Soukou no Strain/YMMV

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    • Anvilicious: Medlock's death. Never forget, kids, the minute you show self-preservatio -- cowardice, you will immediately be killed gruesomely and no one will even seem to notice or care that you're gone!
    • Les Yay: Lavinia, Jessie, even Sara and Lottie to an extent.
    • Moe Moe: See the intended audience.
    • Moral Event Horizon: While we don't get to see exactly what Ralph did prior to this, his attack on the school in the first episode, and Sara seeing he was responsible for the deaths of her friends and classmates, qualifies.
    • Motive Decay: Ralph's insanity makes him go from "make things right" to "make the Union pay" to "kill all the humans ever".