The Haunted Mansion/Fridge

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  • Fridge Horror: The placement of the house in Liberty Square in Florida has long been a head-scratcher, as the land is otherwise based on real-life colonial period America. It gets deeper than suggesting the founding fathers had a few haunted houses: When Walt Disney began discussing the Haunted Mansion, the original concept for the was to make it an attraction in Main Street USA. Turning the town into an Uncanny Village with its presence. Which is even scarier if you consider Main Street was based on Walt's childhood memories of Marceline, Missouri.
    • Part of the Liberty Square Mansion's placement is based on Sleepy Hollow and Edgar Allen Poe's works though.
    • And the main reason it's there is because New Orleans Square (where it sits in Disneyland) got cut early on in the Magic Kingdom's planning stages.
    • For this troper, he wrote a paper on the scenes of the ride that scared him shitless as a child and took notice to the claw shadow in the Clock room. The way it seems to swoop over the clock in front of the Doombuggy gives the impression that the Ghost Host wants you for himself.
    • I'm pretty young, so Constance has been there ever since I can remember... but I still had a major moment of being Late to the Punchline, because I didn't actually get her story until I was like 12.
    • Thank you David Ravenswood for pointing this out: In Phantom Manor he took notice to the Phantom in two particular scenes: the painting of the manor (Ballroom) and Phantom Canyon. In the painting, there is a dark cloud with a skull. This cloud has a fairly human body, with hands of flesh and blood. This cloud is supposed to represent the Phantom himself as he underwent a disquienting metamorphosis from human to undead. The Phantom in the canyon has a slightly mortal feeling about him. That's because he's in his mortal state in the canyon! This can possibly support the fact that in the very next scene, Melanie is shown as a skeleton while a few scenes earlier, she was middle-aged. This can bring about one explanation: the Phantom is slowly sucking the life force from Melanie in order to gather souls from the realm of the living!
    • In the stretching room, the Ghost host tells you to find your way out, followed by "There's always my way..." and the room goes dark, lightning lights up the ceiling, revealing a hanging body. Now, if fanon is correct, The ghost host is Master Gracey, who committed suicide. As a young child, I assumed Gracey meant 'his' way by journeying through the mansion, however, coupled with the belief that the ghost host was Gracey, and that Gracey hung himself, that 'my way' line seems a lot more sinister... Think about it for a while... And if you still dont get it: Holy Crap! Did a DISNEY character just encourage people to do suicide?!!!
    • Not actually Gracey, the Ghost Host has been revealed to be the skeletal heterochromatic man with the hatchet in the portrait hall.