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This game is much better than I expected from a Black Lilith production.

GethN7 (talkcontribs)

To be honest, I'm not usually a fan of Black Lilith games for a few reasons:

  • Most are hard to come by since many are untranslated and they once swore they'd never release their games in America.
  • They have a lot of jacked up sexual content that I consider epically nauseating, even though the non sexual aspects of the story writing are generally quite good.
  • Most of the games end depressingly, so the few I have played end on mindbreak style endings, which I consider a serious turnoff (I like more vanilla fare, FYI).

That all said, this game wasn't half as bad as I expected.

Like most BL games, it's a visual novel set in Crapsack World where sexual depravity is common and expected, and like most BL games, it has some creepy and disturbing sex content, such as freakish alien on human sex (some of this stuff is positively Lovecraft in its disturbingness), and some more mundane but rather extreme stuff like tentacles. There is also a bit of futanari theme in this H-game, but that was actually fairly mild in comparison to everything else.

However, despite all that, it was surprisingly heavy on story and character development, and the story gave enough of a reprieve from the more nauseating hentai scenes I didn't feel as horribly sickened like I usually do after seeing BL games. Also, rather unusually for a company whose stable of games usually ends on depressing endings (even if they aren't altogether bad endings entirely), this game, assuming you get the best ending, actually ends on a high note where the villain gets their comeuppance, the female protagonist gets to keep her sanity, and all the major parties on the protagonist side walk away from the experience better than when they started, which, given the depressing endings of most BL games, made this one a lot easier to stomach.

It's not overly long, but it doesn't cost too much to buy from Manga Gamer, and while it has some nauseating stuff like you'd expect from a Black Lilith game, this was much less disturbing than their usual fare, and the writing outside of the sex scenes was quite good.

Overall, for a Black Lilith game, assuming you can handle extreme hentai games with a sci-fi theme, it wasn't that bad.

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