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    • Little Rock and Tallahassee have two adorable moments: one, when he teaches her how to do long-range shots with her shotgun and at the end when she throws him a Twinkie. Aw.
      • An offscreen moment when Tallahasee says he wants help moving a couch to build a fort. Considering he just walked in on the only two other people in the house it's pretty obvious who he's building it with and for.
      • Of course, it's totally in character for Tallahassee to be building a fort for himself.
        • Which then makes Little Rock the person he's building it against. Still works.
    • Wichita's offer to dance with Columbus. Extremely sweet.
    • Columbus standing up to his biggest fear, a goddamn CLOWN ZOMBIE, in order to save the girls.
    • Columbus' speech about his new family.
    • Wichita telling Columbus her real name.

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