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The "You're the Best" Montage is a sports montage and it shows you, or your team, having lots of small, easy, insignificant victories to a sporting tune. It's popular in an episode of a show dedicated to a tournament of some kind, as it gets to show the team being good and winning many times while hurrying them along a course of weeks or even months to the main event - the finals. It's not used so often in films because there's more time in the film.

They're going to win this match for sure, and they're going to keep winning, probably to the tune of "You're The Best Around" by Joe Esposito (although that song is also popular in a Training Montage).

There is very little training in this type of montage (if at all) because it's assumed that the training has already been done and all that's left is to be awesome and win.

The final is a lot more important, so the montage ends right there so that the episode can concentrate on how tough the final match is going to be.

No real life examples, please; Real Life does not have montages.

Examples of "You're the Best" Montage include:

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Western Animation

  • A parody of a "You're the Best" Montage in South Park shows the South Park's Little League Baseball Team winning matches, and Stan's father winning petty fights with other redneck dads. The irony is that the teams are cheering for each other to throw balls or strike out so that they can lose, but to their disappointment they just keep winning, and they play entirely without enthusiasm.