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  • Cruella De Vil has some pretty scary moments. Maybe the worst is when she drives right at the camera with this face, but there's also the scene where the dogs are hiding in an old shed and she suddenly drives past really slowly, glaring in the window. Turned Up to Eleven when she comes back shortly thereafter, going the other way.
  • Cruella ("-De Vil"), Cruella ("-De Vil, if she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will..."). And more.
    • Plus THIS FACE.
    • Likewise, the part where the dogs are hiding in the coal shed and suddenly Cruella is right there at the window, driving past really slowly and glaring in at them. gets even worse when, shortly thereafter, this is repeated with Cruella going the other way.
  • A very important example that combines with Fridge Horror. She's ordered her henchmen to kill puppies and in the most painful ways possible to have them skinned into a fur coat which is scary enough; now, consider the following: it's implied they were her regular employees, so they do work for her all the time, but acquiring fur illegally -- by stealing and killing puppies -- IS the only work she ever gives them, and we are shown that she already had about fifty fur coats made up by the time the police caught her. Oh, God, those poor hundreds of puppies...
    • Of course, all but Pongo and Perdita's litter were actually bought and paid for. Doesn't excuse the killing of those poor puppies, but it does seem to lighten the blow just a wee bit.
  • Just look Pongo and Perdita's faces when they are facing off Jasper and Horace. They don't look so sweet anymore...
  • Ivy's regular face is cute and adorable, but when she gets angry or sinister, then her face truly lives up to this trope.

Ivy: "I'm cute as a button, and ready for war!"


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