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Young Savage, why you trappin' so hard?
Why these niggas cappin' so hard?
Why you got a 12 car garage?
Why you pullin' all these rappers' cards?
'Cause these niggas pussy and I'm hard
I turn that fuckin' soft into some hard
I grew up in the streets without no heart
I'm prayin' to my Glock and my carbon

21 Savage, "No Heart"

Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph (born October 22, 1992), known professionally as 21 Savage, is a British-American rapper known for his harsh lyrics and delivery. He gained popularity with his 2016 EP Savage Mode with producer Metro Boomin and was part of the "Freshman Class" of 2016 by XXL.

Before making music, 21 Savage used to in a gang of Bloods and committed many crimes. In 2013, on his 21st birthday, he was shot six times and his best friend was killed during an attempted robbery. His rapper name alludes in part to that event.



  • Issa Album (2017)
  • Without Warning (2017, with Offset and Metro Boomin)
  • I Am > I Was (2018)


  • The Slaughter Tape (2015)
  • Slaughter King (2015)


  • Free Guwop (2015, with Sonny Digital)
  • Savage Mode (2016, with Metro Boomin)
21 Savage provides examples of the following tropes:

They like, "Savage, why you got a twelve car garage
And you only got six cars?"

  • In his verse on "Cocky" (a track with A$AP Rocky and Gucci Mane), he makes a reference to "Bank Account":

"I got so many M's in my bank account, I can't even count 'em"

"Gang gang gang, nigga, gang gang
Pause the beat, free my niggas in the chain gang
Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang"

"Way out in the hills, I just sign the deal
I ain't take no advance, so you know that split was real"

  • On January 18th, 2017, 21 Savage signed a deal with Epic Records.
  • Write What You Know: In a IRL web episode where he was shown how to make a knife, 21 Savage, when asked about his messages in his lyrics, said:

"I'm just speaking on my life. What I see, What I go through. My past issues, my current issues.
So now it's like, "Dang he got a Bentley truck." You gon' hear me say I got a Bentley truck. "He got a Ferrari." You gon' hear me say that I bought a Ferrari. "His partner just died," you gon' hear it.
It's just me. It's what I'm going through. What I've been through."