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The Red God Wakes...

The story of the Murder Room is a myth whispered by murderers and madmen to each other in the long emptiness of the night. The tale changes with the retelling, but it always begins with a enigma and always ends with Blood.
Ah, good old Subject 16. He repainted my room you know. . .with his blood.
Crichton... Crichton? Crichton? Crichton, you're no longer writing on the tablet. Crichton? Crichton... Oh my Jenset, look what you've done! I-I think you've unlocked the 5th level coupling anomalies!

Jed Maxwell: You don't think my room scared them, do you Alan?

Alan Partridge: I think they may have found it a bit creepy.

Jed Maxwell: It must be odd being in a room full of photos of yourself.

Alan Partridge: It is a bit, yeah.