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Jools Siviter: Are we going to have to come over the river and potty-train you people?

Harry: Oh, shag.

Harry: That is a totally illegal, madcap scheme. I like it.

Ruth: Shall I hit him again, Adam?
Adam: Only if you want to.

Zaf: Where's Jo?
Ros: Death by mascara. It was horrible to watch. Ruth's agonizing over the fact that there are no more horses in modern-day warfare, and Adam's on a course learning how to lift his knuckles off the ground. So you'll have to do with me, I'm afraid.
Zaf: Shouldn't you be in prison or something?
Ros: This is the something.

Harry: Ros, look at me.
Ros: Harry!
Harry: Look at me. Ros! You are an outstanding officer. You are MY outstanding officer. Don't be afraid. Do not be afraid.
Ros (in tears): Now is not the time to start patronizing me. Don't you know any good jokes?

Ros: Congratulations. Your testicles are yours to take home with you.

Harry: I want to shut down the Internet.