Sons of Anarchy/Heartwarming

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  • Gemma's conversation with Chibs.
  • Jax tying Clay's hands to his handlebars when they hurt too much for him to ride.
  • Clay gets his in the season two finale. The Sons have cornered Zobell and evacuated a store so they don't kill him in front of kids. Remember that Zobell is a Neo Nazi, he had Gemma raped, he's in league with the Mayans and has done everything he can to destroy the Sons. And until Gemma revealed her rape Jax and Clay had been at each other's throats threatening to tear the club in half. When Abel's son is kidnapped Jax phones Clay, saying he needs him. Clay doesn't know why, but he doesn't hesitate, he doesn't take five seconds to kill Zobell, he immediately goes to find his son.
  • Pretty much any time Chibs and Juice interact with each other, including their conversation about Juice being half-black, and his concern for Juice after he's attacked returning a brick of cocaine and stabbed - even if that did come across a bit Ho Yay with all the "Juicey! Juicey boy!" comments.
  • Tig's interactions with his daughter - especially after she attempted to con him out of $1200. He gives it to her so that she'll come back and see him again.

Gemma: She'll be back for more.
Tig: Yeah, I know. (Gemma smiles wryly and shakes her head)

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