The Tomorrow Series/YMMV

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These things about The Tomorrow Series are subjective - not everyone will agree with all of them.

  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: When Ellie takes in the news that the feral children are going to be evacced... and realises how much she's bonded with them.
    • "How had I become so caught up in the lives of these little tackers? One minute, they'd been a hopeless nuisance, marching off on their own, getting lost, causing Darina's death; the next minute, they had wound fifty metres of baling twine around my heart and pulled it so tight I wasn't sure I could survive the pain of losing them."
  • Writer on Board: Marsden becomes a lot more overt in the Ellie Chronicles in using his characters as mouthpieces for political and philosophical ideas, and there are lots of references to (i.e. recommendations of) books and poems.