Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers/Quotes

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From the Episodes:

"You're not in your safe little solar system anymore. Your ship is now my ship. And I'm handing you over to the Queen's Slaverlords." (Beat) "How do you like outer space so far?"
Captain Kidd, "Phoenix"
"The spirit of the heart never dies."
Niko (trying to reassure Zach about Eliza's fate), "New Frontier"
"We are gathered not for an ending, but for a beginning. Until her psychocrystal is found, Eliza Foxx is linked to the Queen, and must be put in stasis. The unknown lies before us, but the League of Planets has new hope. with our alien friends, the Galaxy Rangers will bring justice to the untamed wilderness, and freedom to the new frontier."
Commander Walsh, "New Frontier"
"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it's a matter of choice!"
Goose, "Chained"

Geezy: "Remember, Captain Foxx, when the Queen catches you; you have not seen me. You have never seen me, I do not exist!"

Zach: I'll give her the message, Geezy.
—Zach and Geezy, "Psychocrypt."

DVD Commentary and reviews:

"Well, there's a popular line with the fan community."
Christopher Rowley on the infamous Ship Tease in "Scarecrow"

"Having not realized ahead of time that The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers likewise had such a cowboys-and-spaceships premise, I was initially a bit taken aback; each episode’s opening sequence is just a big, spastic orgy of science fiction imagery: spaceships, lasers, alien life forms, vast, empty stretches of space. And then our narrator mentions some heroes we’d assembled, and suddenly this heroic quarter of tech-enhanced cowfolk come bursting onto the screen. On robotic horses."

"I can’t quite express how unexpected and off-putting this all is, but I came to grips, not five minutes into the first episode, with a far more surprising revelation: I was fixating on this one relatively minor and forgivable misstep because to broaden my gaze in the least would mean that I’d be forced to acknowledge that, flawed and silly as you might rightfully expect it to be, The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers is better than all of its fondly remembered animated peers by a staggering and comical margin."
Popmatters review

"This is often dark '80s cartoon featured a team of cyborg space sheriffs who fought the Queen of the Crown, who sucked out the souls of her victims to feed her army of zombie slaverlords. Space cowboys versus space zombies -- how did this show not catch on? Apart from the many Western parallels (badges that triggered their cyborg powers, talking robot horses), it also featured an obvious cartoon version of Clint Eastwood named Shane Gooseman, who could cybernetically shapechange to adapt to danger. You won't see that in Gran Torino."

"Galaxy Rangers may sound derivative, and it undeniably is. That doesn't detract from its frequent pleasures, if you're in the proper uncritical "popcorn" frame of mind. Though some of the animation will look crude to modern eyes, the show is important from an historical perspective and deserves to be seen by a new generation. Mark my words--this DVD release (as well as the hopefully soon to be released Volume 2) bodes well for a Galaxy Rangers resurgence in some form. Recommended."

"The Queen of the Crown is an interesting primary adversary, but she's mostly a background threat, which makes sense since she's the head of an empire; but it also means her starring episode appearances stand out all the more effectively. There are plenty of imaginative space desperados for the Galaxy Rangers to tackle though. Standout episodes include "Psychocrypt", which concentrates on the tragic fate of Zachary's wife, and "Scarecrow", which features a genuinely unnerving villain who gets to strangle Niko in a dream and shoot Goose with a real gun."

"In fact, it's striking how mature the show's tone is, and how well it does at putting its characters in realistic jeopardy. A good example, even for a syndicated series, would be the surprisingly ubiquitous sight of clearly manned enemy craft exploding. Thankfully, there's also plenty of humor to offset the seriousness, and, amusingly enough, many of the verbal jokes and puns are of a deliberately corny nature. Still, the commentary tracks do suggest the show was slightly too mature for the younger demographics, which was one reason the series was not as successful as other shows. Plenty of people were watching, but they were too old for toys."
Toonzone review

From the Fanfic:

"Shane, We're both rangers. I know that a stray Crown blast, a lucky shot by the Black Hole Gang, or something detonating with one of us in it are possibilities we have to live with. I don't want to die, but I'm not going to let that stop me from living, either."
Niko, Isn't Life Strange
"I know that it's over, though. The nightmare's over...Eliza and I are finally going to wake up."
Zachary, Chrysalis
"I have a conscience, sir, but my survival instinct has always defeated it."
Goose (from one of Ann-Kathrin Kniggendorf's fanfics)
"Keeping your thoughts off it saves you from Niko, not from me. You spent four times longer than usual in the shower, kept the cockpit lights on, hesitated to take positions hard to defend yourself from...Do you want me to go on? The pattern is obvious. If you want to hide what happened, you have to change that. Good night."
Goose, (having accurately assessed that Zach had been raped), "The Lie"
When I was alone you could hide. Against the four of us, you don't have a chance.
Goose ("Hiding in Plain Sight")