Spicks and Specks

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Alan, Adam and Myf

Spicks and Specks is a panel/gameshow on The ABC themed around music and musical culture. Hosted by comedian Adam Hills and team captains Alan Brough and Myf Warhurst this program is frequented by a wide range of musicians, comedians and the occasional actor. Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Metal, Hip Hop, Coutry, Rap, Electro, Blues, Punk, Ska, Reggae, Emo, Dance, Beebop, Rocksteady, <insert other obscure music style here>. Any and every music genre has probably been touched on at some stage.

Two teams go head to head as they sing, shout and delve deep into the recesses of their collective minds to help earn their team an extremely inglorious victory. Whether discussing the lyrical genius of Gilbert and Sullivan, the reasons Ozzy Osbourne wore a dress or just how a musician can choke on a harmonica, no musical genre is overlooked well, except for maybe Swedish folk music, but hey, we've all got limits. Video clips, album covers, and information you never thought anyone could know the answer to, Spicks and Specks enlightens and entertains - and exposes the world of music like never before.

The ABC has a policy of keeping all of its content as available to the public as possible, so clips and entire episodes can be found on their website and on YouTube.

The show's run was ended in November 2011 after over 270 episodes.

Tropes used in Spicks and Specks include: