Unreal Tournament/Awesome

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  • Any assault map qualifies, but a special mention goes for AS-Overlord, the recreation of the D-Day event of the World War II.
  • CTF-Face, a.k.a. "Facing Worlds". Game Spy mentioned it among the Top-10 Capture the Flag levels for a reason. The map description of the 2004 version describes the arena in one of its many incarnations describes how it works and why it's so popular:

One asteroid. Two towers. Ten thousand headshots.

  • [G 2 HH 16 u EKI 0&fmt=18 DM-Deck16[]], a remake of the original, with some extra changes.
  • [DM-Morbias[]], another remake of the original one for Unreal I, this time with an extra redeemer.
  • The last match is a 1on1 match against Xan in DM-Hyperblast: a ship going hyperspace. Notably, Xan is a challenge because of the game's (at the time) excellent A.I. (With Dynamic Difficulty for him to boot)
  • DM-Barricade, a castle in the first Tournament... that's floating. In a lightning storm.
  • DM-Phobos: One of the most evocative and disorienting, since the skybox rotates with a panoramic view of Mars.