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"I been with you since day one
Savage I ain't even hatin'"
So what's up with all that Instagram shit?
"Savage I was just playin'"
Y'all pussy niggas fakin'
Bitch I hang around them Haitians
Pull up on you, tie your kids up
Pistol whip you while your bitch naked
"Come on man, Savage you know I always play your mixtape"
Yeah, nigga fuck all that, ask your bitch how my dick tastes

21 Savage, "No Heart"

animus___: 21 went from slaughter gang to performing in front of a bunch of white moms
lifesuxplaytheblues: He’s still a street hustla except now instead of finessing hood niggas out of drugs, guns and money- he’s finessing white people, record companies and middle America out of 100% legit, taxable income.
Smart man.
doverawlings: and that is what it means it "make it" in hip hop

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