A Town Where You Live/YMMV

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Especially concerning the male and female leads.
    • Haruto: Is he compassionate to a fault and wants to believe in the best of other people, or is he a naive, deluded idiot who is White Knighting and is outright abusing his girlfriend's trust?
    • Eba: Is she a sympathetic and well-meaning young woman who sincerely believes that everything will be better off if she sacrifices her own happiness in favor of others or is she a horrible bitch who plays mind games and keeps jerking Haruto around?
  • Arc Fatigue: For some fans, the arc where Haruto transfers to Tokyo to confront Yuzuki is a headache/anger-inducing case of Arc Stall.
  • Base Breaker: Eba, ooh boy.
  • Die for Our Ship: For most of this manga's run, any attitudes of this nature were toward either Yuzuki or Nanami.
    • And with the Tokyo arc, Kazama, Eba's boyfriend to many readers. Which makes his death in chapter 100 all the more...base breaking.
  • Ho Yay: Kazama and Haruto. A bit of unique case, as most people jokingly point this out in order to spite the manga and alleviate the rage the rest of the manga causes them.
  • Idiot Plot: Used to comedic effect with Mina's constant misunderstandings.