Touhoumon Nuzlocke Challenge/Awesome

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  • Jackie single-handedly taking out a Rocket Grunt's Touhou.

Jackie: Also I evolved
Bitch: Want a prize?

    • Jackie taking down Giovanni's giant EXSuika, Yugenma, and Lorelei's EXNitori.
      • Even better when Leo says that Jackie landed the Dynamic Punch with only two HP left.
  • The Cirno Power Hour
  • Nineball vs Koga's ExMedicine.

Koga: Cirno's really aren't too bright. Did you forget that... -hits Nineball with Razor Leaf-'re a water type now?
Nineball: Gym leaders really aren't too bright. Did you forget... THAT I'M THE STRONGEST? -Impales Hina with an icicle-

  • Jade: I should... wash off all of this dirt.
  • Babs: Give me a good reason to not blow your brains out right now.
    • "Nobody else is dying tonight."
  • Amber: C'mon, everyone. Let's grind.
  • Amber stomps through the entire Elite Four sequence in back-to-back flashes without losing a single Touhou.