Anastasia (Animation)/Fridge

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  • Fridge Brilliance: Well, when one thinks about Rasputin's role in real life, the revolution may as well be technically and partially his fault after all. In the end, he did in fact have quite some influence over the Czarina's political decisions, as she appointed him as her personal adviser. One of his many strokes of brilliance was to appoint several common serfs as government officials, of whom not one could read or write. However, the fact remains that he neither led the revolution nor that he did it because he was evil; he did it because he was, to put it plainly, an idiot.
    • If a genuinely well-meaning one.
  • Fridge Horror: The train scene. Presumably, Dimitri is the only person who ever checked if there was a conductor. So all the other passengers on that train fell to their deaths.
    • And while we're at it, what of the conductor himself? Did Rasputin kill him? Or worse?
    • Actually, no: they make it a point to show that the whole rear portion of the train is separated from the engine and the baggage car (Vlad: "There goes the dining car!"), so only those two cars crashed. Of course while the engine went into the gorge, the baggage car ripped up the tracks with that grappling hook. Hopefully the rest of the train coasted to a stop before it reached the broken tracks, and no other trains came along behind...anyway, point is, all the other passengers were safe on the rear half of the train. As for the engineer (not the conductor), who knows, though it's possible when the demons made the boiler overheat and he found he couldn't shut it off, the engineer leaped off the train to safety.