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A Swiss surrealist painter and sculptor known for his disquieting, biomechanical, often sexual imagery, Giger has achieved much of his fame from his work in films as a set and creature designer. Among the film projects he's worked on are Alien, Dune, Poltergeist 2, and Species. Before this he provided two paintings for Emerson Lake and Palmer's album Brain Salad Surgery, one of which had to be airbrushed for purposes of censorship. The Dead Kennedys included a poster of his painting Penis Landscape with their album Frankenchrist. They got in a little trouble for that. Danzig used his art for the cover of Danzig III: How the Gods Kill.

Giger also contributed art to the Darkseed games, has a number of bars in Switzerland themed after his art (which are probably nice, comfortable places to get a drink), and designs incredibly menacing furniture.

And his name's pronounced GEE-ger.

Common themes in Giger's work include: