The People Under the Stairs/YMMV

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    • Complete Monster: Mommy. She kidnaps children to raise and locks them in a cage in the basement if they aren't good enough.
      • One memorable scene has her getting angry at Alice for getting her dress dirty in a pool of blood she ordered her to clean. So she throws her in tub of scalding water and starts scrubbing her while she screams from the heat.
      • Daddy also counts.
    • Ensemble Darkhorse : Roach
    • Fridge Horror: Mommy told Alice in the middle of the movie "You kids will be the death of me." Later at the end of the film The kids under the stairs attack Mommy, Fool blows up the house that kills Daddy, and Alice stabs Mommy.
    • Fridge Logic: When the police search the house, how did they not notice what must have been dozens of large bullet holes in the walls?
    • The Woobie: If anyone is set up to be this, it's Alice.
      • Roach, when he gets shot.