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The Weasley Sibs are actually Jerkass Woobies

Ron has PTSD. His wife and best friend are to wrapped up in one another to really care. In fact, his wife murders him instead of running away with the children to a muggle half-way house. Or, you know, talking to someone about the matter. Or finding a loophole that will get her out of the marriage and with the kids.

Ginny is depressed and wishes that her husband loved her. She tries to fill up the hole in her heart by money, friends, and random men. But no matter what, Ginny will never be loved her husband always will wish that she is someone else. Plus the kids are starting to hate her and she can't figure out why. Finally once she loses her looks her husbands dumps her out into the street with nothing but what she could grab right away and goes after a still skinny and good looking other woman. The same night he kicked her out.

This fanfic was written by a Horcrux in an attempt to break Ron.

Little knowing that, if Ron were actually to read it, he'd probably just laugh.