Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes/Heartwarming

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  • Eric telling Sarah Byrnes that just because she'll never be pretty doesn't mean she won't be okay.
  • Eric's initial reaction to losing weight: He doesn't want to lose Sarah Byrnes as a friend, so he keeps over-eating and stops losing weight, just to prove he won't leave her. Then she tells him to stop, because if he doesn't he'll "die of a heart attack before your fifteenth birthday". Later we find out that she cried for hours when she discovered his reason, because no one had ever done anything like that for her before.
  • "Use my college money to get him a good lawyer. He's got all the respect I have."
  • Sarah Lemry. She then drops her Full-Name Basis, leaving her horrible life behind.
  • Steve Ellerby tells Eric that if his father said even one word against his car (a.k.a. "The Christian Cruiser"), he would have it sanded and primed by sunrise. Eric says he never thought of the Reverend Ellerby as mean. Steve tells him, "I'd do it out of respect."
  • "If someone invites me to a party and I ask about Sarah Byrnes, and even one nose crinkles, I uninvite myself on the spot. That's how I stay fat for her now."