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Imbox style.png This page needs some cleaning up to be presentable.

This needs to be turned into a category.

MOD: Before making this page a category, please ensure that all entries on this page use the {{noreallife}} template, and thus are automatically included in the "No Real Life Examples, Please" category. Every entry with a Green tick.svg is confirmed to use the {{noreallife}} template - the reason on the page might be missing or might not be the same as the reason on this list, but the template is there.

See Category:No Real Life Examples, Please for the description that used to be here.

Pages where Real Life Examples are not allowed but are not yet confirmed to use the {{noreallife}} template:

Being Checked

These were all listed as being Sex Tropes. DEFAULT REASON for no real life examples on Sex Tropes: All The Tropes is not a gossip site.


Not done-icon (small).png Not Done

Once we've identified all of the pages that need to be moved to this list, we can decide which ones actually should not have Real Life examples, and which were listed because somebody was squicked or because of TVT control-freakery.

Green tick.svg Done

Everything else that was listed here is confirmed to use the {{noreallife}} or {{noexamples}} template