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Fridge Horror

  • Witch Girls Adventures, on the surface, seems like a cute little game designed to get tween girls interested in pen-and-paper RPGs. Until they point out the fact that the Witches' World Council is completely okay with witches-in-training telling other people that they're a witch AND messing with muggles' lives (including the fact that it is okay to use your powers to bully others) as long as it doesn't cause an international incident and they follow the other big laws of interaction (No messing with Muggle governments, the economy, or time on a massive scale), since this would be the girls exercising their "rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". Keep in mind that the average age of a player character is 12, and witches can get their powers as young as 6. Do you remember how the girls in your school were when you were 12? (For added fun, the opening comic shows a bunch of witches murdering an LA gang member by turning him into a fly and having him get eaten by his comrade, who had been turned into a frog.) 4chan's /tg/ board even has a long thread dedicated to how messed up the game is in hindsight. [1][2][3]
    • It never stops, try reading the comics. They're worse in many ways...for example we see a small clan of people who've been turned into frogs, that story opens with a discussion of how many died over the winter and the rest of the story is how these people where transformed over trivial matters and miss their lives. And after that comes a short about two witches turning and entire coffee shop into a variety of things, including turning two people into drinks and -drinking them-.
      • Granted, all the examples cited here are by characters who are explicitly evil, and the comics are intended to be Black Comedy... but it can still be scary as all hell, especially if your sense of humor doesn't match up.
  • One of the major rules of interaction set by the Witches World Council is that witches cannot interfere with time, the economy, world governments, or the lives of mundanes... on a large scale. It specifically mentions that if you want to use your magic to bully people, that's perfectly fine. Keep in mind that witches can get their powers as young as 6, and the average age of a starting character is 12. Do you remember how the girls in your school were when you were that age? 4chan's /tg/ board has had no less than 4 threads going over how the world could easily devolve into a World of Darkness-esque hellhole because of this. And the rulebooks don't help, showing multiple instances of witches messing with and even killing people out of petty spite.