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The story arcs of The Gamers Alliance have their share of moments of pure awesomeness when characters show what it's like to stand out from the crowd.

  • Jemuel, a revenant sorcerer who has been acting like a bona fide villain up to this point, finds out that he's been used as a pawn of far more sinister forces and that he's been under mind control ever since he was brought back to life. The lich Drishnek reveals that it was he who resurrected Jemuel and that Jemuel thus owes a debt to the Underworld and must act as Death's champion. When Drishnek continues his villainous rant and goads Jemuel to give into the hatred he felt in his previous life against everything good stands for, Jemuel replies that he's not the same Jemuel who used to terrorize people in the past and that he's grown into a better person because of his positive experiences with new friends and subjects who genuinely like and respect him. What follows is a moment of awesome for Jemuel as he explains to his enemies who he really is.

"YOU ARE MINE TO BE USED!" Drishnek snarled. "I brought you back to be Death's champion! MY champion! Remember the hate that you had for this world last time you left it!"
"The last time..." Jemuel said. "No... you DESTROYED that man when you tortured his soul into becoming your servant, don't you understand!? I am Jemuel, born in Remon... I am Jemuel the Wise, Lord of Alent! I am Jemuel, and I will be your demise!"

  • Ax's duel against Captain Amano during the Battle of Folsworth Woods screams epicness. Doubles as a heartwarming moment for Ax who finally acknowledges that she has learned to rely on her new friends in the Alliance. The two warriors' confrontation leads to this memorable exchange:

Amano came forward, slowly and deliberately, shaking his head. "I promised you a quick death, gaijin, and so I shall give it to you. Don't worry," he added, drawing his sword back for the final blow, "your friends will be joining you soon enough."
She ducked suddenly as he slashed, feeling a hiss of air just above her head as Amano's katana swept over harmlessly, then sprang up with a vicious uppercut. The punch connected soundly with his jaw, her heavy bracer lending it power, and the Yamatian captain stumbled backwards.
Ax made at once for the dagger in her boot, and with one fluid motion, drove it deep into Amano's eye. As an afterthought, she drew back her fist and punched him again, this time in his injured nose.
Amano cried out in pain and confusion, clawing at the dagger as he searched wildly for Ax with his remaining eye. Ax stooped to grab Dalthas's broadsword and stepped closer. Without hesitation, she plunged the sword hilt-deep into Amano's chest, directly into his heart. Where it belonged.
"Dalthas was right. Arrogance," Ax said quietly, picking up her own sword. "Your downfall, soon to be the downfall of this entire army."
Amano sank to his knees. His eye gazed into hers with surprising clarity as he struggled to speak. "Impossible. You... cannot hope... to win this war. Im... possible."
"Perhaps it should be," Ax agreed. "But we believe in what we're doing, Captain Amano. More than that, we believe in ourselves... and in each other. Together, we are strong. Together, we'll see this war through. And someday... Libaterra will be free again as well."
Amano muttered something that Ax couldn't quite understand. And then, it was over. With a last gurgling sigh, he collapsed.