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Matthew E. Neuman (the creator of 1visualFXguy) has confirmed over his Wiki that just like Family Guy and The Simpsons, 1visualFXguy is aimed at adults. It is easily confused for a kid show, due to its cute colorful presence but actually is aimed at older teens and adults. Kids were considered to be the target audience at point, until Mattie realized that the main audience that watches the show is college students and 20-somethings which would allow him to show his love for dark humor as frequently as possible with little to no censorship whatsoever.

Examples from 2MattTV can be found here as well due to the fact that some videos are on both channels.

Since it isn't for kids in the first place, we are going to list the MOST inappropriate jokes here. Although the series is TV-14, 1visualfxguy can often head into TV-MA territory in a matter of second, as proven by the following jokes.:

  • In the Christmas special, Angela is implied to be giving Tom Tucker head under the news desk.
  • In Petunia Freaks the Freak Out, Petunia's bar of soap starts singing a song about how he wants to lick her butt
  • In the same video, Petunia says that she feeling like she's getting a Cleveland Steamer.
  • The line "I f**** more goats than an Appalachian farmer," in Chupacabra Rap
  • Giggles Ships Herself with The Mole has a joke that pokes fun at the Bill Cosby sex scandal
  • Speaking of jokes about sex scandals, the Kevin Clash scandal is poked fun at in VFX News Live from Sesame Street
  • In one of the news segments, The News Guy says that Papa Smurf died of blueballs and then proceeds to blame Smurfette because she's the only female in the village.
  • The episode that turns the extremely innocent Monster Clubhouse segments from Sesame Street into a series about Muppet monsters discussing porn.
  • Rooster the Stud Dog uses the term "red rocket" (which is a slang term for a dog's erect penis).
  • The frog turns into a box of Trojan condoms in Milhouse and Dewwit
  • The extremely gory scene where Petunia kills herself in the most graphic way possible in one of the Happy Tree Friends YouTube Poops.
  • The third episode of the Will Derness series shows a bear eating a handicapped kid. Will and his camera crew just shrug it off and say "It's time to find a replacement Timmy,".
  • Rob Ross's Joy of YouTube Episode 2 has a brief reference to Elmo being a rapist.
  • The third Star Wars parody has a reference to 2 Girls 1 Cup.
  • Ching-Ching says that his brother by the name of Cha-Ching owns a massage parlor with prostitues in Ching-Ching's Chinese Carryout Episode 2
  • The narrator saying he loves to watch hentai in "Lumpy Goes to the Dogs"
  • The band Sadgasm is a play on the word orgasm in "Smells Like Teen Homer".
  • Fry makes an extremely dark joke about slavery of all things in "Poopturama".
  • Peter says into an intercom "Attention restaurant customers, testicles! That is all," in Finding Dora.
  • In Scrat in the Hat a talking dog says "Piss off you little wanker,". For those who don't know, wanker is a highly offensive British term for an unintelligent person.
  • Phil mentions that he likes to masturbate all day long in "The Last Man on Smurf".
  • Richie says "I gave my medicine to some creepy guy and it gave him an erection for six hours,"
  • One recurring camera man characters is named John Thomas which is British slang for male genitalia.
  • Matt says that Toy Story 4 will be called "Andy's got a woody and a buzz". For TV-14 that's surprising.
  • VFX News Episode 8 says that the book Janet Jackson and the Olympians (parody of Percy Jackson) would be too tit-ilating.
  • Robin saying to Beast Boy "Come on dude, your kryptonite for vagina!"
  • The trailer for The Lakotanator says the new Terminator will fight doggy style, a double entendre about how Lakota is the first dog action star.
  • One song uses a bunch of really bad words uncensored that would make George Carlin put down his list in shame. These extremely crude words that can be heard loud and clear include "snatch" (referring to female genitalia), "faggot", "chink", and "pussy".
  • In Alpha and Omega 4, Claudette almost says the N-word but quickly changes it to "What up my knittah?" and everybody proceeds to look at her funny.
  • The joke about "showering with some queer" in a Judge Judy parody.
  • A lot of episodes show R-rated level cartoon gore. These jokes are so disgusting that if they were live action:it would be terrifying and appear on NR/AO rated series like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.
  • The entirety of the video Boobs the Builder is trying to push the envelope with sexual jokes as far as possible. If this were aired on TV, it would make the censors go crazy.
  • One scene in the Punky Brewster parody uses the phrase "drowning in poontang".
  • Bucky o Hare is implied to be literally mating like a rabbit in one skit
  • Sabrina saying "Fo guck yourself" in Sabrina the Stereotypical Emo Teen
  • Uncle Traveling Matt sends Gobo some pretty raunchy looking postards in Escape from Fraggle Rock
  • Spider-Man says "Oh my god, it's homopalooza" in the Marvel special
  • Lumpy Doesn't Give a Hoot, has a joke about changing the R in Rock Biter from the Neverending Story's name to a C (For those who don't get it, it's calling him Cock Biter)
  • A character giggles after hearing the word "cock" in Bananas in Pingas
  • One scene involves a character calling Buck Rogers a much harsher name (there's not a B in it, let's put it that way)
  • A very early season one skit shows Matt asking somebody "What does WTF mean?". Considering the first season was much lighter and softer for the most part, that is quite shocking.