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  • Come to Daddy—after an elderly lady lets her dog take a leak on a TV, she is harassed by children, each one of their faces replaced by the identical grinning visage of Richard D. James, whilst a distorted face on the TV howls about how he wants your soul. It gets worse from then on in.
    • Once described by Dave Grohl as "the most terrifying music video ever."
    • The song itself is scary. Let's put it like this: it made My Neighbor Totoro scary. (Sadly, no YouTube link since the US has a copyright block on the video.)
  • Rubber Johnny—think Eraserhead set to a rave track.
    • "Gwarek2" off of Drukqs is highly unsettling, and was used in the above video.
  • Run "Equation" through a spectogram. Sweet Dreams....
  • The aforementioned hideously ugly woman from Chris Cunningham's music video of Windowlicker. Her face is actually based on a sketch by H. R. Giger, which, you guessed it, is called The Windowlickers.
  • White Blur 1.

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