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posted 1661 days ago

I didn't block him for trying to rename a page -- I tempbanned him for three days for being an asshole. Here's what happened. He swooped in and renamed a page out of the blue. I reverted it and left him a note about our procedure for renames, figuring it was better to gently point out the right way to do things rather than punish someone who might not know.

He went to the forms and proposed the rename, making it clear he though it was a ridiculous farce that deprived him of his right to alter the wiki at will, and making an obnoxious comment about "someone" getting "butthurt" over his rename. I decided at that point to give him a three day tempban for violating the number one rule in our Terms of Service:

{[quote|You promise not to be a huge jerk on our site.}}

posted 1762 days ago

Thank you!