Silent Hill 2/Tear Jerker

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  • Room 312. The conversation you hear between Mary and James in the hallway, where you begin to understand how sympathetic James really is, how hard it must've been for her, and for James to take her abuse and mixed messages. The In Water/Leave endings are heartbreaking when finally James confesses, guiltily and tearfully: "The truth is...I hated you. I wanted you out of the way. I wanted my life back!" The In Water ending is, of course, much worse, because despite Mary's urge for James to move on...he doesn't.
    • Angela's final scene in the game.

Angela: For me, it's always like this.

  • The hospital basement segment wherein James is helpless to save Maria when the elevator doors trap her outside, but remain open just enough for him to see Pyramid Head brutally murder her. James slumps to the ground with a look of utter defeat while the most somber music in the game fades in.
  • Any and all scenes with Angela, the video tape at the hotel, the conversation in the pseudo-Endless Corridor, Mary's letter...
  • "You killer! I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!"
  • The scene where you find out what really happened to Mary, and the infamous In Water ending in which James commits suicide by driving his car into the lake so that he and his beloved wife can be together again.
  • "James... You made me happy."
  • The scene when Maria dies in Brookhaven Hospital and very sad music is heard.
  • "Look! I'm disgusting! I don't deserve flowers. [...] Are you still here? I told you to go! Are you deaf!? Don't come back! ... James... Wait. Please don't go... Stay with me. Don't leave me alone, I didn't mean what I said. Please, James. ... Tell me I'll be okay. Tell me I'm not going to die... Help me...
  • Maria's entire story in Born From A Wish. She starts out as just another person lost in a town filled with fog and monsters, contemplates suicide, and somehow finds the strength to go on; displaying her kind personality in helping someone who's only dismissive of her, she discovers what she really is. It's hard to say if she was looking for revenge on James since she had Mary's memories of being killed by him or if she was still somehow hoping for a happy ending.