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  • Funny Aneurysm Moment: One questions was "Which one of these celebrities was charged with a DUI?", with Lindsay Lohan being an answer. The correct answer was Nick Nolte, as the episode was taped before Lindsay was charged.
  • Funny Moments: See What an Idiot!, below.
  • Padding: Not so much as Deal or No Deal, but still there in the NBC version.
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: The Xbox version (technically Seasons 3-4) had the same format as the end of the NBC run (every ten Mob members eliminated moved you up the money ladder) with no padding, no cliffhangers, and very little stalling. In addition, Extended Play had several 2x Bonus Questions during each game and a 3x Bonus Question wrapping up each session.
    • Season 2 of Live / Extended Play ("Season 4") managed to improve on this through a host of new features, including Achievements and a level-up system (the more {and better} you played, the more dance moves you unlocked and the better your chances of being selected for the One/Mob) — plus a new, larger set.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks:
    • The rules changed considerably throughout the NBC run, beginning with tweaks to the payout ladder and helps. Upon the beginning of Season 2, this was replaced by a money ladder system where the total value won increased for every ten players eliminated (a format carried over to the Xbox and GSN runs).
    • The GSN version ("Season 5") has smaller prizes, the Mob being turned into just a video wall, and people thinking Carrie Ann's just as screamy as the contestants.
      • The smaller prizes and video wall were an unfortunate but necessary change, considering GSN doesn't have nearly a big enough budget to offer $1,000,000 prizes and the original NBC set took up multiple sound-stages. Why, though, GSN went for the Americanized walk-away format instead of the original European all-or-nothing format, I'll never know. Nobody (besides that dumb woman who walked with $100) is ever going to be tempted by anything but the largest prizes.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • One Mob member missed a question that essentially asked what a "#2 Dixon Ticonderoga" is, guessing a lunchbox instead of the right answer of a pencil. When asked to explain her guess, she figured that since "#2" is slang for a bowel movement, that "lunchbox" was slang for a really big bowel movement.
    • One contestant, when asked if the US flag has more red stripes, white stripes, or the same number of each, polled the mob and asked how many said they had the same number. After seeing the low response, she said that she knew the flag had an odd number of stripes... essentially wasting the help.
    • One question asked how many six-packs would get you 99 bottles of beer, with the choices being greater than, less than or exactly fifteen. The contestant used a help, claiming to not know much about beer. The question also knocked out a ton of mob members who, when interviewed, said they weren't beer drinkers either. That's great, but the question was a math problem!