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  • Jack's attempts to get a job to prove Crow that he could. He ended up being a chef, working in a book store, and working at a dry cleaning shop, only to get fired from all three jobs in a relatively short amount of time.
  • Jack arguing with Leo over who's better, him or Yuusei, in episode 43.
  • "I'll avenge my cup ramen!!"
    • When Jack's three potential love interests try to visit him in the infirmary:

Mikage: Let me in, I'm a cop!
Carly: I've got a press pass!
Stephanie: Ummm... Here's a coupon for coffee!

    • When Martha teases Yuusei about his relationship with Aki.
    • When Martha makes Ushio do all the chores.

Ushio: Why do I have to clean the bathroom, too!?

    • The intro of Episode 115, my God. Oh Jack, we will never be able to look at you the same way again. And that is a wonderful thing.
      • Pretty much anything Jack does in episode 115 is hilarious including jumping 8 feet into the air to get to an arcade machine and getting beaten by Cup Ramen Man.
  • Episode 132 gives a CMOF to Jose, of all people, when Placido returns to the pit at the end of his duel with Jack. Jose mounts his D-Wheel, which had been in hiding up to this point, by running at it, leading many a viewer to believe for a moment that he actually planned to race against Jack on foot! See it here at 4:15.
  • Crow's expression when he sees how much one blue eyes mountain coffee costs - 30 dollars for a cup of coffee!?
  • Episode 138 - Yusei and Team Ragnarok put together a plan to get to the Ark Cradle, involving Bruno and Old Momentum. Seeing as the Rune Eyes and Yusei's Birthmark can power their D-Wheels, Bruno rides an ice cream cart to get there, towed by Team Ragnarok's D-Wheels. Brave's entrance with it to begin with was hilarious.
  • The Japanese version has Crow memorably shout "Oh my God!" in English, followed by an indecipherable Popeye-esque rant during a duel. The contents of the speech go something like, "Yusei, I'm sorry, I really am useless against the Dark Signers," until Jaeger tells him to shut up. Jaeger casually muttering to himself about his plan while Crow cries and rants is equally funny, though.
  • Any of Crow's and Jack's quarrels Like an Old Married Couple in Season 3 over Jack's inability/refusal to get a job.
  • There's a scene early on in the anime, where Yusei was just released from prison and he enters a Bad Guy Bar because Himuro told him to meet up with someone there. He just walks in like a bad guy, gets up to the bar like a bad guy, and even SITS like a bad guy (elbows on the table and hunched over.) The Barkeep says that kids aren't allowed here, and what does Yusei say? "Get me Milk." [1]
  • Episode 103, Jack and Crow are arguing. Stephanie begs them to stop. Carly cups her face and orders Jack to calm down for the sake of this cute girl, before double taking and going, "Why the Hell am I agreeing with you!?" Then Carly, Mikage, and Stephanie get into a three-way Cat Fight.
  • Everything during the first part of episode 114. From the Rastafarian Jaegar, to Jack's reaction when his favorite cup ramen is sold out, to Jack's ridiculous plan and how much Crow suffered during that plan. Really, it needs to be seen to be believed.
  • Episode 115, Jack getting all sentimental over Jaegar's story about cup ramen. Jack jumping over everyone to get to the video game. Jack spazzing out over losing the game (and his video game avatar crashing). And everything involving Cup Ramen Man.
  • Episode 14 has It a random street duelist that sounds suspiciously like Joey Wheeler. "Nah, it's his cousin, Jesse Wheeler."
  • Episode 99, Jack's fangirls have to get past a security guard to see him. One has a police badge and one has a press pass, so they can get through without a problem. The third is a waitress, so all she has to offer is a coupon for a free coffee. The guard is so flabbergasted it actually works.
  • Throwaway line in the dub:

Random Guy: Quit whining like a Kuriboh.

  • Sly's filler episode intro. Ruka and Rua drag along Sly and their usual friends to Yusei's workshop where Yusei, Jack and Crow are working on Yusei's D-wheel. Then this exchange occurs (paraphrased for lack of memory).

Ruka: You should really see this, Sly. Yusei's D-wheel is really awesome.
Rua: Yeah, but the last time we came here the engine exploded.
Yusei: *completely Deadpan* Don't worry, you won't have to worry about the engine exploding...

  • cue the Auto-shuffle for his D-wheel malfunctioning and spraying cards everywhere from behind Yusei, who doesn't move as it occurs*
  • In Episode 14, Yusei's working on his duel runner, listing to the theme song (which is apparently a band in New Domino City or something), when Tanner, Blister, and Yanagi walk in. Before they even say anything, they instantly cringe at the music and exclaim to turn it off.
  • Akiza's I'm Okay line in the dub of 75.
  • Yusei's sarcastic response to Crow begging him and Bruno not to mess up his bike in the dub of episode 94:

Crow: That runner is my baby. I depend on her.
Yusei: We know, Crow. Now, then, Bruno, hand me the hammer, the flame torch, and... ooh, the chainsaw! (emphasis his)

  • DUB! Jack has some pretty funny lines

Jack: Who the deuce are you?

Jack: If they try to take us on, I'll give them a barrel full of Jack Attack.

    • Also the scenes after his first turbo duel. He grabs a microphone from a reporter and starts informing the crowd that he can beat anyone on any runner. He then loudly proclaims himself the "master of faster" and the "ruler of the duels".
    • This gem of an exchange in the dub:

Mikage: Um, Jack, I have to disclose something. I think I might have special feelings for you.
Jack: 'Course you do. But we're talking about Carly right now!

      • Considering the Jack/Mikage/Carly love triangle, Carly would've laughed her butt off if she heard Jack say that to Mikage's face!
  • These lines from Lester (or Luciano in the original)

Lester: Good one [Jack], you're as funny as you look.
Lester(talking to Primo after purposely losing to Jack): You're the one who would have lost if I had been the one to win at rock paper scissors. (pause) Stupid scissors.

    • (the idea of Primo/Placiado playing rock paper scissors is pretty funny too)
  1. Kid's been watching too much Chuck Norris.