bieber is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

    Either Mozart is an alien Bieber, or in the distant future people will see Bieber as our equivalent of Mozart. Ugh, now my taste in music is Ruined FOREVER.

    Freud Was Right.

    That means, anything that's longer than it's wide is a penis, and all is Squick.

    Freud Was Wrong.

    His theories are outdated and simply mere navelgazing anyway. Nowadays, behaviours are pointed out by scientific means on genetics and Pavlovian fear conditioning. A Clockwork Orange is basically based on Truth in Television.

    Freud was Excuse.

    And your subconscious will asplode if you think too much about it in a Freudian Couch.

    Cilan, Chili and Cress are the Dark Trinity.

    Notice how they are the only Gym Leaders absent when they all come to your rescue in N's Castle. And the fact that they are never seen with the Dark Trinity.

    Everyone really "is" Jesus in purgatory

    • Well its a good thing He's used to being part of a Trinity of Three People that are One Person, otherwise all those Jesus would get really tired of talking to themselves/each other all day

    The last quarter of Avatar is Jake's Dying Dream after being crushed to death by Hometree.

    The bastard humans won, Pandora burns under nuclear Exterminatus and is now a blighted Polluted Wasteland, and the surviving Na'vi now live on ghettos as slaves, working largely menial jobs, devastated by drugs, prostitution, outright sex slavery, alcoholism and AIDS, occasionally shedding some single tears as a bulldozer driver chucks a B'nL Cola at their feet and...offering the loosest slots this side of Alpha Centauri!

    • And it gets worse. Kenny G (February 21), Yoko Ono (March 5) and Justin Bieber are performing there! AGGGHHHH!!!

    2015 will turn out like 1985-A.

    In Code Geass, Euphemia herself planned the Euphinator genocide incident

    It went All According to Plan. Either she wants to get a bad reputation, or she really really wants an excuse to kill some people For the Evulz of it, but she has no motivation to do it herself.

    Justin Bieber is the angel Arael.

    However, the angel decided to forego using Hallelujah Chorus and psychoanalysis as a form of mind rape and instead switched to catchy tunes that slowly consume our souls from the inside out.

    Justin Bieber is Shinji Ikari.

    The Instrumentality was corrupted so much it took the form of catchy tunes. UGH

    Justin Bieber is Haruhi Suzumiya.

    But since this is Real Life, he only managed to warp a portion of the universe at his whim, and that's why there are still fangirls even though his music is crap.

    Justin Bieber is Jesus.

    No. NO. Cain help us all. *commits suicide*

    SpongeBob is an Eldritch Abomination, and the inhabitants of Bikini Bottom are his cosmic playthings

    You want proof? Ask Squidward Tentacles for starters.

    TV Tropes is made up of Food Chains.

    Now that you have ate The Fair Folk's food and information, you are now their slave forever, and this chain can never be obliterated all for eternity, unless....

    All Moe Moe characters are designed solely to be broken, so that our perverted power fantasies can be fulfilled

    Because, I couldn't think of any other logical reason for their existence.

    O-Haruhi-Sama Herself demonstrates this by torturing Mikuru Asahina, which results in Mikuru having a popular appeal instead of being just an annoying filler character.

    This page will soon be a seeding ground for your squicky Complete Monster fantasies.

    Fast Eddie is Big Brother Is Watching.

    Because this is too true to be a good epileptic tree.

    And the dystopian world of Nineteen Eighty-Four is run by TV Tropes itself. This is a very inconvenient truth indeed which I myself feel doubleplusungood upon, but come on, any chap who got their life ruined by TV Tropes and have actually read the book can use the book to explain how Tropes Will Ruin Your Life. TV Tropes began as a wiki that presented itself to the masses as a buttload more informal and more friendly than Wikipedia, like how Big Brother presented himself as a friend and socialist revolutionary against the Capitalists and Elitists, and suddenly things went out of shape. We got to love Tropes more and more, the Tropes gained more and more authority and rose to the top of the hierarchy, and as a radical deviation from Wikipedian oldthinkers and their obsession with "evidence" and "notability", the format of This Very Wiki introduces and encourages the use of Newspeak (Wiki Words), doublethink and self denial (No Fourth Wall structure, anti-empiricism disguised as There Is No Such Thing as Notability), which at first glance was a fun thing, but in fact is a memetic mutative Mind Manipulation mechanism that is utilized in infecting and radically altering and Brainwashing our minds and perception and leaving us into mental stasis.

    With the pure power that originally belonged to ourselves having been consumed by the Tropes, They knew how our intricate lives work every single time, They got the power to modify history and reality when They see fit, and we, in turn, were left with ruined, decaying, crapsack lives and an unending, blind, absolute love, fear, acceptance and adoration for Them. Fast Eddie and his fellow moderators The Inner Party utilized this pure power and started to institute large-scale changes, deletions and just plain screwing to both the entire TV Tropes wiki and our minds arbitrarily... like renaming pages, removing content, locking pages, banning people, spreading hateful anti-other wikis propaganda, turning us into either introverted hikikomoris or infectious manchurian trolls, creating an oppressive tropocracy under the guise of Utopia Justifies the Means, generally becoming worse than Wikipedia, jaywalking, and so on... just because they don't like something, all in the guise of Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement (at the cost of Obvious Truth) or simply For the Evulz. Even 4chan (the V for Vendetta of the Internet) is annoyed by TV Tropes.[4][5]

    If you want a vision of the future, imagine a Troper endlessly exploring on Tropes...... forever.

    Send this message to the masses before we-- *sent to Room 101*

    The last troper and entry did not exist. They never did.

    This information was brought to you by The Ministry of Truth. Of course, The Ministry of Truth had nothing at all to do with it. In fact, this whole page was probably written by Goldstein, and is to be disregarded.

    N was sexually abused by Ghetsis.

    Ghetsis needed some way to break his will to fulfill his plans, since he thought cutting off contact from other humans wasn't 100% fool-proof. And seeing as how Ghetsis is the unparalleled pinnacle of cunt in the Pokémon world, why not do just that, induce Stockholm Syndrome in his son, and release his lustful impulses, all at the same time?

    And to make things worse, N might well be one of that subset of victims that go on to abuse children themselves, seeing the No Yay with the player character on the ferris wheel combined with his social regression. Where do you think people got the idea for hebephile!N in Japanese fanart?

    Thankfully, he doesn't have the psychological symptoms that would clearly support that theory, but then again he might have just been good at hiding himself...

    Reed Richards Is Useless. Literally.

    It's true.

    Buster the Dummy is sentient.

    If, in the MythBusters universe, investing enough emotional energy into an inanimate object can "awaken" it, Buster's been through enough with his teammates to qualify. The reason he hasn't objected to this treatment is either because he's too low on the Sliding Scale of Living Toys, or because, as a crash test dummy, he has no mouth. I'm not sure I want to contemplate whether or not sentient dummies can feel pain.

    • Tonight on MythBusters: Can emotional energy cause inanimate objects to spontaneously become sentient? Let's find out!
      • Spoiler: Myth Confirmed, and we're all going to Hell.

    Klonoa's real world is a Crapsack World

    And it's so horrendously awful that the inhabitants, including Klonoa himself, often use hallucinogens to escape it, causing them to imagine that they are in happy, colorful dreamworlds. (Hence, Phantomile.) But it eventually wears off, snapping them out of the dream-state. (Hence, Klonoa getting sucked out of Phantomile instead of simply leaving it.)

    H.P. Lovecraft is a Fundamentalist who believed that God Is Evil

    You wanna know why he always ranted about how the universe is indifferent? Why did he ranted about unstoppable uncaring gods who will make humanity go mad from the revelation by their sheer presence? Because he predicted, and knew, that we will end up in Hell on Earth whether we like it or not. And You Can't Fight Fate. Except for the Mormons.

    Nineteen Eighty-Four takes place inside The Instrumentality

    What's really bad about this is that this isn't just a random theory, Inner Party member O'Brien actually lampshaded this. During Winston's torture, O'Brien described that the philosophy of Ingsoc is basically a an Assimilation Plot: "The first thing you must realize is that power is collective. The individual only has power in so far as he ceases to be an individual. You know the Party slogan: Freedom is Slavery. Has it ever occurred to you that it is reversible? Slavery is freedom. Alone-free-the individual is always defeated. It must be so, because every human being is doomed to die, which is the greatest of all failures. But if he can make complete, utter submission, if he can escape from his identity, if he can merge himself into the Party so that He IS the Party, then he is all-powerful and immortal. Sounds like the Instrumentality plot, doesn't it?

    Basically, Winston Smith is a Shinji Ikari figure: George Orwell even emphasized on his Oedipus Complex. Julia, a hedonistic " rebel from the waist down", is Misato (or Asuka to a lesser degree). O'Brien and B.B. are Kaworu (who betrayed Shinji) and Rei (central apex of assimilation, aka God), respectively. It is possible that Winston originally lived in the NGE universe as a Lawful Evil person, however, since The Instrumentality takes the form of an Ironic Hell designed to break Individual personalities in the most efficient manner, he ended up in the 1984 universe, perhaps one of his worst possible inner thoughts. Another disgusting problem with this theory is that the Instrumentality WMG is overdone. The most horrible part? Rei Ayanami, the Meme we all know and love, will send you to Room 101 and make you experience your worst fears. That's how horrible it is.

    Rei Ayanami Hates You.

    No, just no.

    Nineteen Eighty-Four takes place in the Haruhi Suzumiya universe. In fact, Haruhi created the dystopian 1984 universe as wish fulfilment for her power fantasies.

    Haruhi = God = B.B.
    Kyon = Only Sane Man, forced to love God in the end = Winston
    Mikuru = Tried to seduce Kyon = Julia
    Itsuki = The Philosopher = O'Brien
    Yuki = Possibly the real, active power behind Haruhi / God = The Thought Police /Telescreen

    Shinji Ikari didn't kill Kaworu Nagisa, instead, Kaworu killed Shinji by playing the Suicide Symphony a.k.a. Symphony no. 9 The Ode To Joy on him.

    Your Mother.

    Encyclopaedia Dramatica is the truth, both The Other Wiki and TV Tropes are wrong.

    And it's run by who else? HITLER!

    Shinji is Shinji.

    My Immortal is GENUINELY WRITTEN and is not a Troll Fic whatsoever.

    The Human Centipede really is 100% medically accurate.

    And somewhere, out there, there are a lot of doctors waiting to sew your mouth into somebody else's ass. Then they will viciously experiment on secret ingredients to make magic potions of Brain Bleach, and thats best case scenario.

    The afterlife takes the form of an infinite manifestation of The Human Centipede.

    All the souls of humans who have ever existed, and will exist, are connected mouth to anus, with shit passed through the infinitely-long digestive tract.

    • And Dr. Heiter really is God. Katsuro even acknowledges his Godliness in the end.

    One piece is literally a single gold piece. Gol D. Roger sqandered the rest and sent everyone on a wild goose chase for the lulz.

    • I was actually thinking that One Piece being a one-piece swimsuit of some sort.

    The Diclonius Research Facility in Elfen Lied is a rape camp.

    And by rape camp I mean a guro hentai rape camp. You want proof? Just search for the "Unknown Man".

    The next STALKER game will be Shadow of Fukushima.

    Ah, yes, "Too Soon." We have dismissed that claim.

    Aerith deserved to die.

    She was trying to seduce Cloud anyway (Example: Compensated Dating)

    Remember how Adell acquired his dislike of women from a life-threatening encounter with a succubus?

    Now, what violent, traumatizing act would a succubus do to a small child that would cause him to mistrust women for the rest of his life? ...Uh, yeah.

    Uwe Boll is going to make anime movies.

    Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru was aired to foreshadow events in Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    For example, in the final episode of Soredemo Hotori wrote a silly story for a contest where the character with the largest breasts got beheaded in a land made of dessert. Funny, right? Then along came episode 3 of Madoka Magica, complete with the largest-breasted character being beheaded in a land made of dessert.

    Another example happened in the second part episode 7. Hotori's brother stayed up one night and commented on how creepy an ordinary night was. Then Hotori pointed out that it turned midnight and is now May 1, meaning that the previous night was April 30. In other words, the night when that episode took place was none other than Walpurgis Night.

    Finally, in the prologue for episode 10, the narrator comments about some people praying to mysterious extraterrestrial forces to get their wishes granted. In Madoka Magica, it turns out that Kyubey is an alien. One who grants wishes if you make a contract with him.

    Coincidence, or SHAFT being SHAFT? You decide.

    Everything is getting more Grimdark.

    It's true. But since this is Real Life, it's less awesome, more despair.

    Everything is getting less GRIMDARK.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! *commits suicide*

    In the grim darkness of the far future there is only MATH.

    Netto is dead. Games 3-6 are his radiation induced hallucinations and dying dream.

    He was exposed to an insane level of radiation- at least ten times the threshold required to inflict both brain cancer and Central Nervous Syndrome. Central Nervous Syndrome begins to manifest within minutes of such an incredible dose. First, delirium, then the brain swells causing the patient to fall into a coma as the brain presses against the skull. There is no treatment for Central Nervous Syndrome, and so the comatose victim dies within a day or so.

    Cilan molested Cabernet.

    Cabernet's Imagine Spot was right all along, she just wasn't blatantly graphic. Supported by the fact that Cilan didn't seem so different in their rematch than in the fantasy. He also was pretty sadistic towards her.

    Ghetsis has more kids, other than N.

    Well, had, actually. Kids A-M.

    Everyone and everything is going to Hell.

    It won't be the good Hell, the peculiar Hell, or even one you can fight against. No, it's the ultimate Fate Worse Than Death,And I Must Scream Hell.You can't even get used to it. This is because God is a Complete Monster, who is going to torture all of us forever purely For the Evulz. And he's also a Multiversal Conqueror who can never be stopped, and destroyed all opposition. The reason we even have a life is because He wants us to experience joy before the torturing. Think about that long and hard.

    Shadow refused to watch Midnight Spank

    No wonder we don't see Rouge or Omega around anymore.

    Shinji was using Asuka's hand in the hospital scene.

    And thus is even more screwed up than first thought.

    During THAT scene of End of Evangelion, not only did Shinji use Asuka's hand...

    ...she was fully conscious but paralyzed. (There have been reports of coma victims being aware of their surroundings and people's comments, but unable to react.)

    • During the Instrumentality sequence, she even acknowledges that she knew. Asuka even openly told Shinji that she can openly display herself in all her lustful glory to be wanked at.

    You are in fact Asuka.

    You are catatonic, everything is All Just a Dream created by being Mind Raped, and Shinji is using your hand......

    Zeus Cerevas will become SpongeBob's creative director some day

    Avatar: The Last Airbender not only has mix and match fauna, but mix and match pathogens.

    Sure, getting a smallpox-flu is annoying at worst if you're in good health, and the Foggy Swamp tribe have some successful herbal cures for athlete's malaria, but that H1N1 AIDS-causing bubonic tuberculo-syphilis is nasty.

      • And hybrid diseases are most dangerous to children, due to their less developed immune systems. The apparent trend for small families in the Avatarverse is actually the result of hideously high child mortality rates.

    Aang really is white.

    Because the Air Nomads weren't actually based on actual Tibetans or Shaolin monks or any other real-world Asian Buddhist group, but on Western hippies enthralled with Asian mysticism.

      • Couldn't they be Asian hippies? (See: "The Cave of Two Lovers")

    Rouge the Bat is dying of leukimia

    The only fur she has is on her head.

    Poison Oak Epileptic Trees are also Decade's fault.

    By the time of Toy Story 3the toys have seen Andy...um...playing with his woody.

    Well, he's a teenage boy. And he still has a toybox in his room. And it's not like they can look away if they're facing him.

    • He could just do that in the bathroom instead.
      • He has a computer in his room. Do you really think he wouldn't use it for that?
    • Worse than that. You know how in Toy Story 3 Bonnie's toys actually know how to use computers? Yes. There is toy porn out there. And that is what Andy is whatevering to, since it seems he has more attachment to his toys than real people

    Kefka enslaved Terra.

    Because the very idea of mind control (the Slave Crown on Terra's head) is Power Perversion Potential itself. And who can find more power perversion potential (both literally and metaphorically) than a sadistic nihilist who has no moral compass whatsoever?

    • In one scene, Terra actually manages to remember what Kefka did to her, but while she was unconscious. When she became an Esper, she remembered the full extent of her repressed memory, from how the Empire killed her parents, to how Kefka put the Slave Crown on her (and presumably while relentlessly sexually torturing her, of course), hence her Heroic BSOD. One could imagine what would happen if the rest of the nakama weren't there to help her recover.

    Justin Bieber is Kagamine Len.

    Or an android with him installed inside.

    Pearl is a rapechild

    The Nintendo Power Sonic Generations cover is fake

    Concordia and Anthea are the result of Wife Husbandry by Ghetsis.

    He raised them isolated from the outside world from a young age much like N was, but with the additional function of serving as concubines and making more children for his empire.

    Oh, and either of them is possibly N's mother (and maybe those of A-M above). Notice how young both of them look in that opening cutscene? Now guess N's age from his appearance and put two and two together. (Still don't get it? Ghetsis impregnated them as soon as they began puberty. And yes, it also means that N is a rapechild. You're bloody welcome.)

    In Maison Ikkoku, Soichiro Otonashi succumbed to a heart attack...umm, in bed.

    Lady Gaga's meat-suit was made from Gwen Stefani.

    There can be only one!

    Ryan's shoes are made from murdered Smurfs

    Blue TV Tropes links are all Made From Murdered Smurfs

    And just how many links Have You made In your time, You Monster.

    Fast Eddie is a Complete Monster who uses TV Tropes to ruin the masses' lives and drive some of them to suicide...

    ....while he extracts their money forever and occasionally commits Smurf genocide to make those aforementioned Blue TV Tropes links.

    • Does he also use Snorks for the other colors?

    Blue hair is made from Smurfs.

    And green hair is made from Ninja Turtles, pink hair is made from little ponies and all the other colors are made from Care Bear fur.

    Diamonds are made from Soul Gems.

    They say diamonds are forever, right? Well, so are souls.

    • In most fiction that would be PERFECTLY scientifically testable using soul-vacuums. Too bad we don't have cheap, mass-produced specially made options just for that.
      • DeBeers probably keeps any tests on the subject under wraps. (Yes, Kyubey actually works for DeBeers.)
      • All that stuff about saving the universe from entropy? All lies. The Incubators are just making money selling overpriced, sparkly rocks.

    TVTropes does not exist.

    You are not reading this page, but in fact hallucinating it superimposed over the empty browser window you've got open at the moment. Any tropes and examples of tropes that you read on this site that you didn't already know about beforehand (either consciously or subconsciously) are all lies. Furthermore, when somebody links you to TV Tropes, they are not posting an actual hyperlink but instead a JPEG image that triggers a hallucinogenic response in your brain making you think that you've arrived at a site called TV Tropes. If there are any books, movies, TV shows, or web-comics that you think you discovered through TV Tropes, you really just stumbled across them randomly and the hallucination rewrote your memory of discovering them to attribute the find to TV Tropes.

    • This WMG post is your mind subconsciously fighting to remind you that this site is a lie and break you free from the hallucination.
      • Please ignore the above post. TV Tropes is very real, and you have nothing to fear from it. Continue reading about tropes. Stay and read as long as you like. Stay forever and ever and ever and ever.

    TV Tropes (which does not exist), Gargamel and the Rio Tinto Group are about to go to war over the world's dwindling Smurf colonies.


    In Nichijou, Nano can be replaced, and has been many times.

    In back of their house is a scrap heap of defunct former Nanos, as well as a "holding pen" for defective Nanos. Both are frequently harvested for parts...

    EVERYBODY in Real Life is a Complete Monster. In fact, Real Life exists to contain these monsters.

    Wonder why on the Complete Monster page, we always warn "No Real Life Examples, Please!" and lock it. Even though Hitler and Stalin are obvious monsters. That's because there are no morals in Real Life, anyone can be listed with adequate justification, and to list more than six billion of all people from prehistory to the distant future would rupture TV Tropes' servers. Your perverted imagination? It's making ALL the other fictional characters, as well as every single person and character who ever existed, even the most powerful (like fellow Monster, God), cringe in unlimited, unbridled, paralyzing, eternal, inescapable pain. We enjoy every single moment of it, and you cannot deny.

    This makes sense when you think about the place inhabited by such monsters, Hell, which is actually other people.

    • Do we make a Heel Face Turn when we die?
      • Complete Monsters can never make a Heel Face Turn, since as an inherent trait they have no redeeming qualities at all.
    • Superboy-Prime, is that you? You know, you could just go off and kill the writers of DC Comics...

    You're already dead.

    You're just in a Lotus Eater Machine in the afterlife and don't remember dying.

    The video of "The Safety Dance" shows a post-apocalyptic future after a nuclear war.

    Society has been reduced back to the medieval level (the nuclear imagery at the end is a flashback to how these things all came about). The guys in chicken masks and the midget are actually mutants. And the Morris dancers were actually delerious with radiation poisoning.

    Lucky Star is all Konata's fantasies.

    Inspired by this. As an otaku, she's not the joyful character we saw on the series. Actually, she's actually ruthlessly bullied, and unable to fight back, as many real-life otakus are, even in Animeland itself, Japan (take that, weeaboos). On the other main characters:

    • Kagami actually has a yuri/dominance & submission crush on Konata, which is why she hangs out with her so often, but to reveal outing herself (and to avoid people thinking she's also an otaku), she becomes the Alpha Bitch (sometimes in sheep's clothing).
    • Meanwhile, Tsukasa herself really is severely mentally retarded and thus also bullied, even by her own sister and parents, who see her as just a mere pet. Don't be deceived by those Tareme Eyes: since cruelty begets cruelty, and mental retardation causes someone to be an Unwitting Pawn as a bully's minion, and wanting to seem "badass," she went along following everyone else picking on Konata. (Yes, yes. This is, in South Park, also what Eric Cartman did to get out of the "bullied" gutter and become a bully himself, and which Damien also did to Pip to get attention from Stan and Kyle.)
    • Because Moe is "unrealistic", it's very likely that Miyuki does not exist, just being a projection of Konata's broken ideals. Alternatively, she compensates for being a Lonely Rich Kid who is further isolated by her encyclopaedic knowledge and coordination disorder (and thus both envied and despised by the rest of the more physically-competent popular clique) by becoming a Rich Bitch (a particular favourite for manipulative bribery is Konata due to her debt caused by her escapism-fueled anime addiction).
    • Alternatively, they're all Affably Evil thus projecting the Moe image, but as a form of cynical manipulation (A well-known example of this Deconstruction of the Moe-Blob is Mikuru Asahina, who's just faking the whole thing to cynically manipulate everyone on orders from her future self, and driving the plot via time Travel). Especially Miyuki and Tsukasa. The Reveal does come, but it only ends up creating more Cognitive Dissonance, thus trapping our otaku into a horrifying mixture of depression and Stockholm Syndrome.

    Once Upon a Time, our poor and horribly depressed otaku, who cannot even Commit Suicide since her love of Anime is the only thing forcing her to live, wished upon a star to bring her friends (and make everyday life more like anime, if it's not too much), hence the series name. And so she imagines herself spending her days with archetypal anime characters, while also projecting them onto herself, relatives, and most especially the main bullies (such as the one Tsundere who's also her Bastard Girlfriend but wants to keep it secret) because of finally and completely succumbing to Despair Event Horizon-induced Stockholm Syndrome. In her imagination, they of course had to have rainbow-colored hair and Puni Plush designs and Moe elements to look more like anime characters. Also, in imagination-land, Konata is more assertive/extroverted, while Kagami ends up being the primary subject of Konata's teasing, in sharp contrast to the Real Life situation.

    Roger Smith is insane.

    The world of Roger the Wanderer, where he's a hobo, is the reality, but he refused to accept that and sank back into his delusions. And eventually got sent into an asylum.

    • Well who wants to accept that they're hobos?

    We're all about to die.

    There are an infinite number of universes. Ergo, there would be a tiny percentage of infinite universes(which is still infinite) where a sucsessful Omnicidal Maniac is moments away from destroying the multiverse. Good bye forever. However, the over of THAT, the omniverse, will split THAT multiverse so that there is a safety catch which will split it to BEFORE the destruction of Start Button so that there is the Destroyed Paths (varying sucesses)and the Not Destroyed Paths (varying failures of destruction). The flying time monkeys are not popping this bubble of existances YET, thank you very much. There is an infinite number of infinities, therefore there is an infinite loop, which means the only destruction is certain people's heads exploding (Your Head Asplode) from trying to unsafely infinitize. Good Day.

    • So...we have entered an endless recursion in time?
      • No, I meant that reality is headed into infinity other realities. Reality will just split at another node. Again. ANYTHING is possible. Therefore once inter-continuum travel limits are broken, reality will change and unions of similars of our "reality" and completely off-the-logic fictions. This epileptic tree might not be poison oak if you overthink it JUST short of your head at Your Head Asplode.

    Wes got offed.

    The reason the awesome protagonist from Pokémon Colosseum doesn't show up in the sequel is not because there wouldn't be much of a game if he did. It is because Cipher cornered and killed him at some point during those five years of the timeskip.

    Blaze simply died in 06

    • That is obvious.

    This page was designed to destroy our hopes and dreams.

    • WELL DUH. Only half of it is.

    Weeping Angels are the reason for statues.

    The statues in real life aren't plain old statues. They're people that the Weeping Angels have turned into stone. Anyone who says differently is trying to protect from the knowledge that these unstoppable psychos exist. Changes your perception on those Renaissance sculptures, huh?

    Big the Cat is in fact a horrifc Biological Mashup

    The battle with Ifrit in Sonic Rivals 2 took place within Blaze herself (explaining her absence). But Eggman Nega was stuck in there at the end, and then went to full size. Due to the Ifrit's power, the two were mixed up. Sadly, Tikal, Maria, Gerald, and E-101's souls were stuck in the mishmash as well(Which explains why they did not come back), and it was warped 200 years into the past. The voice is because of all the souls absorbed.

    Linkara couldn't have saved Ninja Style Dancer

    Even if 90's kid hadn't called and held him up, how would he have hurt an Immune to Bullets Eldritch Abomination enough to drive it off, especially since it abducted NSD and then left anyway?

    Cream is doomed to die a horrific death at the age of 14

    All other pacifistic females in the games have done so.

    The Sol Emeralds are Powered by a Forsaken Child

    When blaze vanished into 06, she dissolved into hundreds of atoms that filled the sol emeralds. They found a girl who looked exactly like what they contained.

    Deadpool didn't have cancer.

    What progressive, potentially fatal disease is popularly associated with insanity and horrible skin disfigurement? Pre-Weapon X, Wade Wilson picked up a really nasty strain of antibiotic-resistant syphilis that made him the Postmodernist we all know and love. Same thing happened in Real Life to Friedrich Nietzsche, precursor of Post Modernism. At least Wade's healing factor keeps it from killing or physically disabling him, but still...

    • Let's hope he and Cable use protection.

    Ariana Dumbledore of Harry Potter was raped

    Yeah... it's a horrible idea, but to be honest, that was what I thought when I first read Deathly Hallows.

    • Umm, wasn't part of this inferred by what some guys did to poor Ariana that caused her to lockdown her magic subconciously, causing Wild Magic issues?

    Sally has been dead since issue 47, issue 225 is just Sonic coming to grip with that fact

    The Blue Oyster Cult was sent by the Reapers

    They are trying to lull us into a false sense of security by assuring us they are not to be feared. In fact, cowbell use acts as a beacon, and has doomed us all by summoning them hundreds of years ahead of schedule.

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic actually takes place in the far future, after the fall of mankind.

    Twilight Sparkle and Dr. Whooves unwittingly travel back in time to our Earth where they are treated as gods and a world-wide cult is set up around Twilight Sparkle as she can perform actual science-defying magic. Soon, religious war engulfs the planet, as more and more nations (especially Third-World countries) are taken over by the growing zealous militia of the Brony Cult which culminates in nuclear apocaylpse, but not before Twilight gives birth to two baby girls named Celestia and Luna...Which means all pony culture is built upon the remnants of human civilisation. Or it's set in the past, and all human culture is built upon the remnants of pony civilisation!

    The next kiss between River and the Doctor will be River's first and the Doctor's last.

    • This would make their relationship - which we've been building up to since Silence in the Library - the biggest lost opportunity ever. It never happened because they were both waiting for the other to show an indication that it was okay. They were so worried about the Timey-Wimey Ball exploding they never took advantage of what was right in front of them. Yeah, THIS BETTER NOT BE TRUE. Damn plot bunnies.
      • Or worse, the reason River looks so gutted and heartbroken? It's her first kiss too.

    In Team Fortress 2 rainbows make the Scout cry because, in an attempt to date someone as fast and as cocky as he was, the Scout asked out Rainbow Dash and got shot down.

    No, it’s worse. He caught her cheating on him… with Applejack and Derpy Hooves

    • Rule34 : Now 20% more hilarious.

    No, rainbows make the Scout cry because he loved Rainbow Dash, and the Spy murdered her.

    Rainbows make the Scout cry because he’s in the closet.

    • He’s reminded of the gay pride flag and dies a little inside because he just wishes he had the courage to tell the Spy how he feels about him.

    Rainbows make the Scout cry because as a child, he was Raped by the Nyan Cat.

    Tikal was wiped from existence in the same way Mephiles was

    That's why we did not see her in Sonic Battle or Mario and Sonic Winter Olympics.

    In Sonic the Comic, the food chain still exists

    There are no non-anthros anywhere.

    Rainbow Dash did NOT successfully pull off the Sonic Rainboom.

    The end of that episode is all a dream she experiences for a split second before slamming into the ground at close to mach one, along with Rarity and the wonderbolts.

    Rainbow Dash did successfully pull off the Sonic Rainboom and save her friends, but the G-forces involved in pulling up inches before hitting the ground crushed her prefrontal cortex against her Skull and lobotomised her

    The end of the episode, all everything in the series from that point is her coma-dream. She did however get to meet the wonderbolts: they visited her in hospital where she lies in dribbling, non-responsive vegetative agony, unable to die because Trollestia won’t do the honourable thing and call in the glue factory.

    This, sadly, explains why no pony should ever attempt to meddle with supersonic flight: the only other one to try was Derpy, and before she tried, she wasn't.

    The entire My Little Pony continuity is actually a dying dream....

    .....by Boxer from Animal Farm.

    • Alternatively: My Little Pony is actually Sugarcandy Mountain, but since such heavens only exist if you delude them, it quickly vanished as soon as Napoleon abolished religion.

    Animal Farm and Charlie The Unicorn take place in the same 'verse.

    Boxer did go to Sugarcandy mountain... where they stole his kidneys.

    The Events of Mass Effect 2, and the (yet unknown) events of Mass Effect 3, never actually happened.

    When Shepard died, she stayed dead. The storyline of the second (and third) game is actually a delusion created by Joker's mind out of grief and guilt as he slowly goes insane in an asylum.

    Unit 731 is still up and running

    Well like how the United States collected German scientists after the war (Wernher von Braun helped in designing the Saturn V rocket), Douglas MacArthur secretly granted immunity to the physicians of Unit 731 in exchange for providing America, but not the other wartime allies, with their research on biological warfare. And in Japan, nobody really wants to talk about war crimes during World War II. Of course the physicians seem to live fairly normal lives, but who knows what sickfuckery they are doing for science and the US....

    • And its head nowadays is Josef Heiter

    Adolf Hitler didn't want a world war and kill all the Jews. He actually only wished to bring Germany out of the Great Depression, and was a pacifist who completely disapproved of the Holocaust and other Utopia Justifies the Means methods for peace, until a Geass hit him and turned him into the antisemitic warmongering genocidal Complete Monster we all know today.

    Yes, yes. Hitler is just like Princess Euphemia. Well, it's more scary and wallbanging than saying World War 2 went all according to his plan, right?

    Worse. Being reincarnated in our history, Hitler really IS Princess Euphemia

    Well if reincarnation is real there's the possibility it can go back in time while Lelouch's Geass will be carried along with it in a redirected form, Nightmare of Nunnally did show that the Code Geass universe is connected to other multiverses, and it's easy to mistake "Japanese" for "Jewpanese"...........

    Japan is going into Hell.

    Look at the signs. 2012. Global Warming, which is bad for a small island nation which already is the meeting place for three different tectonic plates (and contains ten percent of the world's active volcanoes). Giant tsunami hits Japan. Fukushima nuclear disaster that would almost rival Chernobyl. Financial crisis. Terrorism. Nearby Ax Crazy neighbour North Korea has nuclear weapons. Population decline due to Hikikomoris and Feminism, which helped them become extremely filthy rich at first, but is coming back to bite them and encourage gender conflicts, which in turn encourages more otakus and hikikomoris seeing the ideal of Moe as their messiah and primary reason to live. China surpassing their economic growth, making their filthy rich-ness irrelevant. Ishihara comes to power and then proceeds to wage a crusade against anime. Some troper found out about Japan being R'lyeh (see above). The end is nigh, and it takes the form of The Antichrist landing in Tokyo, also known by many as "the city waiting to die", to turn it into a fireball.

    For those who say that God, who lives in Japan, will save us, think again.

    As William Halsey, Jr. has put it:


    "The Japanese language will be spoken only in hell."

    • Hopefully that wasn't an actual curse by Halsey.

    The drought and wildfires in Texas are the result of a curse by the Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu.

    When C. Robert Wagner claimed the 2011 tsunami was a Sodom And Gomorrah-style punishment for the emperor having sex with Amaterasu, and Governor Rick Perry invited him to his "Response" prayer event, she punished the state with more heat, fittingly.

    The monkeys from the Pencil Kids game Monkey Go Happy are planning to take over the world...

    The monkeys have increasingly sinister background tasks (What is in that train you are sending by? Why do you need to destroy that castle? Why do you need to destroy the place to find candy? Why are you stealing money for those monkeys for fun? Why do MONKEYS need magic and MARS CLONING BASES to be defended from robots?) and the Anbot series after is when you help a robot escape from the Monkey's new world order (The mars cloning base defense mentioned before was needing you to stop a riot of experimental robots.) This is SO Planet of the Apes. One scene might have you destroying a silhouetted green statue. It's all weird.

    You ARE stuck in an endless recursion of time.

    You have been repeating your moments endlessly and made aware of it, but you are just repressing this.

    • Nonsense, we just edited the time-space continuum by ordering the turtles of time to change the dance floor. Or something. Someone might have edited time-space. Watch for changes in reality making no point. Whatever.
    • Actually, not only this, but soon enough Higurashi no Naku Koro ni your friends might start trying to kill you. Or they won't.

    "Sound of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkel is about Inception


    Hello darkness, my old friend
    I've come to talk with you again
    Because a vision softly creeping
    Left its seeds while I was sleeping
    And the vision that was planted in my brain
    Still remains,
    Within the sound of silence

    • Wait a minute, that's awesome.

    The Virgin Mary was a virgin because she was a child.

    Which makes sense if one thinks about it. Considering the prevalence of child brides in ancient societies (and some modern ones, see also Islam), and part of the motivation behind the practice being to ensure the wife's virginity, it's possible that the situation might not have been so different for the Mother of Jesus herself. Incidentally, the original Hebrew word for her was "almah", which meant "young woman" as well as "virgin" - the definition of the former potentially being quite broad.

    Of course, the whole point of parthenogenesis is that there's no sexual intercourse involved, but the thought of a young child giving birth still dredges up some serious Squick, sex or none. And then there are some other implications...

    TV Tropes will be annihilated, and then shall be reborn as an Eldritch Abomination in the image of 4chan.

    • As evidenced by this very page.
      • That is the "Toran Plague" fallacy from Deltora Quest. You say X sent you the deadly plague, then use the plague as evidence X sent it to you. YOU LIE.
        • Speaking of Deltora Quest...

    The Shadow Lord is actually an insane fangirl with a voice modifier doing it For the Evulz.

    The only reason for the existence of this page is Rule 34

    Poison oak epileptic trees exist (and they have copious amounts of rape) because and only because the Tropers who create them are sadists, weirdoes and NightmareFetishists who get off on it. No matter how weird. Seriously, if the was a tree that said…

    Every time you create a new Poison Oak Epileptic tree Trope-tan gets guro-raped by a Polar Bear.

    …one of your fellow tropers is getting off on that, and for all I know it’s YOU!

    the troper who posted the above tree did so in the hope of being proved wrong, and as the first response he got was basically "yep, that’s about right" is now curled up in a foetal position crying.

    What’s worse is he's aware that someone is getting off to the mental image of him curled up in the foetal position crying. You sick sick bastards.

    Robert W. Chambers' The King in Yellow contains the very first appearance of Slender Man.

    In the story, the protagonist describes a figure he see's in the Church of St Barnabé as a slender man with a very pale face and wearing a black jacket. Seeing as the protagonist has read the eponymous play and thus possibly summoning The King in Yellow, this could mean, in an admittedly roundabout way, that Slender Man is nothing less than the King himself. This, of course, is absolutely horrifying for all involved.

    • The Operator symbol is the Yellow Sign.

    Elise is the Cosmic Interstate

    Blaze IS Classic Eggman

    Silver had sex with Blaze's corpse after Rivals 2

    The decay of the Sonic series from October 1998 to October 2010 was a brilliant and elaborate plan by Robotnik to kill sonic

    By removing his mainstream gamer and critic support and therefore his plot armor. Make it earth all along, like in Japan, rather than the Mobius from early western materials, thus baffling gamers add loads of characters with unwanted and bizzare playstyles, slowing the pace, before dropping those and givving Sonic himself said playstyles, and creating even more annoying non-playable characters, change his name back to Eggman and cut his IQ in half (the gap between Eggman and Robotnik is really just Robotnik PRETENDING to be stupid and incompetent), replace AOSTH, SATAM, Underground, and the OVA with an obviously inferior anime called Sonic X, and then replacing THAT with an even worse short film known as Night of the Werehog, then ram as many unwanted aspects and gameplay derail into a sonic game AND STRIKE.

    • Jossed. There are still fans.
      • In the Japanese continuity, Eggman's been Eggman and the place has been Earth since 1991, and Amy predates Knuckles.

    Angel Bunny abuses Fluttershy

    Physically, emotionally and sexually.

    Twilight is sexually abusive towards Spike

    Twilight is sexually abusive towards Spike, because she's suffered at the hooves of Molestia

    Derpy's distinctive eye was caused by a sloppy surgeon accidently severing one of the muscles that controls the eye whilst performing a Transorbital Lobotomy on her.

    Kyoto Animation is under some kind of curse.

    Ever since Haruhi, at least two of the cast members of their series has been plagued by misfortune (e.g. Aya Hirano) or the series has bombed (e.g. Nichijou). To wit...

    Is this perhaps the revenge of Yutaka Yamamoto (the director fired from Lucky Star)?

    God is real, and in fact started all life on the universe, but only so he could use our immortal souls as food upon our death.

    Evolution, emotions, intelligence and the like are nothing more than a refinement process to make tastier souls for consumption by God. There shall come onto a time when we shall all settle in the stomach of God, and all our labours shall have been in vain. Thus we find a new definition of pain as we are digested and ressurected over and over again, because his stomach is beyond Time itself. And we shall weep and gnash our teeth, to wallow helpless, sightless, voiceless and powerless in writhing agony as we are boiled in the insides of a pan-dimensional eldritch abomination, day and night, forever and ever.

    Remember The Critic webisodes?

    Jay's second divorce was indeed from that Mexican flight attendant. However, the reason why he's dating Jennifer is because Alice was murdered by her Jealous Ex Cyrus. Jay never mentions her because he's still depressed.

    Haruhi Suzumiya is in fact just like I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

    Like how AM preserved a very few of humanity to torture them forever and ever, the only reason why the characters in Haruhi Suzumiya were not obliterated by The End of the World as We Know It is because they are being preserved and forced to live by Haruhi's sadistic subconscious for the sake of endless torture for her own amusement, forever and ever. Hence the Endless Recursion of Time.

    Obviously, Kyon is Ted.

    Haruhi is Spongebob

    And Kyon is Squidward.

    • Who's Patrick?

    My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic is in fact a Dystopia ruled with an iron fist by Princess Molestia through a regime that would make Josef Stalin and The Party blanch; the sugarcoating is just from a propaganda piece

    And Luna is Trotsky / Goldstein.

    If you question Molestia you end up on The Lottery

    The chests of the femal Sonic characters are only due to their bras, beneath, they are completley flat

    Or even worse, have the proper nipples for their species.

    All Moe characters are Anti-Spiral messengers

    Uzumaki is actually based on a Real Life attempt by scientists to discover a Magitek device that harnesses Spiral Energy and then testing it on a village, with the intention to solve the energy crisis once and for all... but of course it has Gone Horribly Wrong, because Real Life lies in the Cosmic Horror Story genre.

    Yoko is Judas.

    Wonder why anyone she kisses dies in a messianic manner? (e.g. Kamina aka Jesus)

    Arkham Asylum is the real world, and you are just deluding otherwise.

    Well why would there be so many WMG's about it?

    The Joker is Peeves

    At Hogwarts during Deathly Hallows, in a sadistic experiment, Peeves (who had been causing no end of havoc) was forced into the body of a muggleborn student who had been tortured into insanity, trapped, and tortured to insanity again (not that he was ever particularly sane). The Carrows gave him the scars. During the final battle, Peeves escaped. Fast forward a few years, and Peeves, now known as the Joker, has made his way to Gotham City, leaving a trail of destruction behind him.

    Carly and Sam are really Reimu and Marisa.

    After traveling to our world from Gensokyo, Viacom, being the superpower they already are, captured them and forced them to star in Nickelodeon's show. They're unable to escape because they can't use Danmaku in our world.

    Many Dojikko have some kind of genetic, developmental or neurological disorder.

    Such as dyspraxia. Another possibility is high-functioning Williams Syndrome in the case of the ever-popular Clumsiness + Ditziness + Plucky Cheerful Attitude combo. The characters are never diagnosed because their developmental issues are portrayed as relatively mild and the art style of most Moe series would camouflage the characteristic Williams Syndrome facial structure (and of course, in Moe series such quirks are considered cute).

    In itself this isn't that troubling, except for the fact that genre conventions are keeping these girls from being diagnosed and getting services that could help them - but what if their coordination issues are symptoms of something degenerative, ala Motor Neurone Disease?

    The Zebra from Phineas and Ferb is Mephiles the Dark

    Or, all that is left of him. He calls Candace "Kevin" because he forgot Elise's name, or maybe Kevin was the original bearer of Iblis.

    • Alternatively, the Zebra from Phineas and Ferb is a Cosmic Horror. Beneath the sugary idealism of Phineas and Ferb is a Lovecraftian nightmare story.
      • The Cosmic Horror Story backdrop does explain the weird science and weird geometries that the Phineas and Ferb-iverse is composed of.

    The Ice King is a more sympathetically screwed-up version of Humbert Humbert.

    Think of it - he pursues younger partners in order to recapture youthful relationship with a lost love.

    Akatosh IS Alduin.

    Everyone is just bullshitting you saying they aren't. Remember the end of Oblivion? Yeah, you and all of Cyrodiil just barely survived absolute destruction because Mehrunes Dagon had stolen Alduin's sweetroll. Or something.

    In Puella Magi Madoka Magica...

    Remember when Mado-Kami became Hope and changed the Puella Magi system?

    Yes, yes. In here ascension Madoka has pledged allegiance to Obama- I mean Tzeentch.

    • Bonus point for Tzeentch being the god of magic, and Madoka herself can make up for the scheming by beating Kyubey in his own game.
    • Maybe all the Puella Magi pledges allegiance to chaos gods. Sayaka serves Khorne. Mami Nurgle. Kyoko Slaanesh.
      • Who's Homuhomu then?
        • Very likely to be the God-Emperor. After all, Homuhomu protects Madoka all the time, and The Emperor Protects (also, both might be time lords).
    • But with the Jesus allegory, Madoka also has to be the Emperor.... therefore, Tzeentch is the Emperor!
      • Though the Emperor did attempt to give Humanity Hope and Change......

    Madokami, after her apotheosis, only ends up creating/meeting the Great Old Ones or the like.

    Well if she's such a divinely powerful Messiah/goddess of hope there should be equally powerful god/s of despair to counteract her, since in the Puella Magi universe it is mentioned hope and despair are basically balanced in an Equivalent Exchange reaction. And considering H.P. Lovecraft's general theme of despair and insignificance, the Old Ones are fitting deities for such (especially Nyarlathotep, hence his portrayal in Persona 2 as a Nietzsche Wannabe). Thus, to keep the Old Ones perpetually locked out of the universe so that the Puella Magi and humanity would not succumb to mass madness and despair, she has to suffer under their hands in exchange, tortured and Mind Raped forever by the Old Ones at every point in space and time.

    Not only is she crucified to a time-lock (like Homuhomu before her, but worse), she's also Mind locked into an eternal Wide-Eyed Idealist, because of the "Hope and despair balance out to zero" thing that trumps even Thermodynamics, thus she is trapped in a self-imposed, celestial-scale, eternal And I Must Scream situation she can never choose get out of.

    • In the finale, didn't Mami and Homura already comment that what Madoka is going to do is a Fate Worse Than Death?
    • Well the YMMV page did say: "Think out the worst possible logical scenario that can happen, and Urobuchi will top it."
    • Perhaps the original-timeline Incubators became the Old Ones?
    • On a more positive note this thoroughly fits in with the theme of Madoka as a wide-eyed Messianic Archetype.

    Alternatively, Madokami becomes Yog-Sothoth to Haruhi Suzumiya's Azathoth.

    Andy's father is alive

    And he was a domestic abuser that molested his children and the family is on the run from him. That's why they move in the first film and why there is no portrait or any memory of him in their house(s).

    Light Gaia is just as bad as Dark Gaia

    He only took on the dog form in order to lull mankind into a false sense of security.

    The Mane Six in My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic are the five Animorphs (Plus Ax) after they went over their two hour limit.

    Twilight is Jake, AJ is Marco, Dashie is Rachel, Fluttershy is Cassie, Rarity is Tobias (post Taylor-induced mental-breakdown) and Pinkie is Ax (Cinnamon BUNZAH!!!!!!!)

    • then who's Celestia?
      • Visser Three
      • Nah, she's the Ellimist. Trixie is Visser Three. Nightmare moon is Crayak, Discord is the powerful creature in The Familiar that never gets mentioned again, Gilda is Taylor and Derpy is Visser One (it's never the ones you suspect).

    My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic takes place in the same universe as Jack.

    Drip/Derpy anypony?

    My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Celestia really is Molestia and everything on that Tumblr is canon.

    Kyubey caused the 2011 Tohoku earthquake.

    • Don't be silly. That was caused by Madoka turning into a witch. The "recovery operations" have only temporarily delayed her systematic annihilation of humanity.

    The Ugly Barnacle is a true story.

    But it hasn't happened yet. It takes place after your death...and reincarnation. As a barnacle. An ugly one.

    Celestia and Luna are not sisters: Celestia is stuck in some sort of messed up Jack/Tyler Durden relationship.

    Or, even more awesomely, Celestia is Tyler and Luna is Jack.

    It’s shown that Luna can create projections that resemble living ponies (the shadow bolts) so even scenes when both appear together and are acknowledged by other ponies can’t be trusted. That and the fact that Luna has far, far more reasons to create an alternate personality.

    • Trollestia: suddenly it all makes sense.
      • “Hey, you created me. I didn't create some loser alter-ego to make myself feel better. Take some responsibility!”

    Jar-Jar is Luke’s father.

    Puella Magi Madoka Magica is one giant drug trip.

    The action begins when after Madoka and Sayaka have coffee, and then Madoka hears Kyubey's voice luring her into an area of the building under construction. A pedophile slipped some very powerful hallucinogens into their drinks, and then kidnapped them. Aside from getting off on dressing little girls up in elaborate frilly outfits (and torturing/raping them, of course), he also likes telling them to fight each other. The loser is of course killed and dumped in the nearest landfill or lake.

    (As if the original weren't depressing enough... Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go cry.)

    'Doom's demons are all driven with combat lust against Doomguy.

    Mei and Satsuki died in My Neighbor Totoro. The reason their mother can hear them laugh at the end of the movie is because she is about to die also.

    You're in despair.

    The fact that you waste your time editing TV Tropes out of despair has left you in despair.

    Amy Rose isn't pink furred: she is bald

    No wonder Sonic runs from her.

    The world will end on May 15th, 2012 when meteors rain down from above, killing all life on Earth except for a group of teenagers who will escape by playing Sburb.

    Discord is a weeping angel.

    The personification of chaos itself, he was locked away in stone for a thousand years (or so) and if you look at him for too long, you turn grey!

    • Nope, it's okay. It was Discord's magic that turned them like that. It was so signify that the character's weren't themselves. They didn't look like that to Twilight, only to us. Or it would have been painfully obvious something was amiss.
    • Not necessarily. Keep in mind that Spike said, "Twilight! Why is everyone looking so... grey?"
    • Ah, but it could have been a simple expression to point the changes in personality, not in physical appearance. Granted, that's not exactly a phrase one would hear, but it could be a bastardized version found only in Equestria. Anyway, it wasn't looking at Discord that turned the Mane 6, it was a specific act of magic by Discord that turned them. And they never actually turned into or showed signs of becoming statues, only bad friends.
    • So far in the series, all the Equestrian sayings have been our regular old sayings but twisted around into a horse pun. If Spike was just using a turn of phrase, he'd have said something more along the lines of, "Twilight! Why's everyone looking so... neigh?" (Get it? Like nay-sayers?)
    • And besides! Think of it this way: it's a given that Celestia and Luna are weeping angels because they originally turned Discord to stone. Because he turned to stone, he turned into a weeping angel. Then, after he turned the Mane 6 grey (symbolically turning them to stone and therefore weeping angels) they turned him into stone! And thus the Cycle of the Weeping Angels was fulfilled.
    • Ah, but there have been no instances of any Weeping Angel type entities, save for the Cockatrice, but that's a mythological creature that has always had the ability to turn things into stone. And Celestia and Luna turned Discord into stone with magic, and Discord turned the Mane 6 into stone with magic, too. With the Weeping Angels, it's a natural process.

    Princess Celestia loves all her subjects. As in "Princess" Celestia "loves" All her subjects. Especially Fluttershy.

    Droit du seigneur at it’s best, folks.

    Sherlock Holmes is a eunuch.

    It would explain his lack of interest in sex and the fact that the non-RDJ incarnations never seem to need to shave. Admittedly, he's unusually strong for someone with low testosterone levels, but Holmes is a case of Muscles Are Meaningless in canon, anyway.

    All fictional Filles Fatales are sexual abuse victims.

    Harold from the Family episode of Masters of Horror is actually Norm from Cheers, living under an assumed identity

    That sudden reconciliation with Vera in the last episode didn't actually happen. In reality, Norm finally lost it and murdered Vera, then began to hallucinate that she was still alive and they were a happy couple again.

    M. Night Shyamalan's next "work" will be a co-production with Uwe Boll.

    Adventure Time and Saladfingers take place in the same universe.

    The implied threat the Tyranids are supposedly running from? Necromorphs.

    The Tyranids can't eat and recombine their dead and Necromorph dead fast enough because the Marker beats them to it. The Tyranids are only in the Milky Way now to bolster their forces for the incoming Necromorph onslaught. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse: Tyranid Necromorphs. But why stop there? Human, Tau, Eldar, Orc - hell, Chaos Necromorphs.

    The fate of the Normandy crew.

    • There is a rumor going around that after the Normandy crashes on an unknown planet at the end of the game food supplies are low. Now krogan, who are two members of the crew, eat anything when hungry. So the implication is they will start killing the other characters for food until they are put down...if they can be put down.

    Marauder Shields is/was Garrus.

    If the indoctrination theory holds, Garrus tried to get Shepard to snap out of it and Shep mistook him for a husk (exactly as Harbinger would have wanted it, bastard). If the ending was real, then Garrus got turned into a marauder while Shep was out of it and committed Suicide By Shepard.

    Pinocchio takes place in the same universe as Madoka Magica.

    The Coachman is a disguised male of the Incubators, and so he handles the boys while Kyubey handles the girls. Whereas girls can only release their entropy-stopping powers as Magical Girls, boys can release theirs anytime they start giving themselves up to vice. So yup...turning into donkeys is the male version of becoming a Witch. And why are these powers so unequally balanced between the sexes? Again, it's a Crapsack World after all.

    • Jiminy Cricket was meant to play Homura's role to some extent; to show Pinocchio right and wrong, and keep him away from temptation. However Goddess Haruhi-sama (sorry, Madokami is just Vice-Goddess, if you will, since what explains God Is Evil) has a thing for Xanatos Gambits, and just as she steered Madoka into her one and final wish, she intended for Pinocchio to go to Pleasure Island, lead all unchanged boys out of there, and then lead a donkey revolt to help reform the cruel "Donkey Boy" system. Unfortunately, at least in the movie we saw, Jiminy failed in that mission, so like Homuhomu, he'll have to travel back in time and start it all over again. However, he's repeated this Groundhog Day Loop so many times, his brain has broken, so it always seems new to him at the beginning.
      • Now if only the Coachman could get Kamijou somehow...

    Caillou has cancer.

    Why else would a little boy be always bald?

    Gen Urobuchi a.k.a. Kyubey feeds on girls suffering.

    Every time a Magical Girl dies, gets raped, or suffers a Fate Worse Than Death, Urobuchi gains "energy". Please, think of the Magical Girls...

    Since it's a Crapsack World after all...

    Contrary to expectation, Madoka is the Antichrist to Haruhi's Jesus.

    Pete Abrams has no idea what Oasis is, and there will never be an answer.

    He's only drawing out the mystery for so long and giving partial non-answers because that's the one thing he hadn't thought out in advance, and he's just painting himself in a corner by giving hints that constrain the possible answer, knowing he can't possibly come up with anything satisfying enough after such a long wait.

    Sherlock isn't so elongated because he's secretly an elf or an alien.

    He has undiagnosed Marfan Syndrome. And so, by implication, do all other Benedict Cumberbatch characters. (At least all the human ones.)

    Baloo is Pedobear

    Poor, poor Mowgli...

    • And they already have Pedosnake (Kaa). No wonder Bagheera wants Mowgli to leave the jungle...

    A Song of Ice and Fire is a Shaggy Dog Story that is leading no-where.

    In fact the chances are, the shaggy dog will get shot

    The Drowned God the Greyjoys worship is Cthulhu.

    He will rise up in the final book and eat everyone: No plots will be resolved, no personal struggles will mean anything, the story will just end without anyone resolving their individual storylines; Cthulhu rises, everyone gets eaten.

    My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic and Mass Effect are the same universe.

    Humanity was destroyed by the Reapers and ponies became the next sapient race to rise to power. Discord was a construct of the Reapers designed to keep ponykind subjugated. Fast-forward a few hundred millenia in the FiM storyline and the Mass Effect / FiM crossovers will be canon in the form of Mass Effect 4 as the Mane Six travel across the universe and defeat the Reapers once and for all, only to discover that the Reapers were the only thing stopping the Smooze from consuming and assimilating all matter in the universe, thus setting up the plot for Mass Effect 5.

    If Kisaragi hadn't been murdered by Lucy, she'd have died in a few years anyway.

    Of motor neurone disease. See the tree about "Many Dojikko have some kind of genetic, developmental or neurological disorder" above. Lucy gave her a Mercy Kill.

    • For additional Poison Oak factor, Kisaragi knew she was ill, and that played a role in her mind-boggling lack of self-preservation. Either the stress of living with an uncurable terminal illness that she couldn't talk to anyone about had turned her into a Stepford Smiler too emotionally exhausted to care much about saving herself, or she was consciously or unconsciously suicidal.

    It's Stephen Hawking's fault that the 21st century isn't as futuristic as it ought to be.

    Hawking was put on this earth to make a handful of scientific inventions that would usher humanity into a new age, and then die. Just like Nikola Tesla. His illness was was intended to be a kind of built-in time limit - yes, it seems awfully cruel, but the Fates can be jerks like that. His continued, medically improbable survival is due to conscious or unconscious procrastination. All the time Hawking spends making guest appearances on Futurama, writing popular science books about scientific questions (that lead to nowhere useful), or having any kind of personal life, he is extending his own life, but at the cost of delaying the next stage of civilization.

    Why are the Blues so continually popular with musicians? Schadenfreude.

    To quote Bleeding Gums Murphy: "The blues ain't about makin' yourself feel better; it's about makin' other people feel worse." Hence the "miserable drunk who is down on the dumps" feel. And it's continually popular with listeners for the same reason this page is so popular.

    Blues musicians must feed on murdered Smurfs daily or lose their musical talent.

    They also have to feast on the blood of Snorks so they don’t crumble to dust in direct sunlight, and drink a mixture of Rye, Bourbon and Fluttershy’s tears every twenty minutes or they turn into pumpkins on the stroke of midnight. Also never feed a Blues musician after midnight or let them get wet: it doesn't do anything supernatural to them, it just tends to put them of their set if their either too full or soaking wet during late performances.

    • Providing sufficient quantities of Fluttershy tears was difficult at first and was the limiting factor in Blues production up until recently, but eventually we hit on the idea of cloning her several thousand times and collecting the tears with a specialised funnel that fits under her eyes, along with a million clones of Angel Bunny, and a large blender. And when that doesn’t work, we read fanfic to her.
      • But you only need five clones of Madoka Kaname to do the work of over 9000 Fluttershy clones with very little provocation, and her tears produce only one-eighth the emissions! [6]

    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is either propaganda or told from the point of view of a Villain Protagonist

    The Anti-Spirals were right: Spiral Energy, a Darwinian evolution-based power source fueled by aggressions and passions (or should we say the Dark Side of the force) is something Man Was Not Meant To Know ala the Atomic Bomb, and when misused will destroy the universe (or even multiverse, think of Crisis on Infinite Earths), especially when handed over to the beast Man. With this Weapon of Mass Destruction, humanity became a militaristic, expansionist, Social Darwinist space empire not unlike the Imperium of Man from Warhammer 40,000. All that bombastic and hammy talk about the Power of Friendship? It's a disguised message of With Us or Against Us. Of course, the purpose of propaganda is daemonization of the enemy, hence why the Anti-spirals are portrayed as Eldritch Abominations and manipulative bastards just like how Nazi Germany portrayed the Jews as manipulators who have Chronic Backstabbing Disorder. Kamina might be an in-universe equivalent of Hitler (or considering he's dead, Lenin).

    Ume Aoki's characters all have Noonan syndrome.

    In keeping with the WMG's about Dojikkos having neurological disorders, it stands to reason that her wide-spaced Tareme Eyes aren't "right".

    K.I.T.T. will eventually settle down and become a Master Computer

    ...whom we already know. According to Full Frontal Nerdity.

    1. Unless it wasn't his home... but Lumpy's had several homes over the course of the series, so why wouldn't this be one?
    2. Note that although Lumpy always is seen as less than smart, his intelligence seems to vary. We also have Concrete Solution, where he shoves Handy into a block of cement after killing him by mistake, so he'd probably try to hide it here too
    3. Though Yukari possibly could, by gaphax with the border between "History" and "Lies" or somesuch.
    4. We have never been at war with The Other Wiki.
    5. We have always been at war with The Other Wiki.
    6. Yeah, the...byproducts carry a risk of starting Instrumentality, but what else is there? Solar power? Listening to Justin Bieber instead of the blues? Pfft.