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Will is an Abnormal

He has enhanced sight skills which helped him with his detective skills prior to joining Sanctuary. Don't tell me that that doesn't indicate an Abnormal.

  • I thought from episode 1 that he had some sort of psychic ability. And then Sherlock Holmes James Watson says Will's insight is similar to his own. And Watson is an Abnormal whose power is his insight.
    • Although both cases are true, it has been stated that Will is a normal human and has just been drawn into the web of abnormal activity. It is possible that he has blood traits from vampire ancestors, but it's diluted enough to pass him off as a normal human with unexplained abilities. Watson possibly had a similar ability that was heightened by the source blood.
  • It is possible that Will is decended from Vampires, similar to Tesla. This could explain why he is able to strike similarities with Watson's mind without Source Blood, and possibly why he was able to hold on to life for so long (and maintain connection to Kali,) after Durga the parasitic spider-prophet left him.

Sanctuary is actually an alternate reality in the Stargate universe created by the over usage of time travel, much like how the Red Alert setting steadily gets more and more strange. Abnormals are genetic experiments done by various groups from the Goa'uld to the Ancients and the Asgard.

Ashley is still alive.

When she "died", Magnus said the energy field around the Sanctuary fluctuated strangely, and took this to mean that her energy signature might be trapped in the field. Instead, she actually got through, and is in parts unknown, possibly suffering from Amnesia. Or, possibly, what's left of the Cabal got a hold of her.

Ashley has become a ghost

She invoked hallucinations into Magnus's head, then at the funeral, decided to show up to tell Magnus to let go of her.

Druit doesn't actually have the ability to travel through time.

Only space. Several occasions have taken place where time travel would have been somewhat helpful, but he never seems to use such an ability, seeming to be rushed to perform transportation at times. If he did have the ability to travel through time, he probably wouldn't be as street-wise as his character is given to be.

  • Was he ever supposed to?
    • In the webisodes, he was.

A 'stock' trait of the Source Blood is longevity.

Watson and Clara's family tree were somehow stopped from gaining this trait. Magnus, Tesla and Druit all seem to be completely immune to the trials of time. This would leave Magnus' true talent currently unknown.

  • Its more likely that Druitt and Tesla's longevity is a side-effect of their powers. Tesla is a vampire (near immortal), and Druitt is constantly rebuilding his body after teleporting, which puts his cells back to their default setting. Presumably he's start aging properly if he stopped teleporting.
  • Alternatively, Source Blood only increases someone's pre-existing abilities; Watson was a rather intelligent human being to begin with, and his intellect expanded. Both Magnuses are abnormals with generally longer lifespans as a trait, which is magnified to become longevity. Nigel Griffin and John Druitt hadn't unlocked his true potential before taking the Source Blood. Tesla is not only the decendant of Vampires, but as shown when his Vampire status is removed, he possesses an additional ability to manipulate electro-magnitism. The differences between his Vamp and Post-Vamp ability are a result of his Vampirism reacting to his secondary ability.
  • Magnus' father is never is never implied to have touched the source-blood, but is still alive in the current age. This would make him older than Magnus. though he may be the herald to a life-giving abnormal which extends his life-span. Magnus' source blood trait is still unknown, as longevity may have been inherited instead.
    • Given the latest revelations of his connections with the hidden city, it's likely he got his immortality that way.
      • He was given a long life-span outside of 'Hollow Earth', and he was considered a criminal by them for a while.
    • Although we haven't been told when he found 'Hollow Earth', there's also no indication that they have the tech to give a person immortality either just bring them back from unnatural death, like their death row treatment.

Tesla and Magnus know very little about Architecture.

Seriously, "Even if [this city] existed it couldn't exist, we don't have the building materials or the technology available to build such an urban leviathan." That holographic city's most shocking development appears to be a monorail. Otherwise it's like down town NYC only with no buildings over ~15 stories.

    • 15 stories? Were we looking at the same model? And height isn't exactly the only difficulty in architecture.
    • The revelation that it is in Hollow Earth may suggest that they were analysing the actual layout of the city, or the composition of the buildings.

Ashley is somewhere in Hollow Earth

Somehow the field was weakened at the time of her teleportation and when she woke up disoriented, those from Hollow Earth found her and took her down there where she was restored to normal.

Kali vs Cthulhu

This is where the series is heading.