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General Fics

The Dark Forest by Sdeaf

  • Recommended by Not Quite Human 01
  • Synopsis: Okay first the actual story synopsis: War rages all across the forest of Darkovia between the Werewolves and the Vampires. This story follows the exploits of one vampire warrior named Damian. T rating is for violent deaths.
  • Comments: But what is it really? Simply put The Dark Forest is an epic, with 27 chapters and over 200,000 words when I write this it is nearing its conclusion and it is incredible to read. The story follows the exploits of several characters all of whom are very realistic and likable not in the least Damian who is not your clueless and cliche newly turned vampire protagonist but more world wearing and experienced, not to mention flawed person: which only adds to his charm. The action scenes (especially one on one) can become somewhat dragged out if only because the writer has a very technical and detailed way of describing fights, and the overall plot (in my opinion) moves at the perfect pace for the story meaning that I never once found myself bored. Overall it is well worth reading and the only Adventure Quest story which I have read and liked, with his own twists on the Adventure Quest universe it is truly a fantasy epic.