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  • Stoned Hannah, interrupting Selena and Jim's kiss by hitting Jim over the head with a bottle, believing he was biting Selena rather than kissing her.
  • The whole bit in the grocery store, particularly Frank eying the one section of apples that hasn't gone rotten and saying, "Mmmm...irradiated."
  • Jones fighting the infected in a frilly pink apron. Makes me giggle.
  • Jim encouraging Frank to let his daughter take a sleeping pill:

"Come on, let her live a little."

  • The soldiers trying to get the rage zombie off the roof of the car by driving in circles.
  • Jim's hilarious facial "DAMN!!!" facial expression when Selena leaves the room after kissing him.
  • When the cab drives away from the tunnel, one of the infected tries to chase it anyway for a while before slowing down and slouching. You can practically hear them thinking "Aw, man..." Maybe next time, buddy!
  • Your Mileage May Vary, but this troper busted a gut when Jim jumped at the sound of that car alarm.