Animal Crossing/Tear Jerker

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  • This comic chronicles the author's relationship with his deceased mother and the game Animal Crossing. It's hard not to comprehend how touching a simple game like Animal Crossing can be.
  • In Wild World, sometimes when visiting the cafe, you'll see Rover from the first game sitting at the counter. Hearing him fondly reminisce about traveling the world and meeting so many faces, and how he misses those days. It just sort of gave me a pang of nostalgia.
  • " Tom died alone and unloved in a hole like an animal".
  • Any time a villager you've really grown to like moves out.
  • The villagers' panicked reactions when you consider deleting a town, and their resignation should you choose to.
  • Try playing the game years after you've long since forgotten about it. The villagers all remember how long it has been since they last saw you. Watch the tears fly.